Monday, December 19, 2011

Down With Chickenpox

Both my kids got chickenpox! Kesian diorang bertompok- tompok. So far they handled it well, in fact they are still actively playing and bugging me. Just a mild fever and not so much spots.

I already used up my annual leave, since it is almost to the end of December. Luckily my boss allows me take an advance leave from next year. Kalau tak..tak pasal kena unpaid leave!

Haih kids..whatever for them as long they're healthy & happy!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Cha or Cool?

Just to let you know, i am madly into pearl milktea right now. Really addicted. Everyday thinking to drink one but have to constraint myself for only 2 to 3 cups per week. I know it been famous for so long but i only joined the wagon sometime last month. It all started when Cool Blog opens nearby my office. Everytime i pass them, sure got people que up to buy them, mostly teenagers & school kids. Hairan jugak, sedap ke? So finally i tried to buy one, on recommendations i bought chocolate flavoured. Tak sedap pun. Second time tried strawberry, better but still not that sedap. So i gave up..taknak beli dah.

But then......i was intrigued to try the famous Chatime. First time bought was during Ramadhan. Straight away i am addicted! The tea fragrant is so nice and not that sweet. The pearls (i love to add pearls) are big, chewy & yummy. No wonder the ques are long everytime everywhere. Must take numbers like banks ok! I always ordered their Hazelnut Chocolate Milktea. Am not adventurous enough to try other flavours eventhough by the name seems very tempting. My regular milktea cost me RM5.90 (R) or TM6.90 (L) a cup. Quite expensive for a tea but wayyy much cheaper than Java Chip Frappucino from Starbucks (also my fav)! 

Well, since there is no Chatime nearby my office, i have to opt for Cool Blog. Now i already found the right taste that can cure my milktea addict. My choice would be either Yam Milktea or Honeydew Milktea. Those flavours not only taste good but smell nice as well. And it is much cheaper, RM2.40 a cup. Minus points are they don't have nice tea fragrance and the pearls are not that yummy & chewy compared to Chatime's. I also did tried some not-so famous milktea that those aunty-type are selling. Well, i realized they use powder for the flavour, not real tea or real syrup, so it is quite tasteless and not as good as Cool Blog. So Cool Blog, you are my choice as long as no Chatime opens  here. If i have the money, i will open one! Cewaahhh!



COOL? i really want my who can buy for me?

p/s: CNN just released top 50 world's favourite drinks and Bubble Tea or milk tea is no.25! Check here. Told ya it is yummy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cute Lunch

My dear husband was at home taking care of the kids while me at work. Couldn't get an off day due to some work commitments. I can count on him taking care of those cute rascals. The only thing i worried is, apa la bapak diorang bagi anak aku makan kat rumah tu. He is not that good in cooking apart from instant maggi and flipping burger, he is hopeless. Sometime i would cook something beforehand or i will send food during lunch time (my house is only 10mins drive from office). But today i just left it to my husband to feed them with any food he can come out with. So.....during lunch time just now i got this mms from him: cute la telur tu! He cooked breakfast food for lunch. Tak kisah la, asalkan anak aku makan. He even prepared some toast & cheesy baked beans. The star shaped egg was moulded by a star shaped acuan i bought from Daiso. My son love his food even more if i shape his bread into a star. Good to motivate him to finish his food. Next time gonna buy other shapes available (heart, bunny, bear). 

P/S: Notice the red polka dots table cover? Bought that from Daiso as well, only RM5..good buy! :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Double Birthday

It is December already! How time flies! Recollecting what i have done and been throughout 2011..well not much really..very mundane..boring kan? Oh i started wearing hijab this year..that is the most significant thing worth remembering! Hah!

I'll story about 2011 later in another post. Right now i want to share an event that happened on recent long weekend, 26th November. Been a week but sekarang baru ada masa nak blog about it because i want to share it here as a future reference of how happy & joy it was.

My niece & cousin's son birthday bash. Both decided to do a combined party, lagi jimat, kurang kerja. So they did it at my cousin's house at Damansara. Only family attended. I've been given task to organize game for the kids. Well, thanks to me (ehemm..ehemm..) game time was the highlight of the event. I set up 3 games. First is the famous usual Musical Chair, second is Pin The Donkey and last one is Shopping Bags. Here i share some pictures for reference:

The birthday boy & girl

Goodie bags & prizes

Dania being kay-po as always
Musical chair game
Pin the donkey game
End result. Comel tak donkey tu? My husband drew it.
Shopping Bag game
When music stops, whoever hold the bag has to wear funny  stuff  pulled out from the bag
This was the aftermath of Shopping Bag game. Funny!

Cutting cake 
As usual, group picture of us. This is all cousins in KL who came.

The kids & even grown ups had fun during the game. They already plan out to play similar games on next family gatherings but this time the grown up would be joining. Amboii..tringin ke makcik?? Hahahaha...