Monday, May 9, 2011

Multiple Personalities

Do you have multiple personalities? I do. Not the schizophrenic type, i don't have multiple personalities disorder! What  i mean by multiple personalities is that how you act when you are with that certain person in your life, especially with your closed one. Basically, on surface people will know me as a quiet & friendly person or sometime if they did not take time to know me better i will be claimed as snobbish due to my smug face. But for those who know me for along time and always with me will see a different side of me. So here comes my different personalities with different people in my life.

With friends, office mate, general people i see everyday. I will known as this chatty & happy go lucky person. I am funny and always have story to share. I seldom angry or moody. I seldom show my sadness or anger unless i really really can't keep it. So most of the time i am this happy smiley face and nothing can effect my mood eventhough i actually feels like a crap. I am like your friend & sisters that you can share your story. Aiseh, i sounded like puji diri sendiri pulak kan? hahaha...

With my sisters & parents, i am happy go lucky person as well but also tough and matured. I seldom show my weakness to them and i always act like i am strong and matured sister or daughter that you can confront me with anything and i will settle your problems. I am the second child but most of the time i feel like i am the oldest because i am always in charge. Family problem or trouble, i am the first to know or called. Any decision or opinion, i am the one who have the most says. Frankly, i do like being in charge with everything because i am a control freak where i feels like only i do it better. Yes, i memang ada perasaan ingat bagus sangat, you may hate me for that. But this is me, i am use to it already, arranging everything and taking charge of family matters. My sisters (i have 2 sisters,older & younger) might hate me for this but eventually they'll know that my intention is well.

With my husband, i am very sensitive and always crave for his attention. I show my moody side and can be easily loose my temper on little things or arguments. I become vulnerable with him. This is maybe because he is the only one who understand me inside out, the real me where i don't have to act tough or happy all the time. Whatever he thinks or says really matters to me. I don't give a damn of others criticizing me, only what my husband think is important and goes deep into my heart. People says only people who are close to you can cut or wound your my case it is my husband. Being a darling husband, he is really patient with my moody self and understand me well. We do shares some arguments now and then but nothing over the tops. Apart from my vulnerable side, i also become this happy and cheerful person when i am with him. We can share jokes and act like nobody's business fooling like a child. I think that is what makes us happy & keep us together. I really can't understand when a person can not be her/his true self with their partner. My advise is, if you can't be true and show the real you to your partner because you are afraid of he/she criticizing you, maybe you have to rethink about your relationship. It is not healthy.

Okay..those are my personalities. Now after reading it, do you have different side for different person or you are just an open book and purely true to yourself no matter what?


  1. yup. true enough. aku rasa everybody pun hav more than 1 personalities including moi. kan jonet kan3?

  2. tula..i think most of us ni tak comfortable to show all our traits kat org yg kurang rapat..mesti ada hold back sket even towards our family.