Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wishful Vacation

Everybody love vacation right? Especially if you go to an exotic & dreamy places. I love it too. But too bad i don't have much money to go any places i like.So sad! I don't even own a passport. My usual trip of the year are my kampung in Alor Star, my husband's kampung in Sarawak, my favourite eating spot Penang and the usual short-distance trip  (for most KL-ians) Melaka & Port Dickson. Boring right? I have to admit that i am getting sick and boring of it already!

Ok now i want share my wishlist of places i wish to go if i have the money and time. I start with a possible trip, which are within South East Asia, affordable and could be realized in near future. 

Iconic scenery
Boat market, only in Thailand
Cheap & generous seafood, on sale along the street
Bangkok street shopping!!!! Petaling Street like bazaar but dirt cheap stuff

Bangkok. I heard it is a shopping haven. The food is exotic & cheap (hopefully halal). I am more looking forward on the shopping part. You see, i love to shop online. Most of the blogshop that i frequent get their stock from Bangkok. You can really differentiate those stock from China & Bangkok. China stocks are mostly bad quality and lame design, you can get them easily at Sg.Wang or Pasar Malam. Bangkok stocks are mostly more up to date designs and fashionable but the quality are quite the same as those from China (hence their dirt cheap price). Whenever i read blogs, about bloggers' shopping haul in Bangkok i got even more excited to go there. I love shopping and most of all i love to shop cheap! 

Orchard Rd., shopping haven. Need no more introductions
Sentosa Island
Universal Studios, Singapore. My wonderland!
Singapore. My last & only trip to Singapore was my school trip when i was 13 years old. Main reason is Universal Studios. I love love love theme parks. Already bored with Genting Highlands and Disneyland are so so so far away. Do you know since i was little i dream of going to Disneyland (blame on overloaded of Disney cartoons). Well, Disneyland are much more costly and so far away unless i won a contest (praying for my luck *_*). So Universal Studios is my best option and it is only a stone away from Malaysia. My husband & i plan to go there next year, InsyaAllah. Being averagely poor as we are, we have to save up some money for the trip. Other places in Singapore i wanna go is Orchard Rd & their grand shopping mall for shopping or only window shopping. I also curiously want to experience & observes this so-called small modern and much more civilized (than Msia) town that most people brag abouts.   

Heavenly snorkeling scene. I LIKE!

Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilition Centre. Not a zoo but real animal in  a preserved forest.

Abundance of fresh, delicious & cheap seafood *salivates*

Sabah. What not to love about Sabah? The breathtaking scenery. Preserved beaches and sea treasures. Cheap seafood. Such a paradise & serene holiday destinations and proudly Malaysia's. I want to see its beauty and experience them first hand by swimming (bajet pandai sangat berenang!) and snorkeling. I envy those who live there. A close to heaven place, as a Malaysian i won't rest in peace if i did not go there even once in my lifetime. 

Those are 3 places that i so wanna visits on my future holiday destinations. Of course there are more places that i really..really..really want to go. Like Japan and Europe. Not to forget, to perform haj one day is on my list as well, don't all we Muslim do? But like i mentioned earlier, those places would have to wait due to cost constrains. Maybe when me & my husband are old & retired (InsyaAllah), we will have the time and money to go to those far away places. Now, we can only settle for Bangkok, Singapore and Sabah, InsyaAllah.

*All pictures shown in this post are not mine but from google image and just purely for reference*

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