Monday, May 30, 2011

My Weekend In Photographs

My niece, Zara 5th Birthday Celebration. 
Happy Birthday princess!

Went to IKEA to buy wedding present. Lunch at IKEA food courts (as usual)
Early dinner at Uptown which i think has delicious & perhaps the best hawker foods in KL/Selangor.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Current Craze

Here are what i keep doing or i can say my favorite things at the moment:

Guitar hero! Since my husband bought Wii early of the month, we been stringing guitar every night (and day on weekend). Being an avid gamer, my husband are more advanced than me because my finger still slip off the button every now & then, especially on the fast pace music. I want to buy 'The Beatles'  version where i can play all my favourite Beatles song like a rockstar! 

Also a Wii game. Just dance together with the avatar on the screen. The reason i love playing it is because it is  similar to doing aerobics. It makes me sweat and  my arm do sore after playing it due to swinging vigorously. I try to play it every night if my lil' Dania don't bugs me. When in bad mood, Dania refuses to let me do anything than to attends her, she will hugs my legs whenever i start to dance, so how la to groove and score points right??  But when she's in good mood she will laugh, wiggle & swing her hands like me. So i will try to dance as frequent as i could for a fitter body! 

Haa....this is what i always looking forward to every afternoon after work. Nora Elena drama series on TV3 every Monday to Thursday at 7pm. A love story, adapted from a novel, Kasih Suci. I am too lazy to elaborate about the story, for those interested just google it. Suprisingly my husband enjoy it as well (i think 80% is because of the beautiful heroine, gatai miang sungguh!). The story are interesting and not annoying or overly dramatic like most of malay drama. The beautiful hero & heroine are also plus points. Siti Saleha and Aaron Aziz are soooo gorgeous, whenever they are together i boleh senyum sorang-sorang. I seldom enjoy or love Malay drama especially drama series but this one i am hooked! Berbunga-bunga hatiku tiap kali tengok drama ni!

Spiral potato! Me, hubby and Adam love it! We eat it once a week. Buys it at Pasar Malam every Thursday. Original or spicy, cheese or BBQ sauce, either way still yummy! Being a potato fan, this is heaven food for me. Thanks to whoever invented it. 

Ok...those are what in craze right now. I will make another post when new craze invaded!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

10cents to Singapore

Just booked Air Asia ticket for whole family to Singapore next year. The Air Asia promo as advertised, is 10cents per  person but after added all the stupid airport charges, total i have to forked out is RM500++. la orang cakap indah khabar dari rupa. So before i click the payment button i do some homework on which option are cheaper, travel by bus or flight. Well, ticket bas pun dah RM70-80 per person, if you do the maths, 4 of us anak beranak pegi balik kan dah jadi mahal. So flight is the wise option, convenient & fast. I don't know why, but after confirmed my booking and paid i become worried. The trip is next year...still a looong time to go, what if suddenly we can't make it?? What a waste right? Well..hopefully tak la kan..i am too poor to waste RM500++ on ticket that i did not use. Pray that we manage to go that we can have fun at Universal Studio! Woohooo...(read this post)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glasses & Cups

Remember my last post about McDonald's Cola can glasses? Well, i got them already! But managed to get 3 of them only. Only my 3 favourite colors which are Purple, Blue, Pink. Tak larat nak makan McD tiap-tiap minggu dah..gemok kottt!

Bad quality photo. The glasses are much prettier than picture. The pink color are a bit disappointing because the color are not so bright and look even worse in picture (mcm kaler grey je kan?). I bought these glasses to be used, not for display. So the boxes are gone, jadi permainan Dania buat sementara waktu, she was fascinated with the box, not sure why. My husband told me once you lose the box the glasses are not valuable (no selling value) anymore or maybe depreciated. Already through online ( people who missed out on buying the glasses offered to pay few ringgits (RM20++ kot). I don't care la, bukan nak jual pun!  

Apart from the glasses i got, my Adam also got a share of goodies. With purchases of Happy Meal, he got to collect Spongebob cup & straw! Given out  by weekly basis as well and he managed to get 1 Spongebob cup & 1 Spongebob straw. Just look at his happy face! Thanks Mcd..double joy for mak and anak! Oh, and double the fat roll as well! hahahahaha!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prints & Kimono

Printed loose pants and kimono jacket. I would like to have both garments on my wardrobe. Since i donned the hijab, i  buy lots of jacket and cardigans to wear it with my tons of short sleeves tees/blouses. Both printed loose pants and kimono jacket are in trend right now and i am still finding the suitable ones that suits my budget and body types (big ass). Kimono jacket are expensive while printed loose pants are hard to find in my size. Another alternative to buy them is through overseas (online) such as H&M, F21, ASOS coz they brought in bigger sizes and more choices of designs, also cheaper than those sells in local malls. Spotted one nice harem pants in Cotton On (during their storwide 30% sale)  but sold out in my size..benci kan! For kimono jacket, spotted them at F21, Warehouse and Topshop but wayyy too expensive, i am too stingy to spend hundreds on a piece of cloth. So anyone, if you saw them cheap and nice do inform me ya! 

Abundance of prints! Harem, aladdin or palazzo pants,
as long it is printed & loose cut i am bought! *grins*

Looks like your pyjamas pants right? With the right style, it would look stylish and casual.

The draping, the asymmetrical cuts, the prints and the soft  fabrics.
Perfect staple in you wardrobe!
Again, it look like your bathrobe or nigthwear cover-ups right? Maybe it is the trend now to wear nightwear as outerwear?? As long as it looks good on you, why not give it a try?

Inspired to wear one yet? Start hunting for your choice of prints now and also do tell me if you found good bargain ya! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dream Body

Body image. Are you slim & slander or curvy & voluptuous or maybe just in between? I think i fall under curvy & voluptuous because eventhough i am fat i have curve at the right places. Some (majority i think) might think it is hideous and unacceptable but some might think it is uniquely beautiful and sexy. Majority of people love slim & slander body because they think it portrays youth, perfection and health. Well, masing-masing punya taste la kan. For me la kan, i prefer a woman with a lil' fat and curves at the right spot. It worries me to see such skinny woman, i feel like i want to take care of them and make sure they eat properly. 

Ok reason of this topic is that, i want to show you how every body type is beautiful as long you keep you health in checked and wear clothes according to your body types. 

Whenever i see skinny person wear clothes i really..really..really wish i have their body so that i can strut any looks without worrying whether my fat will bulged or my muffin top will be exposed. Just look at the pictures, aren't they pretty? Look so effortless and free to wear anything and just stand there waiting to be picture perfect! Being slim is like being born with a fair skin, you have plus points. When you put a slim girl and a fat girl who is prettier, most of us will only see the slim girl first not the prettier fat girl just because she is fat..right??? Haissyy..i will only be skinny if i am sick & hospitalised  for a long period (mintak simpang la kan!)

Don't you wish you have those long legs and no bulging tummy like these koreans???
image from whowhatwear
Don't you wish you can wear any clothes and style and manage to look effortlessly stylish?
image from face hunter
Only skinny & tall girl can look good wearing this, otherwise will look like a clown!

Ok..ok..enough about skinny girl. So boring right, because you always see them on TV, magazines, fashion blogs. It is like if you are not slim you are not human! Benci..benci..benci! Reality is, there are more people who has a body like me than those skinny people media like to focus on. I always think slim is the only way to be beautiful, but i will think otherwise whenever i visit those plus sized stylista's blog. If you think like me, do check out these fabulous girls who are confident, stylish and beautiful in their own way. In fact, their faces are so pretty..i bet if they are thin they will look even more smashing!

The fabulous Gabi from Young,Fat & Fabulous
She is forever stylish! How nice if Malaysia sells more stylish clothes for plus sized

Jay Miranda of Fatshionista
Her style is always feminine chic. Every look on her is just beautiful! 

All these models are plus-sized. They have beautiful faces and body. Sesuai tak kalau i stripped off and posed with them? Memang out la kannnnn!! hahaahahaha

So...which body type is your dream? Curvylicious or slim? Mine, i prefer chubby & curvy. Not like now, i am too flabby now. I want to cut off my flabby tummy, my chunky thigh and my jelly arms and still maintain my cup size and my lady hump. My ideal or dream body would have to be like this:

My husband definitely happy if i  have a body like this. Yummeehh!!!
But having said it all, everyone is beautiful in their own way regardless your body types. For me, what is important is your HEALTH! If you don't have good health, everything is just a waste. Oh and also good heart. Maybe it sounds cliche but it is the truth, good heart is the most beautiful and outshines everything. I'll leave you with this funny video. I had a good laugh watching it. Enjoice!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Multiple Personalities

Do you have multiple personalities? I do. Not the schizophrenic type, i don't have multiple personalities disorder! What  i mean by multiple personalities is that how you act when you are with that certain person in your life, especially with your closed one. Basically, on surface people will know me as a quiet & friendly person or sometime if they did not take time to know me better i will be claimed as snobbish due to my smug face. But for those who know me for along time and always with me will see a different side of me. So here comes my different personalities with different people in my life.

With friends, office mate, general people i see everyday. I will known as this chatty & happy go lucky person. I am funny and always have story to share. I seldom angry or moody. I seldom show my sadness or anger unless i really really can't keep it. So most of the time i am this happy smiley face and nothing can effect my mood eventhough i actually feels like a crap. I am like your friend & sisters that you can share your story. Aiseh, i sounded like puji diri sendiri pulak kan? hahaha...

With my sisters & parents, i am happy go lucky person as well but also tough and matured. I seldom show my weakness to them and i always act like i am strong and matured sister or daughter that you can confront me with anything and i will settle your problems. I am the second child but most of the time i feel like i am the oldest because i am always in charge. Family problem or trouble, i am the first to know or called. Any decision or opinion, i am the one who have the most says. Frankly, i do like being in charge with everything because i am a control freak where i feels like only i do it better. Yes, i memang ada perasaan ingat bagus sangat, you may hate me for that. But this is me, i am use to it already, arranging everything and taking charge of family matters. My sisters (i have 2 sisters,older & younger) might hate me for this but eventually they'll know that my intention is well.

With my husband, i am very sensitive and always crave for his attention. I show my moody side and can be easily loose my temper on little things or arguments. I become vulnerable with him. This is maybe because he is the only one who understand me inside out, the real me where i don't have to act tough or happy all the time. Whatever he thinks or says really matters to me. I don't give a damn of others criticizing me, only what my husband think is important and goes deep into my heart. People says only people who are close to you can cut or wound your my case it is my husband. Being a darling husband, he is really patient with my moody self and understand me well. We do shares some arguments now and then but nothing over the tops. Apart from my vulnerable side, i also become this happy and cheerful person when i am with him. We can share jokes and act like nobody's business fooling like a child. I think that is what makes us happy & keep us together. I really can't understand when a person can not be her/his true self with their partner. My advise is, if you can't be true and show the real you to your partner because you are afraid of he/she criticizing you, maybe you have to rethink about your relationship. It is not healthy.

Okay..those are my personalities. Now after reading it, do you have different side for different person or you are just an open book and purely true to yourself no matter what?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wishful Vacation

Everybody love vacation right? Especially if you go to an exotic & dreamy places. I love it too. But too bad i don't have much money to go any places i like.So sad! I don't even own a passport. My usual trip of the year are my kampung in Alor Star, my husband's kampung in Sarawak, my favourite eating spot Penang and the usual short-distance trip  (for most KL-ians) Melaka & Port Dickson. Boring right? I have to admit that i am getting sick and boring of it already!

Ok now i want share my wishlist of places i wish to go if i have the money and time. I start with a possible trip, which are within South East Asia, affordable and could be realized in near future. 

Iconic scenery
Boat market, only in Thailand
Cheap & generous seafood, on sale along the street
Bangkok street shopping!!!! Petaling Street like bazaar but dirt cheap stuff

Bangkok. I heard it is a shopping haven. The food is exotic & cheap (hopefully halal). I am more looking forward on the shopping part. You see, i love to shop online. Most of the blogshop that i frequent get their stock from Bangkok. You can really differentiate those stock from China & Bangkok. China stocks are mostly bad quality and lame design, you can get them easily at Sg.Wang or Pasar Malam. Bangkok stocks are mostly more up to date designs and fashionable but the quality are quite the same as those from China (hence their dirt cheap price). Whenever i read blogs, about bloggers' shopping haul in Bangkok i got even more excited to go there. I love shopping and most of all i love to shop cheap! 

Orchard Rd., shopping haven. Need no more introductions
Sentosa Island
Universal Studios, Singapore. My wonderland!
Singapore. My last & only trip to Singapore was my school trip when i was 13 years old. Main reason is Universal Studios. I love love love theme parks. Already bored with Genting Highlands and Disneyland are so so so far away. Do you know since i was little i dream of going to Disneyland (blame on overloaded of Disney cartoons). Well, Disneyland are much more costly and so far away unless i won a contest (praying for my luck *_*). So Universal Studios is my best option and it is only a stone away from Malaysia. My husband & i plan to go there next year, InsyaAllah. Being averagely poor as we are, we have to save up some money for the trip. Other places in Singapore i wanna go is Orchard Rd & their grand shopping mall for shopping or only window shopping. I also curiously want to experience & observes this so-called small modern and much more civilized (than Msia) town that most people brag abouts.   

Heavenly snorkeling scene. I LIKE!

Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilition Centre. Not a zoo but real animal in  a preserved forest.

Abundance of fresh, delicious & cheap seafood *salivates*

Sabah. What not to love about Sabah? The breathtaking scenery. Preserved beaches and sea treasures. Cheap seafood. Such a paradise & serene holiday destinations and proudly Malaysia's. I want to see its beauty and experience them first hand by swimming (bajet pandai sangat berenang!) and snorkeling. I envy those who live there. A close to heaven place, as a Malaysian i won't rest in peace if i did not go there even once in my lifetime. 

Those are 3 places that i so wanna visits on my future holiday destinations. Of course there are more places that i really..really..really want to go. Like Japan and Europe. Not to forget, to perform haj one day is on my list as well, don't all we Muslim do? But like i mentioned earlier, those places would have to wait due to cost constrains. Maybe when me & my husband are old & retired (InsyaAllah), we will have the time and money to go to those far away places. Now, we can only settle for Bangkok, Singapore and Sabah, InsyaAllah.

*All pictures shown in this post are not mine but from google image and just purely for reference*