Thursday, September 29, 2011

Then & Now

Recently, #SayaGenerasi was trending on Twitter. Lots of people, most of them are from my era shared about what hot in the past, while growing up. It was entertaining to read all the tweets because it brings back good old memories, where handphones & internet are still rare and iphone/BB, digital camera, Astro or even our blogspot are non-existence. Life was sooo simple back then. So now i just want to share what i thought was 'in-trend' or maybe funny back then. Maybe some of you can relate and laugh about it. :D

I love listen to music.Tiap kali sebelum tido akan cucuk earphone dekat telinga dan dengar radio (that time was Radio4, the only english station) sampai la terlelap. That was before radio gone 24hrs, so on midnight lepas 'Negaraku' song, dah ended. So i will switch to cassete player. Dulu nak beli album mana la ada duit sangat, so the only way nak kumpul lagu2 yang best dalam cassete was to standby at the radio, lagu favourite on air je trs tekan button 'record & play' serentak to record it. Funny thing was, kekadang tu DJ dah inform in advance my favourite song gonna played soon, tapi iklan dulu pulak dah..and that time i really-really tak tahan nak pegi toilet so i just record the whole thing including those iklan dan DJ blabbering. Sekarang senang je, download je lagu kat internet, walaupun it is illegal & unethical to do that.

I got my own handphone when i was 18. Even on that time handphone was very exclusive, not all can afford it ok! Tambahan dulu handphone call charges amatla mahal kalau dibanding dengan fixed line. I bukan anak orang kaya, my father bought me secondhand handphone so that i can easily be contacted because that time baru masuk Matrikulasi. My handphone was Erricsson T10 warna kuning (sekarang Sony Erricson), time tu hot kot handphone tu! The smallest & colored handphone that time. SMS 30sen satu ok...mahai nak mampus! Ada skali tu sampai RM300 bil, memang kena bebel dengan my father la time tu. Funny thing was, if you want a funky ringtones instead of the boring ringing sound, you can compose your own song. Time tu sibuk la cari tone notes tu dalam majalah or internet. Tone notes tu lebih kurang rupa macam ni "2a11a 3cd8ee", means that we have to type that in our handphone to create one song or string of tones. Some of the famous one was Mission Impossible, Doraemon, Pink Panther, Looney Tunes. Those with rare ringing tones are considered cool! Konon!

When i was in me teen, baggy & tomboyish clothes are sooo in. So brands like Body Glove, Quicksilver, Ocean Pacific, Vans was famous. They are expensive as well. But gagah jugak nak beli. I am in all girls school you showing off what you got is norm, especially those branded ones. We were trying to imitates those southern American teen, a cool carefree look. Selekeh but bergaya. Baggy oversized tee or flannel shirts, pair up with Doc Marten boots or Vans sneakers...we are sooo bergaya ok! For those who are more into lady like look, will opt for Guess. Wearing baby tee and fitted body hugging tee with jeans or mini skirt (think Clueless).

When i was a kid, adventure & fantasy movies like Never Ending Story, Back To The Future, The Goonies, Indiana Jones, Wizard of Oz and Disney cartoons (Cinderella, Pinochio, Little Mermaid) was the highlight. And also those funny P.Ramlee movies.I love those movies and watch it over and over again. When in my teen i am more into teen flicks. Cerita tentang riang ria remaja yang carefree and very trendy. Some of the movies i adore are Clueless, Empire Records, Hackers, Reality Bites, Grease and so much more i couldn't remember. Dulu cuma boleh sewa or beli tape. Sebelum tengok kena rewind tape dulu yang sungguh membazirkan masa! Every weekend will frequent the video shop and rent some good & latest movie tape kat kedai Cina. Jalan kakai jauh-jauh pun sanggup.Funny thing was, sometime accidentally rented those 18sx movie because attracted to the title without knowing what movie it is...terkejut mak tetiba terkeluar scene yang tak sepatutnya. Hahahahaha.

When internet was introduced in Malaysia, it was still a luxury thing to have in household, due to the high charges. Before i have internet at home, i frequent cyber cafe but only for chatting. Dulu mana ada blog lagi, kalau nak create blog or websites you got to master lots of those complicated html codes and download some softwares, memang susah dan leceh for orang buta IT macam i ni. Dulu cuma ada Yahoo!, so i just browse through yahoo to read latest news. After ada internet at home (18yrs old that time), makin ligat la chatting through MIRC. Berkenalan dengan strangers, bersembang dengan kawan dan juga menipu orang. Rindu nak dengar bunyi bingit everytime want to connect to internet (Jaring 1515), bazir masa tunggu! Funny thing was, i like to chat in Yahoo Chat as well because there i could chat with foreigners and polish my English. So they were very advanced at chatting already, one time i was invited to 'sex chat'. Oblivious of what coming i was trapped in a sexual conversation where he actually expressing every sexual gestures with me. Awkward!!! I just laugh and log off. Hahahaha!

Most of people in my era did or may be gone through this. So i just list out what was trending back then. Boyband (backstreet boys, 911, boyzone, 4U2C), Japan drama, Rakan Muda, Iklan murahan tapi epic seperti Dendang, Tora, Adabi, Follow Me, Axion etc, Tamagochi, Brick games, bawak 50sen ke sekolah masih boleh makan nasi lemak, minum air dan beli keropok, Book strap untuk ikat buku teks sekolah (wajib ada), Drama cina pukul 6 ptg, gone to Public Library to borrow books, roller blades, friendship bands, pencil box with many compartment, paper dolls, watch Friends to learn English and also other sit-coms such as Blossoms, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and also some good series such as X-Files & ER...and sooo much more!

If you are still smiling remembering those sweet memories, read here Sure you will laugh how silly we were back than. But still, life was soooo simple & easily satisfied! Miss that!

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