Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Decision In Life So Far

We always make decisions right? May it be the stuff we buy, the kind of people we choose to mix, the food we eat, our job and much much more. Some we like and thankful for and some we loath and regret. I got some of choices that i am thankful for. A decision that (insyaAllah) i will not regret. Here are some:

Got married

I am glad i am married, in fact getting married when i was 25 was the best decision i did. Been together with my then boyfriend (now husband) for i think 4 years kot and i think dah takde apa yang i looking forward in our relationship than to 'certified halal' it. I knew him well enough to be be comfortable with each other and we were long past the lovey-dovey period. In fact, couple seems waste of money and time. So i was very glad i am married at 25 so that i can be a mother as young as i could. Since i was young i wanted to become a mother as soon as possible. Long story short, instantly i got pregnant and delivered my son at 26. Alhamdulillah, till now i am happy with my marriage and the children Allah blessed us with!

Work in Kajang town

I don't really fond of my job. In fact, i hate finance! I was dragged down to stock market because the finance course i studied at university. And i didn't even like to study finance. Well, looks like my job and the course i studied falls into the 'regret decision'! Being transferred and working in Kajang, which is nearby my house is the only thing i am thankful for my job. Before this i was from PJ,SS2 branch. Imagine the hell of jams i had to go through day-to-day basis! So yes, finally working in Kajang town was a bless!!! The sole reason i stay in my company for almost 9 years (definitely not because of the good pay or remunerations). I can drive home less than 10 mins..and i only have to wake up half an hour early to get ready to work. Everyday driving to and back from work, listening to traffic report anywhere else makes me says Alhamdullah!

Wearing Hijab

I start late, when i hit 30yrs old. Alhamdulliah, lebih tenang hidup. The thing i love most wearing hijab is the convenience of knowing i am protected from sinful (men's) eyes. By wearing hijab i am restricted to wear tights and revealing clothes. And the scarf help covers my chest which i think was my biggest irritation of all when facing with men. Not to say all guys are gatal, but it helps me to be more confident to face them. I think guys will definitely respect you more if you are covered because they will only focus on your personality & attitude. Unless you are covered tapi perangai teruk, memang don't ever expect any respect la from men or even women. Because i am sick of men looking at sexy girls and give disrespect comments or ogling them like no one's business. So yes, i am glad i am covered appropriately, now i won't have to worried what the man standing in front of me focus on or what the men look at when they saw me walking towards them. 

Bought an Ipad

I am not the kind of person who spends great money on gadgets. I think they are waste of money because unless you are forever rich, you will eventually left out with the fast moving trends. The netbook (which my husband bought for me) been giving me problems for almost 2 years and i still using them religiously everyday like right now because i feel so sayang to spend money on a new ones. Unless the laptop dies on me or i am sponsored with a new ones, i just have to have a lot of patient and tolerate this netbook. And the only expensive gadget i ever bought with my own money is my Ipad. So glad i purchased it because it is so convenient! Ipad always on a standby mode (just like your smartphone) unlike PC where you need to switch on a pc and wait for it to start or load. The screen is big, puas hati kalau nak tengok movie or read blogs/news. Mobile and easy to carry anywhere, baring pun boleh baca. FYI, i don't bring my ipad for outing, rasa poyo kalau bawak ipad ke mana-mana, will lessen the quality time spend on family. And the best of all i can share with my kids. Upload kids songs, educational games and story books. Dania especially love to flip her Toy Story book apps and kids songs. Even can shut them up during long hours drive to balik kampung. If my current iPad broke down or i lost it, in an instant i will definitely buy a new one..really worth it!

Those are the best decisions in my life so far. May not be much because other decisions that i am also thankful does not bring that great impact in my everyday life. Ofcourse there are lots more to be thankful for right, being healthy alive also is a tremendous blessing. What are you best decision in life?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger. I admit that i started this blog just for me to merepek and record events but other than that my blog is not interesting to read at all! Yela, i created this blog bukan for others baca or nak popular but i suka baca interesting blog with great contents. But my blog? Bleergghhh....melalut ja, nak baca pun malas. I realized i am better at telling story personally than composing them. Real life cerita boleh add effect and mimik muka. Kalau compose a blog you have to really have the right words & sentence to describe your feeling or readers can't get your point & emotions. 

Here i list down why i am a bad blogger:

  • Tak pandai nak compose an interesting story into an interesting story to read & enjoy. Faham tak? Some people have a gift of composing a simple story into a elaborations of interesting ones. Cerita keluar pegi shopping pun seems exciting bila dia cerita. While me, nak compose memang tak sampai niat kekadang tu. Karangan kat skolah dulu pun markah selalu tak tinggi. Tapi i love reading because i love to read words that strings together to make a beautiful story. That's why la nak feeling-feeling gitu tapi end up jadi cerita boring yang diri sendiri sahaja yang faham. Hahahaha...
  • Not spontaneous enough to take pictures. A post is not interesting without any pictures. I admire those blogger that manage to snap all their activities and blog about them. For example the famous & beautiful blogger Vivy . She always manage to have someone snap her during any moments, tak kisah la yang momentous or tak. Gambar tengah tension, tengah gaduh, tengah makan, all are taken if she has a photographer stand by to snap every little things she did. Then she will post a funny picture and blog about it. I also very shy to snap picture in public especially tengah shopping or tetiba nampak benda interesting nak snap..tapi i malu youuu...segan! Fear of people saw me and said 'isk jakunnya budak ni, tu pun nak amik gambar'. But when the other bloggers did it and blog about it rasa macam natural je kan?
  • I am lazy & busy. These 2 reason are strong enough. No need to elaborate.
  • My life not interesting enough. My life revolves around my work which is boring and my family, which is mundane. I work in stock market industry, sure you won't want me to bore you about market updates or rant about the clients i have to handle everyday. Some story about family i won't share in this blog and i am sure you guys do not want me to blog about every little thing that happens like what i did where i go what i think. Not much happens that worth to blog. Even if something did happen, refer to reason no.1, i tak pandai nak make it interesting.

So that are the reasons. I know many bloggers yang macam i, tapi syok sendiri nak ada blog jugak. Takpela kan....janji kita happy. Takdak orang baca pun takpa, janji kita sendiri baca & faham. Worse come to worse, i still have my one and only avid reader, which is my husband. Dia tu suka sibuk baca blog ni. Lain kali nak story apa-apa kalau dia buat tak layan pasal sibuk main game (this always happen!), i will tell in my blog so he reads it. Hahahaha...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wedding Affair

While i am away, abandoning this cute blog of mine. I was busy with these:


Congratulations to my dearest little sister, Aimi. A beautiful lady she is and already someone's wife. Such a lovely wedding. I wish you and Isa happily ever after till jannah. Glad that the ceremony at both sides went well and everyone was happy & enjoyed the delicious food. Perhaps this is the end of wedding affair in our family since she was the last unmarried siblings available. Alhamdulillah for everything, Jazak'Allahu Khair!