Thursday, January 17, 2013


Every each of us have our own dreams. No matter how much you have, you'll secretly want something that you can't have. Me included. Lots of what if and not on my mind. Discussing about dreams and everything according to our desire would be endless. I am talking about dreams here, something i wish for if i ever have the luxury to realize it. Not that i am not grateful for what i have now, believe me i am always forever grateful with everything that going on in my life. Back to the topic, i want to share some of my dreams, that i think would forever be a dream unless i change 360 degrees of my life, which is unlikely!

I hate my job. As you been told before, my work involves stock market and everything financial minus the accounting. I hate finance and everything that associate with it. In this industry i can't be creative, everything is figures, graph, facts & numbers. I only got myself to blame since i study accounts & finance due to lack of guidance what to study and follow the flows, ignorance of what my future & career will be like with a degree in Business Finance. My truly dream jobs is to be involved in anything that matters. I like to be "the behind the scene elves".  Someone who works the magic but not really aim to be famous or recognition from public. Doesn't mind for what cause or event. Maybe i should be in creative industry. Maybe i can be an event organizer or a wedding/party planner. not so secret dream job is to be a person who do voice over for cartoons. Alaa...macam alih suara or dub suara untuk watak katun. I am expert in making weird voices y'know! LOL! I don't like desk job and have normal job like most people. I want to be busy with my thing that the end result i can see and makes me proud. I am in my 30's now, i guess it is too late to pursue my dreams. I only have one dream job left that seems possible. Start my own business. To be financially independent and quit 9-5 jobs. Working on it now. Dare i leave my comfort zone and face the cruel business word? Allahualam!

To live in my dream home. Not necessary big. I don't dream of big bungalow house with 10 bedrooms. Apartment with ample space for activities is sufficient enough. What's important is the interior is according to my taste and also clean & neat! I want a cute & comfy house to come home to. All my stuff will be organized. My kids can have their own playroom and enough space to store their massive toys neatly. My husband can have his own room to do what he always do on the computer. My kitchen would be cute & neat with the convenience & practicality to cook or do whatever people do in the kitchen. Senang cite, i would like an interior that comes straight from IKEA catalog! Ain't that lovely? Unless i found a tree that can grows money, this is only remain as dreams. Now i just have to settle with my cute enough apartment and count the blessings that i still have a roof to shelter my family.

Travels. This associated to money as well. Also time & the freedom to do so. I always envy those people that been sponsored to travel. Or their job involves traveling. Travel for free is such a bliss! Okla nevermind the travel for free thing. Now with all the cheap flights, i actually can afford to travel IF i travel alone, left my kids. Well, i won't have the heart to do so. Actually i got a trip to Bandung in May with my colleagues & mak, without my kids & husband. First time to left them, not sure what i would feel later. This won't be a frequent things, only 1 or 2 trips tinggal them ok la. But to pursue my travelling dreams alone and left my love ones, i tak sanggup. That is why this remains as dream till i got lots of money or my husband is, to bring the whole family travels around the world without worries.

Enoughla kan. Share 3 of my major dreams is sufficient. Other dreams are utterly rubbish that involves my limitless imaginary. Hahahaha..! Like i mentioned before, i am happy with my current life. I have a simple life and every now and then still can realize my mini dreams such as makan sedap..hahahaha. What are your dreams? Mind to share? :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Katun Pelik

Remember i once told you my son suka tengok katun pelik (refer post here). Last time it is Flapjack. Now Flapjack not showing at Cartoon Network anymore. But 3 other pelik cartoon pulak yang dia layan. Why pelik? The characters are gila-gila dan lukisan dia pun pelik. Cerita dia pun macam entah papa, kejap jadi kucing kejap jadi anjing, merepek tak sudah. Pastu lawak die macam tak sesuai untuk budak, lots of sarcasm. But my son boleh gelak, entah dia faham ke tidak pun taktau. Mana la pegi zaman dulu tengok katun simple. Katun macam mickey mouse with simple story line without dialog. Or katun like tom & jerry yang tak sudah-sudah kejar mengejar. Dulu kalau nak tengok katun clever sket with a bit of sarcasm are some of those Loony Toons one. Entah la, apa punya taste budak zaman sekarang. Maybe because kids are cleverer nowadays, will not accept simple cartoon?

Here are 3 cartoons pelik yang my son suka layan sekarang. I tak layan sangat katun ni so i dont know what are they really about:

The Amazing World of Gumball. 
Yang i tau die cite pasal 2 adik beradik ni punya hidup dengan skolah, kawan (yg super pelik) dan konflik dengan parents (esp bapak) yang juga pelik. Nampak je katun tu comel, tapi watak dia gangster sket. 

Adventure Time
Katun ni i pening kepala kalau layan. Cerita pasal adventure budak pakai topi putih tu dengan anjing dia. All sort of weird and ghastly adventure. Dahla katun dia hodoh. Tapi kelakar la jokes dia. But very-very weird! Even the creator also said he did not want to create normal cartoon with moral lesson. He wanted to write stupid stuff -__-"  

Regular Show
Look at the cartoon..the character..apa punya watak ni? Scary je! But my son loves them! The cartoon is funny, i pun macam suka. But kids faham ke? Dahla entah pape jalan cerita dia. The blue bird & raccoon are best friend. Cerita pasal konflik diorang dengan orang sekeliling la. I think this cartoon are more suitable to teenagers due to the storyline. But i taktau macam mana Adam boleh berkenan, even though i rasa dia tak faham sangat. Maybe because he naturally attracted to weird cartoons?

You must wondering why i did not stop my son from watching these cartoon kan? Hmm..taktaula. I am more of a parent that let my kids build their own character. Rather than me telling them what they have to be like. My parents memang macam tu dengan i dulu. He let me build my own character & personality but somehow i always know the limit because he will always monitor me and tell me when & why i should not do those things. He let me think. And by thinking i understand more why i should or should not do. I nak tengok katun or movie apa pun dia tak halang. And ofcourse la i pun takde la abuse his trust gi tengok porn stuff ke apa ke. Memang tak minat pun, because i am woman, kalau anak laki lain la kan??hehehe.. 

I don't know whether it'll work for my kids. We'll see. Whatever that clearly salah memangla i betulkan. Especially on his manners and also religion. Yang dua tu memang intolerable!  For now i don't see any harm for him to layan those cartoon, just hairan je apa yang dia suka sangat. But if the cartoon do give him any negative impact, i will totally stop it. 

Okla itu sahaja sesi sharing hari ini. Take care! End---