Thursday, September 29, 2011

Then & Now

Recently, #SayaGenerasi was trending on Twitter. Lots of people, most of them are from my era shared about what hot in the past, while growing up. It was entertaining to read all the tweets because it brings back good old memories, where handphones & internet are still rare and iphone/BB, digital camera, Astro or even our blogspot are non-existence. Life was sooo simple back then. So now i just want to share what i thought was 'in-trend' or maybe funny back then. Maybe some of you can relate and laugh about it. :D

I love listen to music.Tiap kali sebelum tido akan cucuk earphone dekat telinga dan dengar radio (that time was Radio4, the only english station) sampai la terlelap. That was before radio gone 24hrs, so on midnight lepas 'Negaraku' song, dah ended. So i will switch to cassete player. Dulu nak beli album mana la ada duit sangat, so the only way nak kumpul lagu2 yang best dalam cassete was to standby at the radio, lagu favourite on air je trs tekan button 'record & play' serentak to record it. Funny thing was, kekadang tu DJ dah inform in advance my favourite song gonna played soon, tapi iklan dulu pulak dah..and that time i really-really tak tahan nak pegi toilet so i just record the whole thing including those iklan dan DJ blabbering. Sekarang senang je, download je lagu kat internet, walaupun it is illegal & unethical to do that.

I got my own handphone when i was 18. Even on that time handphone was very exclusive, not all can afford it ok! Tambahan dulu handphone call charges amatla mahal kalau dibanding dengan fixed line. I bukan anak orang kaya, my father bought me secondhand handphone so that i can easily be contacted because that time baru masuk Matrikulasi. My handphone was Erricsson T10 warna kuning (sekarang Sony Erricson), time tu hot kot handphone tu! The smallest & colored handphone that time. SMS 30sen satu ok...mahai nak mampus! Ada skali tu sampai RM300 bil, memang kena bebel dengan my father la time tu. Funny thing was, if you want a funky ringtones instead of the boring ringing sound, you can compose your own song. Time tu sibuk la cari tone notes tu dalam majalah or internet. Tone notes tu lebih kurang rupa macam ni "2a11a 3cd8ee", means that we have to type that in our handphone to create one song or string of tones. Some of the famous one was Mission Impossible, Doraemon, Pink Panther, Looney Tunes. Those with rare ringing tones are considered cool! Konon!

When i was in me teen, baggy & tomboyish clothes are sooo in. So brands like Body Glove, Quicksilver, Ocean Pacific, Vans was famous. They are expensive as well. But gagah jugak nak beli. I am in all girls school you showing off what you got is norm, especially those branded ones. We were trying to imitates those southern American teen, a cool carefree look. Selekeh but bergaya. Baggy oversized tee or flannel shirts, pair up with Doc Marten boots or Vans sneakers...we are sooo bergaya ok! For those who are more into lady like look, will opt for Guess. Wearing baby tee and fitted body hugging tee with jeans or mini skirt (think Clueless).

When i was a kid, adventure & fantasy movies like Never Ending Story, Back To The Future, The Goonies, Indiana Jones, Wizard of Oz and Disney cartoons (Cinderella, Pinochio, Little Mermaid) was the highlight. And also those funny P.Ramlee movies.I love those movies and watch it over and over again. When in my teen i am more into teen flicks. Cerita tentang riang ria remaja yang carefree and very trendy. Some of the movies i adore are Clueless, Empire Records, Hackers, Reality Bites, Grease and so much more i couldn't remember. Dulu cuma boleh sewa or beli tape. Sebelum tengok kena rewind tape dulu yang sungguh membazirkan masa! Every weekend will frequent the video shop and rent some good & latest movie tape kat kedai Cina. Jalan kakai jauh-jauh pun sanggup.Funny thing was, sometime accidentally rented those 18sx movie because attracted to the title without knowing what movie it is...terkejut mak tetiba terkeluar scene yang tak sepatutnya. Hahahahaha.

When internet was introduced in Malaysia, it was still a luxury thing to have in household, due to the high charges. Before i have internet at home, i frequent cyber cafe but only for chatting. Dulu mana ada blog lagi, kalau nak create blog or websites you got to master lots of those complicated html codes and download some softwares, memang susah dan leceh for orang buta IT macam i ni. Dulu cuma ada Yahoo!, so i just browse through yahoo to read latest news. After ada internet at home (18yrs old that time), makin ligat la chatting through MIRC. Berkenalan dengan strangers, bersembang dengan kawan dan juga menipu orang. Rindu nak dengar bunyi bingit everytime want to connect to internet (Jaring 1515), bazir masa tunggu! Funny thing was, i like to chat in Yahoo Chat as well because there i could chat with foreigners and polish my English. So they were very advanced at chatting already, one time i was invited to 'sex chat'. Oblivious of what coming i was trapped in a sexual conversation where he actually expressing every sexual gestures with me. Awkward!!! I just laugh and log off. Hahahaha!

Most of people in my era did or may be gone through this. So i just list out what was trending back then. Boyband (backstreet boys, 911, boyzone, 4U2C), Japan drama, Rakan Muda, Iklan murahan tapi epic seperti Dendang, Tora, Adabi, Follow Me, Axion etc, Tamagochi, Brick games, bawak 50sen ke sekolah masih boleh makan nasi lemak, minum air dan beli keropok, Book strap untuk ikat buku teks sekolah (wajib ada), Drama cina pukul 6 ptg, gone to Public Library to borrow books, roller blades, friendship bands, pencil box with many compartment, paper dolls, watch Friends to learn English and also other sit-coms such as Blossoms, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and also some good series such as X-Files & ER...and sooo much more!

If you are still smiling remembering those sweet memories, read here Sure you will laugh how silly we were back than. But still, life was soooo simple & easily satisfied! Miss that!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Screaming Mother

I honestly do not know how other mothers do it. Being patient, lemah lembut, tenang when comes to children's impossible behavior. Since i have 2 children at home, everyday every night you will hear me screams..out loud ok? Macam orang nak kena rogol tu..lebih kurang macam tu la..seriously. The condition of my house jangan cakap la..bersepah macam kena samun. I mop my my house almost every day..sometime right after 30mins one way or another my children will spill something again..and i have to mop again...again..again! I am not the kind who tak kisah rumah bersepah, berhabuk, can't stand it. Not blessed with well behave kids and also not blessed with great patience to handle them.

Just came back from work. After climbing stairs to 4th floor (no elevator), dukung my 9kgs daughter, still out of breath..upon reaching home, keep my stuff and store whatever i bought or brought out whatever things to cook for dinner (defrost). While doing all these my children already kecoh..."mak nak ni" "mak nak makan tu" "mak tolong bukak ni" "mak kenapa tak boleh ni" as for my daughter who still cannot talks, will make all kind of noises to get my attention..or sometime even worse they started to fight, rebut barang or spill something. Me, still out of breath, tudung pun belum bukak, duduk pun belum have to face all to tahan? Apa lagi scream out loud la..i think that is the only way to gain their attention but still not effective. Then tell me how?

Busy cooking. While cooking the little nosy daughter enters kitchen, korek sampah or open the cabinets pull out all the tupperwares or containers (walaupun dah berpuluh kali susun elok2). Okla fine, sabar lagi...shout for my husband to take her away. Finished cooking, time to eat. While eating, my son (who eat as well) will buat perangai nak itu ini, usually either me or husband stop eating, get up and layan him. And my daughter will come to me..panjat dan jerit-jerit want to have whatever i eat, sometime ends up tumpah makanan. Hilang mood nak makan. Worse scenario, both of them buat prangai nak itu ini, menangis, tumpah makanan, while husband busy playing games...sedangkan me trying to eats. Apa lagi..scream out loud la..still not effective. Then tell me how?

After like the longest time, doing house chores. Finally got chance to sit down or lie down to watch TV, kena pulak cerita movie best. Tried to watch but it is hard to hear unless subtitles included, which is hardly. My children making so much noise..either they play loudly, gaduh loudly or one of them crying. Or even worse, they will do something that makes me started on doing house chores again! Husband buat ape, playing games, wearing headphones, oblivious of the chaos and of his wife going mental. Apa lagi..scream out loud la..still not effective. But whenever i scream it is more of me releasing my frustration or anger, rather than to scare my children. Then tell me how?

Even nak pegang iPad pun my daughter won't let me. She will sit on my face, yes right on my face so that i only look at her. Attention seeker she is. Even worse that now she loves to scream as well..ikut i la tu. Proves that screaming only brought negative impact and absolutely not effective. Then tell me how?

I don't know la mothers. Please tell me how you do it. Those of you that can still be patient. Cakap dengan lemah lembut walaupun anak buat perangai. Not those mother with bibik indon, yang tu half the job already..i am asking those mothers that don't have assistant at me..but can still handle the stress and being patient about it. Please tell me how? Do you ever wish that you can run out of your house, checked in to hotel and spend your time alone from all this? I do...but i can't do it..i will sure miss my children! Now please tell me how???

Sunday, September 18, 2011

DIY Weekend

Yesterday, husband installed a new ceiling fans. So the toolbox was brought out and it was serious DIY

But the children though it was playtime. Curi- curi ambil tools when their father tak sedar, and berganding bahu membaiki push car yang tak rosak. Luckily, no one got hurt.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

On 9/11

Picture from google image

I have the itch to blog about this. About 9/11. Been 10 years yesterday. No matter how it effected you or not effected you, no matter what your opinion about it, no matter what you heard about it, the fact is... it happened, and lots of people died, innocent people. Facts that the Americans' perception of their mighty country changed, facts that the world's perception of Islam changed, facts that tons of lies been told and even tons of facts been twisted. No matter can't escape from being effected by or does effects you right?

9/11/2001. I was 20 years old that time. A finance student at UPM. On the day day it happened, i went to the TV room at my hostel to watch TV after tired of studying for my finals. Upon switched on the TV, i saw a footage of a plane collided with a tall building. I remembered saying to myself  'Awat pelik ka apa ni?'. Then the anchorman narrated about the tragedy..i was shocked. This is 'Berita Terkini', means this is really happening..perang apa ni? I stick to the TV hearing every details to understands better. Half shocked half blurred. Tomorrow it was all over the newspaper. Everybody seems to have opinion about it.

Recently i watched a documentary about 9/11 on History Channel. Had goosebumps all through watching it. Sympathized & sad over people died in vain, especially those firemen & rescuers. I know some people laugh at US for being arrogance and belittle of what happened compared to those country in war where hundreds of people died everyday. What a sick mind they have. People died no matter where, who, how, are still somebody's mother, father, daughter or son regardless what their religion or race is. If you can't sympathized, at least please do respect those in grief.

I am a Muslim. I can't help but feels hurt of those who do not know any better generalized muslim's community after the 9/11. At the same time i also feel glad that this tragedy somehow open people's eyes to understand & learn better about Islam. Resulted from this, there are more of people converted to Islam after 9/11.

Those who are still cursing & full of hatred need to understand better. No matter what takes you are on this tragedy, please keep your humanity in checked, or you are just the same as those culprits who caused it, who are self-righteous, insensitive & make decision based on hatred.

Peace out! :)

Rendang Ayam On Breezy Sunday

Today me & family just lepak at home. A nice weather to laze at home...sejuk dingin, tak berlengas dok rumah. Since we have no open house invitation today, i decided to cook rendang ayam. It is like a compulsory thing for me cook rendang ayam every raya. Eats with nasi himpit & kelupis imported from Sarawak. Kelupis is pulut inside daun palas, quite similar to ketupat palas only that it is long shape instead of triangle. So we had a feeling-feeling raya with just us. Good food on breezy cool Sunday with my family is always nice.

Later on, we will go to Pizza Hut for dinner because i was salivating on Chunky Loaded Pizza. Adam was excited about eating pizza since yesterday. Hope it is as delicious as it looks!

This is my Sunday was yours? Hope you had a wonderful time as well!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cerita Raya 2011

Well....where & what to start first about my raya this year? As told earlier, we went back to my husband's kampung at Kabong, Sarawak. Lots of stuff going on during 11 days we were there. Had a wonderful time celebrating both Ramadhan & Syawal,in a kampung style. We did what the usual kampung folks did, that i would never ever done in Alor Star (my kampung takdela kampung sgt, more to 'taman', very modernized). From baking kek lapis Sarawak yang tak jadi, bakar lemang yang keras di luar lembut di dalam, burnt about 50 (or maybe more than that) mercun kotak yang cantik tapi amat la bising nak mampus, had bbq at the backyard, eating wholesome of ikan terubuk (i ate 1 whole fish myself!) almost everyday, went to a mini funfair (which is really nothing much there, with only 1 old-school ferris wheel & several 'game tikam' parlour) and enjoyed the beach nearby. Rest of the time was spent in front of the TV set watching as many malay dramas as i could hold while munching on kek lapis sarawak & biscuits. The reason i gained back my lost weight during fasting month :( !

To visualize better about my good days in Sarawak, please refer to the pictures. Warning, massive photo ahead. :D

The Pre-Raya
Kek lapis Sarawak in the making. From sahur till almost 1pm baru siap, but still tak jadi seperti yang di plan.  Which i won't ever wish to try and do it in the future, coz i am not that patient or skillful enough to bake one.
It was supposed to be the gulung version but in the end, pasrah pasal susah sgt, jadi la kek lapis warna-warni ntah papa. But still sedap!

While the women busy baking, the men busy bakar lemang. It was raining right after, kesian aku tgk diorang mempertahankan lemang-lemang itu. But takdir dah tentukan lemang tu tak jadi! FAIL!

First Day of Raya
Dania's scruffy face on pagi raya. Jenuh nak ikat rambut dia yang serabai tu.
Polka dot mak & anak :D
Bapak bersama anak yang taknak berkerjasama posing  gambar raya.
Our gambar raya yang tak berapa cantik

While waiting to snap family picture, this happened. Macam2 ragam, especially my daughter Dania , craving for extra attention!
Family picture! :D
Adam & Aina's boring faces while waiting

Untuk tatapan penggemar kek lapis Sarawak. Sedap tau!

Happy us! Heart this picture!

Me & my dear sister in law. Dania dah tido bila sampi 1st rumah..oh well!

Dania semangat tengok budak main bunga api. Nak bagi dia lepas gian, pegang  bunga api yg belum dicucuh pun jadi la, syok dah tu.


BBQ time! Yummeehh!
Kids enjoying bbq food.

The Beach
Kids at the nearby beach. Dania's first time on a beach. Curiosity was everywhere for her!
The Mini Fun Fair
The super mini fun fair. Nothing much but the kids still had a blast at the 'blow up  playground' (not sure what the name). Macam kandang monyet gila dah kat situ! hehehe

Overall, i enjoyed my raya in Sarawak. Eventhough there is always better when i am with my parents but i was happy nevertheless. Surrounded by my lovely and kind Sarawak family were such a joy. You know who enjoyed the most? My son Adam! Was playing with his bunch of cousins day & night, running, shouting and other god knows what activities they were doing! When he got back home, he cried because he is lonely & missing her cousins..kesian anak bujang mak ni! Till next year, we will meet you all again!