Sunday, September 11, 2011

On 9/11

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I have the itch to blog about this. About 9/11. Been 10 years yesterday. No matter how it effected you or not effected you, no matter what your opinion about it, no matter what you heard about it, the fact is... it happened, and lots of people died, innocent people. Facts that the Americans' perception of their mighty country changed, facts that the world's perception of Islam changed, facts that tons of lies been told and even tons of facts been twisted. No matter can't escape from being effected by or does effects you right?

9/11/2001. I was 20 years old that time. A finance student at UPM. On the day day it happened, i went to the TV room at my hostel to watch TV after tired of studying for my finals. Upon switched on the TV, i saw a footage of a plane collided with a tall building. I remembered saying to myself  'Awat pelik ka apa ni?'. Then the anchorman narrated about the tragedy..i was shocked. This is 'Berita Terkini', means this is really happening..perang apa ni? I stick to the TV hearing every details to understands better. Half shocked half blurred. Tomorrow it was all over the newspaper. Everybody seems to have opinion about it.

Recently i watched a documentary about 9/11 on History Channel. Had goosebumps all through watching it. Sympathized & sad over people died in vain, especially those firemen & rescuers. I know some people laugh at US for being arrogance and belittle of what happened compared to those country in war where hundreds of people died everyday. What a sick mind they have. People died no matter where, who, how, are still somebody's mother, father, daughter or son regardless what their religion or race is. If you can't sympathized, at least please do respect those in grief.

I am a Muslim. I can't help but feels hurt of those who do not know any better generalized muslim's community after the 9/11. At the same time i also feel glad that this tragedy somehow open people's eyes to understand & learn better about Islam. Resulted from this, there are more of people converted to Islam after 9/11.

Those who are still cursing & full of hatred need to understand better. No matter what takes you are on this tragedy, please keep your humanity in checked, or you are just the same as those culprits who caused it, who are self-righteous, insensitive & make decision based on hatred.

Peace out! :)

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