Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Food

The month of March is my birthday month, to be precise it is on 9th March (means next week). I will be 30 this year, finally i become the 'thirties lady' instead of my 'twenties lady'. The big 3 makes me somehow sound older and i can't be that childish if being mother of 2 child doesn't stop me being childish.

Well, as usual on my birthday my husband will treat me at any restaurant that i want. Now instead of searching what i want for my birthday, i search for what i want to eat. Lately i've been craving dessert. Maybe due to the hot weather or maybe i've been infected with a sweet tooth syndrome. How la to diet and shed off 5kg (one of my 2011 resolution is to lose 5kg!)

So my hunt for a good place to eat that serve good dessert begins. Below are some of my preference. Maybe you can help me to choose, or recommend me another good place.

No.1 : Delicious Cafe.
I've eaten there once but i did not order their best dessert as i heard their desserts are one of the best in town. Last time i ordered this cake that has a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it (couldn't remember the name) and it was just ok. It was my first time there and i actually did not know what to order (clueless of the picture-less menu) and the waiter was not helpful either. So now, if i choose to go there i better be prepared what i want to eat. Look at the strawberry pavlova picture below? Yessss...i want that in my mouth! 

No.2: Wondermilk Cafe.
I don't know whether they serve good food but i know they have plenty choice of cute & delicious cupcakes. I guess their food are sort of simple food like Coffee Bean serves. The reason i want to eat there are due to its popularity and i am curious! Another reason is, from the picture i saw, their shop's ambiance & interior are somewhat interesting..and i love that kind of eateries. Any recommendation of what to eat there besides their cupcakes?

spoilt for choice of cupcakes!
Very artistic indeed!

No.3: Garden Cafe.
Everytime i pass this cafe when i walk along the street bazaar, i always set in mind that i will someday eat there. The cafe look so beautiful like its name, you do feel like you dine in gardens. No idea if the food is good, that is for you all to tell me if you have eaten there before. I bet their dessert is good as well. 

Too cute to drink

No.4: The Loaf Bakery
I heard good reviews on their bread which is said to be extraordinary soft & delicious, hence their pricey price tag. I think the rest of their menu are simple food but exquisite. I would like to taste their bread badly. On normal day i am reluctant to spend that much money to buy a bread but since its my birthday and someone willing to pay for it..why not?
Quality & expensive bread
Dessert platter

Those are list of restaurants/cafes that i would like to dine on my birthday. Maybe any of you have other good place to dine. As long as they serve good dessert i am okay! Will make a post on where i binge on my birthday. 

Talking about desserts. I found this on Diana Rikasari's blog on new Magnum (ice cream) cafe that just opened in Indonesia. I don't know if you are familiar with Magnum ice cream but it used to be the 'it' ice cream during my teenage era due to its popular commercials and its price (quite pricey for an ice cream last time). Like Diana, i love the ice cream too. Just look at these to resist right? Hope they open one here in Malaysia soon!

This is what Magnum ice cream looks like. My favourite is the nutty ones.
OMG, i am confident it tastes heavenly!
May i order all of it?
So cute & yummy
Magnum ice cream bench..nice!

Okay i am done talking about sweet food. It makes me hungry and i feel fat already just by looking at the pictures *lol*!

*All pictures on this post are not mine..they are taken from various blog through google image*

Sunday, February 20, 2011


image from here
Shallow minded means the person values are not too deep. They are superficial, such as looks, money, fashion, etc. They do not function on principles such as honesty, pride, courage etc. (definations taken from here).  For me, a shallow minded person is when a person only look at surface to judge any beings. Oftenly, the women are the victim. Pity us women right?
I can confidently says that 99% people in this world are guilty of being shallow minded. Living in a world where exploitation of a woman & beauty is essential, as if we human can't think anything past that anymore.Don't agree with me? Ok just answer these simple quiz:

  • When you read a blog, you will quickly scroll down searching for any pictures of the blogger or picture of anything that depicts the blogger or even google image it.
  • When you see an ad commercial or any tv shows that shows unattractive person you will comments about her/his beauty first, regardless how talented he/she or how good the show is.
  • Any picture that you post on your blog/social networks, you will select the best picture that shows your good side or if you can and know how to, you will photoshopped it first.
  • You define someone success or happiness from their wealth & beauty.
  • When you do something (ei.doing parties,meeting someone, weddings) you will think other people perception of you first.
  • You use this phrase "Eiii, dah la muka hodoh, buat perangai macam tu pulak". As if when a person looks good, he/she can do anything and still ok. Is it??
If you are guilty at any of those points, then you are shallow minded. I am too, i care too much about what others think about me and i admit i do judge people like that too. I can't help is just like an auto-mode where my mind will immediately look at those traits first. 

We are human, we love beautiful things, it make us happy. That is why there are so many tv commercials, tv shows and worse of all reality shows (this is why crap show like The Kardashians is a hit) that use beautiful people and luxurious, fairy tale-like life are so popular even though they contribute to zero knowledge and information.

You can be shallow minded, but please don't let that be the only value you look in life. It is superficial, it only brings you short-term happiness. Especially youngsters nowadays that are so obsess and insecure about how they look just because there are shallow minded people waiting to judge them and some of them are cruel. Like celebrity, even popular bloggers are now choose plastic surgery to look better just because there are constantly being criticized by public. That is why super-famous blog are mostly of someone who is beautiful (with tons of camwhore pictures) or someone who live a luxurious life with perfect job, perfect family. I don't blame you, i love those kind of blogs too! hahaha..

image from here

Don't ever think that if you don't look like this or live like that you are not happy. No one is perfect. If there are someone that you think is perfect, be happy for her/him, insyaAllah you will be perfect & happy in your own way too. I personally think that if you can look at someone pass the outer-beauty, you will appreciate that person more coz every human being has its own beauty. Come on, try to find good qualities in everything you see, it is not that hard right?

image from here

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I love to read or i try to read nowadays (coz since i have children, hard to have a decent time to read) anything from books, magazines, newspaper and now blogs. Because blogs are easier to read now, i read it more than others. I always love to read other people's story or get to know of someone's life other than mine..i find it amusing to know there are such beautiful, smart, creative or fun people live their life out there. It's like an escaptism for me to read about them.
Even if i read newspaper, i will go the the section where people tell stories of their life, their travelling experiences, or of other country that unfamiliar to me so that i know there are people who live their life totally different from me and it doesn't fail to amuse me. Their way of life inspired me in so many ways and i believe has broaden my perspective in life. Maybe because my life is so normal and mundane, so to escape myself from being so boring i read someone else musings.
Blogs i love to read are mixture of bloggers who are brilliantly smart, fashionable, live a fun & luxurious life (minus the bragging) and some are normal people like me who are simply fun to read about. If you realized, most of my favourite bloggers (refer to blogroll) are younger than me, which in their early twenties. This is simply because young people are more interesting to read because they are so creative and have their own personality. I try to avoid bloggers who are overly dramatic, shallow minded, complains about everything in their life or those immature bloggers that you immediately click the close button right after you read their first line.
This post is simply because i want to express my gratitude to all creative, brilliant & interesting bloggers out there who keep inspiring me and never fails to amuse me. Respect & love to all of you..please keep on blogging.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Polka dots & Butterfly

Image from Chic Intuition

This is Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 collection. Guess someone been inspired by polka dots. My heart fluttered when i saw this. Creatively used of polka dot motifs. My favourite is the second dress, a Victorian inspired dress with a touch of  shiny polka dot and ruffle trimmings. Also love how he insert some lace to make the dress even more classy! 

Image from
Another pic that i love today is this. See, the butterfly shades? So stylish & unique! If i am to wear this and walk around Pavillion or Bukit Bintang walk, sure i'll become the star of the street (haha..perasan sungguh!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Weekend @ IKEA

Last weekend, on Saturday i was craving for IKEA meatballs & Tutti Frutti. So we headed to IKEA and got what i wanted..nyumm!! Actually on that day my 6 months baby Dania was having mild fever, thus she was quite cranky and not in the mood. Keciann die, demam pun kena keluar gak layan mak die yang mengidam!

Dania's 'not-in-the-mood' face

These were what we ate..Yummeehhh!
Chicken wings
Meatballs & fries 
I just love love the gravy + lingon berry jams 

Unfortunately, Daim cakes were not available on that day. As usual there were lots of people at the food courts. But i think on that day the crowd werelesser and not super-packed as usual, maybe due to some Chinese still celebrating 'Chap Goh Meh' . Parking spaces also not so hard to find, unlike other days where it usually takes about 30mins just to get a decent parking space. 

After that we headed to Toys R Us coz husband & son want to have a look at toys. 
Adam met his hero Ben10 but also not in the mood taking pictures coz he was having mouth ulcers. We paksa him to pose..he was reluctant at first but after we pujuk him he agreed and said to us 'Adam taknak buat pape,taknak senyum taknak buat 'peace'..Adam nak dok diam je'. Hence, the grumpy face on the picture.

Lastly before we went home, my husband wanted to buy IKEA curry puffs while i crossed the road to theCurve to buy my Tutti  Frutti.

Mixture of Strawberry+Banana & Red Velvet Cake flavours with strawberry & kiwi, topped with chocolate fudge..Nyumm!!

So my Saturday was great & exhausted as well coz both my son & daughter were having tantrums and seek attention from me instead of their father. How about your weekend?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

About Polka Dots & Chubby

Someday..someday la kan, when i have some blog readers that want to know me better...sure someone will ask me why did i chose Chubby Polka Dots as my blog name. But obviously la kan...due to my obsession to the polka dots motif and also due to my chubbiness.
Talk about polka dot first. I think polka dot is fun. When you add polka dot print at any object it gives the object instant fun & quirkiness. Just look at these stuff, you sure agree with me after this.

May i have all of these???
Hmm..should i put polka dot wallpaper at my house too??

Right?? right?? Looks good when there are polka dots print right?????

Ok..enough about polka dots now why chubby??? yang sensitif ni..hahahaha! Ok, i admit i am chubby or malay says gemuk or orang utara says topuii. I always been this way..i was fat since i can remember even though not obese fat, i always have this extra flesh with me thus makes me chubby (chubby sounds more cute). Been on diet before..successfully shed of some weights but i still end up being fat again. But nevermind, i already come to age that i can accept my body as long as i am healthy and the heaviness won't effect my life (like walking, driving, running, doing heavy duty chores). Anyway my body is with curve so i am still somewhat sexy in my own way and my husband love it (tapi i tau die mesti suka punya kalau i kurus, selim melim kan, btoi tak??) I am too lazy to put my picture will see it later la in other post. Coz right now nobody read this anyway. Syok sendiri saja! hahaahaha!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Testing 1..2..3

Cak...hello! Assalamualaikum! Finally after long procrastination i finally started my own blog!! Well, no big deal la kan since now a lot of people all over the world have their own blog to merepek. Well, pedulikan mereka-mereka semua, this blog is mine so now i can merepek anything i like. Like i said at above header, i like to talk and merepek so i think this blog is a good platform for me to do that without tormenting people to hear my story..instead, whoever want to know my story read at this blog..who don't, just get out from here..fair right?
Ok..before i start my post with a story here are list of what you will or will not expect me to blog about:

  • I will blog basically about my experiences (past & present), my passion (food & fashion), discuss about certain issue worth of blogging and will try to avoid any sensitive issue or topics.
  • I will blog mostly in English but ofcourse i will add some Bahasa Malaysia words (as penyedap ayat coz rasa puas sket kalau selit bahasa sendiri). This is not because i perasan English i bagus but this is the only way i can improve my English. Of course you will expect some broken English and wrong grammar here and there, but please don't kutuk me ok? Sama-sama kita belajar. Oh ya and when i blog in Bahasa Malaysia i will use mostly my 'Utara' slang, coz i like it that way.