Friday, May 27, 2011

Current Craze

Here are what i keep doing or i can say my favorite things at the moment:

Guitar hero! Since my husband bought Wii early of the month, we been stringing guitar every night (and day on weekend). Being an avid gamer, my husband are more advanced than me because my finger still slip off the button every now & then, especially on the fast pace music. I want to buy 'The Beatles'  version where i can play all my favourite Beatles song like a rockstar! 

Also a Wii game. Just dance together with the avatar on the screen. The reason i love playing it is because it is  similar to doing aerobics. It makes me sweat and  my arm do sore after playing it due to swinging vigorously. I try to play it every night if my lil' Dania don't bugs me. When in bad mood, Dania refuses to let me do anything than to attends her, she will hugs my legs whenever i start to dance, so how la to groove and score points right??  But when she's in good mood she will laugh, wiggle & swing her hands like me. So i will try to dance as frequent as i could for a fitter body! 

Haa....this is what i always looking forward to every afternoon after work. Nora Elena drama series on TV3 every Monday to Thursday at 7pm. A love story, adapted from a novel, Kasih Suci. I am too lazy to elaborate about the story, for those interested just google it. Suprisingly my husband enjoy it as well (i think 80% is because of the beautiful heroine, gatai miang sungguh!). The story are interesting and not annoying or overly dramatic like most of malay drama. The beautiful hero & heroine are also plus points. Siti Saleha and Aaron Aziz are soooo gorgeous, whenever they are together i boleh senyum sorang-sorang. I seldom enjoy or love Malay drama especially drama series but this one i am hooked! Berbunga-bunga hatiku tiap kali tengok drama ni!

Spiral potato! Me, hubby and Adam love it! We eat it once a week. Buys it at Pasar Malam every Thursday. Original or spicy, cheese or BBQ sauce, either way still yummy! Being a potato fan, this is heaven food for me. Thanks to whoever invented it. 

Ok...those are what in craze right now. I will make another post when new craze invaded!

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