Monday, December 19, 2011

Down With Chickenpox

Both my kids got chickenpox! Kesian diorang bertompok- tompok. So far they handled it well, in fact they are still actively playing and bugging me. Just a mild fever and not so much spots.

I already used up my annual leave, since it is almost to the end of December. Luckily my boss allows me take an advance leave from next year. Kalau tak..tak pasal kena unpaid leave!

Haih kids..whatever for them as long they're healthy & happy!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Cha or Cool?

Just to let you know, i am madly into pearl milktea right now. Really addicted. Everyday thinking to drink one but have to constraint myself for only 2 to 3 cups per week. I know it been famous for so long but i only joined the wagon sometime last month. It all started when Cool Blog opens nearby my office. Everytime i pass them, sure got people que up to buy them, mostly teenagers & school kids. Hairan jugak, sedap ke? So finally i tried to buy one, on recommendations i bought chocolate flavoured. Tak sedap pun. Second time tried strawberry, better but still not that sedap. So i gave up..taknak beli dah.

But then......i was intrigued to try the famous Chatime. First time bought was during Ramadhan. Straight away i am addicted! The tea fragrant is so nice and not that sweet. The pearls (i love to add pearls) are big, chewy & yummy. No wonder the ques are long everytime everywhere. Must take numbers like banks ok! I always ordered their Hazelnut Chocolate Milktea. Am not adventurous enough to try other flavours eventhough by the name seems very tempting. My regular milktea cost me RM5.90 (R) or TM6.90 (L) a cup. Quite expensive for a tea but wayyy much cheaper than Java Chip Frappucino from Starbucks (also my fav)! 

Well, since there is no Chatime nearby my office, i have to opt for Cool Blog. Now i already found the right taste that can cure my milktea addict. My choice would be either Yam Milktea or Honeydew Milktea. Those flavours not only taste good but smell nice as well. And it is much cheaper, RM2.40 a cup. Minus points are they don't have nice tea fragrance and the pearls are not that yummy & chewy compared to Chatime's. I also did tried some not-so famous milktea that those aunty-type are selling. Well, i realized they use powder for the flavour, not real tea or real syrup, so it is quite tasteless and not as good as Cool Blog. So Cool Blog, you are my choice as long as no Chatime opens  here. If i have the money, i will open one! Cewaahhh!



COOL? i really want my who can buy for me?

p/s: CNN just released top 50 world's favourite drinks and Bubble Tea or milk tea is no.25! Check here. Told ya it is yummy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cute Lunch

My dear husband was at home taking care of the kids while me at work. Couldn't get an off day due to some work commitments. I can count on him taking care of those cute rascals. The only thing i worried is, apa la bapak diorang bagi anak aku makan kat rumah tu. He is not that good in cooking apart from instant maggi and flipping burger, he is hopeless. Sometime i would cook something beforehand or i will send food during lunch time (my house is only 10mins drive from office). But today i just left it to my husband to feed them with any food he can come out with. So.....during lunch time just now i got this mms from him: cute la telur tu! He cooked breakfast food for lunch. Tak kisah la, asalkan anak aku makan. He even prepared some toast & cheesy baked beans. The star shaped egg was moulded by a star shaped acuan i bought from Daiso. My son love his food even more if i shape his bread into a star. Good to motivate him to finish his food. Next time gonna buy other shapes available (heart, bunny, bear). 

P/S: Notice the red polka dots table cover? Bought that from Daiso as well, only RM5..good buy! :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Double Birthday

It is December already! How time flies! Recollecting what i have done and been throughout 2011..well not much really..very mundane..boring kan? Oh i started wearing hijab this year..that is the most significant thing worth remembering! Hah!

I'll story about 2011 later in another post. Right now i want to share an event that happened on recent long weekend, 26th November. Been a week but sekarang baru ada masa nak blog about it because i want to share it here as a future reference of how happy & joy it was.

My niece & cousin's son birthday bash. Both decided to do a combined party, lagi jimat, kurang kerja. So they did it at my cousin's house at Damansara. Only family attended. I've been given task to organize game for the kids. Well, thanks to me (ehemm..ehemm..) game time was the highlight of the event. I set up 3 games. First is the famous usual Musical Chair, second is Pin The Donkey and last one is Shopping Bags. Here i share some pictures for reference:

The birthday boy & girl

Goodie bags & prizes

Dania being kay-po as always
Musical chair game
Pin the donkey game
End result. Comel tak donkey tu? My husband drew it.
Shopping Bag game
When music stops, whoever hold the bag has to wear funny  stuff  pulled out from the bag
This was the aftermath of Shopping Bag game. Funny!

Cutting cake 
As usual, group picture of us. This is all cousins in KL who came.

The kids & even grown ups had fun during the game. They already plan out to play similar games on next family gatherings but this time the grown up would be joining. Amboii..tringin ke makcik?? Hahahaha...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why Women Hate Smokers

Just thought of doing this post as an info-service (is that what this is called??). Firstly just to make things clear, my husband is not a smoker, most of my friends not a smoker, the closest to me who smokes is my father. So smokers do not bothers me much on daily basis, but when they do i wish i can slap them hard. Reason for this post is so that smokers realized how annoying they are to me or any other non-smokers woman (woman smokers would be double annoying)

Always, it is the same reason woman complains when their partner/friends/relative smokes. Forget the obvious reason of how smoking bad for you..dah basi dan selalu dengar. What i want to tell are how & why smokers annoy us woman the most. We, like you (smokers), do not really care about the health risks because berapa orang sangatla betul-betul mati pasal rokok, tak hisap rokok pun mati awal jugak kan. That is why any no smoking campaigns focusing on health are ineffective enough. Here i list out why women hate smokers, as been told & heard by me so many times:

  • When you smoke, everything smells of cigarettes. Your clothes, your car, you stuff and worse of all is your breath! Imagine if you got to kiss a man with that cigarette's breath. Early morning breath right after you wake up & before you eat anything is the worse! I know because my course mate (during my varsity years) who sat beside me on morning class always had that breath..eewwww!! Woman whose husband are smokers, how is it like to kiss those cigarette's breath, really?
  • Smokers always will excuse themselves for a cigarette break. Imagine when we are shopping, eating or attending a function, a smoker will disappear in the middle of it for some puff. It will take longer kalau ada geng. It won't annoy woman that much before marriage. But after married, you will hate it whenever he does it. Just imagine, you are having lunch at indoor restaurant. Your kid are having tantrums so you will not eat yet to layan your kids hoping that when husband finishes his lunch he will take over. But what happen is, right after meal he will rush out for a puff leaving you alone with kids, still not eating. Sakit hati kan? Or when you are in a mall with your kids, you know la how kids are in shopping mall. In the middle of it he disappears, out for some puff leaving you like mad woman chasing your kids. Sakit hati tak? My mother always tells me she does not like eating out alone with my dad just because she always would be left alone on the table. Not to talk bad about my dad but smokers are like that and it got worse after married.
  • As a parent or mother, ofcourse we won't let our kids smoke and couldn't imagine how heart wrenching it is when one day our precious kid decide to huff the puff and destroy his lungs. So if it is so scary who to blame when your husband is a smoker. What reasoning would you give to your kids to stop them from smoking? You kids are not stupid, your husband are because he failed to give a good example. 
  • Waste of money. Like gold, cigarettes are expensive and won't get cheaper in time. You jimat macam mana pun kalau bazir on box of cigarettes everyday, you memang bodoh. When i see those TV shows that focus on low income family who are suffering to make a living  ('Bersamamu' like)  i do feels sad  & pity but as soon as i saw any of their family smokes i terus jadi menyampah. Come on la, everyday punya makan pun tak cukup, why want to waste money on cigarettes? That money can put to better use. If you complain of not having enough to feed your family while you puffing cigarettes everyday, i would say you are selfish & stupid!
That are all i can think of now. Memang ada banyak lagi but i think those are the most annoying and obvious. When you live with smokers, your life will revolves on their habits. You may not realized it but when you really come to think of it, your life would be much better if they stop smoking. Sorry if i offended any smokers or wife of smokers that disagree with me. I stand strong on my reasons and i hate smokers. I think all smokers should live on a different planet and kill each other with their smokes. Please la, for the sake of others & also yourself, please consider to quit smoking. And woman who smokes, shame on you! I hate you even more! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Raya Haji @ Alor Star 2011

Super duper delayed post about the recent holy Raya Haji. Been busy with works since the stock market gone haywire (FYI, i work in stock market) with all the bad news from US & Europe and also with all the penny stocks been excessively traded, you either laugh to the bank or cry a river.

Okay enough about work. Now some happy memorable stuff. We went back to Alor Star for Raya Haji. I think it has been about 3 years we celebrated Raya Haji in KL just because there isn't much things going on during Raya Haji except for the korban. But this year my dear lil sister is having her engagement on the second day of raya, so ofcourse la whole family have to be there.

On the day of Raya Haji, we went to give prayers to my brother's grave. Miss him so much especially during family gatherings. None gone to the raya prayers even those yang semangat yang nak pegi mulanya. After that, all family of my father's side gathered at my grandmother's house. Almost everyone were there. Happy time was chit-chating with cousins and keep up stories & gossips of what's going on in their life. And also the food. All my family simply love eating so whenever we are together, we are never without food. I did not manage to snap all the glorious food we ate because leceh la nak angkut camera everywhere when you simply wanna eat pasal dah lapar (buruk lantak kan?)

On second day of raya is my sister's engagement day. MasyaAllah she was so beautiful on that day, there were nothing but praise for her. Anyway, my sister is a natural beauty, tak make up pun dah cantik (not to brag but she really is) so just imagine tiba-tiba groom & make up sebegitu, ofcourse it will enhance her beauty. Don't believe me, just look at the pictures below. Alhamdulillah everything went well. The kenduri was modest but everyone that matters were there and happy for her. Hopefully everything will goes on well till the day they finally get married. Amin!

Ok now is pictures time. Tak berseri blog post kalau takde gambar kan? Se here we goes...

Raya Haji
Adam & Lisa, my cute niece. Funny thing was, i forgot to bring Adam's baju melayu. Was panic because i did not bring any decent clothes for him as well. So dengan kalutnya drove to nearby Tesco (coz it is the only one still open at 11pm) and bought that plaid shirt. 

My BFF who now becomes my relative cause she married my cousin. Best kan?  She is pregnant  now, tak sabar nak tengok her baby!
Ehem...sempat lagi posing manja dengan husband..hahaha!
With all the ladies (cousins) yang join forum chit-chat di hari raya.
Makan time!
Roti jala. Every year mesti tak miss hidang roti jala, ketupat palas & laksa at my grandmother's
Ketupat palas jagung. My favourite raya food!
Ahh..salivating! Yummeehhh!
Handling the korban beef. Sempat posing tu!
Barbecued beef cicah dengan ayaq asam..nikmat!

Sister's Engagement

Ayu gitu...dok tunggu nak sarung cincin.
So sweet!

I look so selekeh beside her
Makcik-makcik dengan all the hantaran. 
It was all family matters. When you are with family, everything are memorable. This weekend, another engagement ceremony, it's my cousin. May everything goes well. Amin.                                            

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sesame Street

Remember Sesame Street? Last time (when i was a kid) it was so famous, everyday pun boleh tengok kat TV. Love to watch it, and try to learn all the stuff they teach. It was where i first knew that in America, they pronounce Z as 'Zi'. Now no more Sesame Street show on TV (atleast on Malaysian TV). What left is only The Elmo Show, which is fun as well. Was Adam's favourite, one day layan sampai 10x pun takpe. girl Dania love to layan all Sesame Street's songs. It started when i want to entertain her using my Ipad by loading youtube videos. Since then, everyday mesti wajib bagi tengok Sesame Street's song. Counting 1,2,3..singing A,B, song..disco song. Elmo this Elmo that. My husband has uploaded some of the songs from youtube and plug in the file onto our TV. Pantang pegang remote je mesti Dania's face will lighten up and humming sambil goyang badan (signaling that she wants to watch her Sesame Street song). Nasib tak pandai nak nyanyi lagi, if not mesti asyik melalak je menyanyi dalam rumah tu.

Here is one of her favourite song, 'What I Am' by Will.i.a.m. Nice song though, you pun mesti enjoy!

Before i end this post, wanna share you one funny conversation i had with my boy Adam that related to Elmo.

Me:  Nanti Adam kena pegi sekolah dah tau, dah besar.
Adam: Taknak..
Me: Kena pegi, kat sekolah nanti boleh blajar 1,2,3, blajar A,B,C
Adam: Mak ingat Adam ni Elmo ke!
Me: Errkkk....(sambil tahan gelak)

*Whoever yang blur, Elmo always sing numbers & alphabets so my 'clever' Adam thought only Elmo does that! *

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daiso Haul

Last time, during my school days or rather my teenage era, i love to frequent those cute gift & knick-knack shops such as Living Cabin. Do you familiar with those shops? Always wouldn't miss to buy some cute stuff such as notebooks, stationary, stickers, files or any stuff that are too cute to resist. But now i am slightly older (ceh slightly konon..prasan muda ler tewww). I am no longer buy those stuff simply because i don't have place to store them and also beause some stuff are not relevant for me thus it is not practical for me just buy them just because they are cute. In other words, i am now matured enough to use my money wisely ( ke?)

So back to the title of the story. Yesterday, i went to Daiso at The Curve. Everytime i go there sure macam-macam teringin nak beli. This RM5 Japan Shop really have lots of interesting stuff and most of them are sooo cute! I forgot to snap all those cute stuff i saw, kinda regreted because memang cute sangat, but i did not buy them because i sure won't use them. But i did snap some pictures of my buys. Nothing much but i am happy i got them. Here are the piccas. Sorry for the bad quality pics, i used my iPad to capture it..malas nak cari camera yang entah di mana :D

Melamine plates with cute tiny fruit prints. Current plates are oldies, been using them since my pre-married time. Time to change for a new one! And the blue polka dots box is for me to store and organize my sauce & jam bottles.

Cute strawberry plate. For my Dania. Too cute to resist! For her to use whenever she eats biscuits. Currently she using her brother's Ben10 plate. Now she got her own cute plate..yayyy!

Floral printed food cover or we Malay calls tudung saji. A mini one, umbrella like, very adorable. Bought this because everytime my mother at my house she complains that i don't have tudung saji tu cover the lauk-pauk. So mak, next time jangan komplen lagi ye...ini yang cute punya! Hahaha..

Temptation & curiosity got me this. Macam sedap i bought one to taste. It is a mix of biscuits. Ada yang sedap ada yang tak. The pretzels one are dissappointing. The tasty ones are the seaweed biscuist. Semalam me & Dania dah makan sampai separuh!

K that's all. Next time pegi Daiso lagi i will share again. Everytime sure got some interesting & cute stuff!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


I love shopping..most women do right? But i hate it when there are things that i love and interested in are expensive. Not only expensive but out of my budget. I don't know la about you all since nowadays there are woman my age have big salary or rich husband that can afford luxurious lifestyle...if you are that type, lucky main jauh-jauh, toksah buat i jealous ok! ;P

For instance, i went to KLCC recently. So bajet bagusla, i checked out Zara. It was my second time in Zara because sebelum ni tak berminat pun nak masuk sana pasal confident memang takde baju size i.  First time was just passing by to check on their sales. What lured me in was the polka dot blouse displayed on front rack. After browsing from rack to rack i was mesmerized by their collection. Lots of polka dot prints, animal prints, quirky prints and most come in bright colors..oh how i love colors! Their blouse's cutting also cantik, memang marvelous lah! Their latest collection has lots of long sleeve shirt/blouse due to the androgynous concept that they are going for. The set back was that not all the blouses have my size which is shamelessly to say i am XL. Even size XL pun i tengok macam still small on the bust. I have hefty bust you see, so it is a problem everytime. Okla kalau i found blouse that fits me also i really can't afford it. The cheapest is RM199 for 1 blouse. Tak pernah i beli blouse mahal macam tu. Worth it ke? Memangla good quality, design and all but money not grow from my backyard tau...backyard pun takdak..hahahahha!

See, this polka dot shirt was what lured me in ZARA!
Second shop i entered was Mark & Spencer. Again, banyak baju yang cantik, they have wide size range so sizing not a problem but the price tag was. I walked out with a heavy heart. Sampai berangan, one day.. maybe one special day when i have lots of money for shopping i will spend RM1000 just to shop at Zara and another RM1000 to shop at Mark & Spencer. Berangan jela ye! Untungla siapa yang banyak duit selalu boleh shop at Zara and such...i benci you all!

 I even find Dorothy Perkins and Forever21 are ridiculiously priced. Banyak kali dah masuk dalam tu, adore sesangat baju die..but in the end walked out empty handed because i lebih sayangkan duit...and also their quality are not that good especially F21. But sometime i ada jugak beli bila perasan fashionista & stylo sket nak invest kat baju cantik...but beli yang murahan dan yang agak berbaloi la..nothing over RM100.

Haih...apa la nak jadi ni. People out there have bigger problem to make living, here i am complaining and self-pity myself for not having enough money to shop. Should not complain! Having expensive clothes does and will not depicts who i am! Must remind myself that i am soooo damn lucky to even have decent clothes to wear everyday. Now mode insaf! Ya Allah please don't let me become Kim in superficial & materialistic life and humbled me with having little to spend on unnecessary stuff to satisfy my nafsu!! Syukur Alahamdulillah saya takde duit banyak untuk dibazirkan pada baju mahal dan kayakan billionaire retailer & designer! :P K thnx bye!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Play time!

When my children play together peacefully (which is hardly), my house is a better place.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is dead, the man behind those iphone you hold and other magnificent gadgets that changed the way we work or live now is no longer with us. Honestly i did not know much about him till iphone made famous. Only when he resigned from Apple that i came to learn that he was actually a great visionary and true genius beyond time. Who would not settle with just Microsoft and goes beyond that.  I truly respect what he had done. Steve Jobs, thank you for your ideas, inventions & wisdom, you inspired us all. The world owe you! 
Here are some story to share. An inspiring story from someone who had worked with Steve Jobs. It was written after Steve Jobs resigned from Apple, before he passed away. I took this from Diana Rikasari's blog, she posted this few days after Steve Jobs resignation and i still can't forget the story till now, so i thought it is appropriate for me to share it here. After reading, it makes me want to be a better person..really! 

A true story by Vic Gundotra:

One Sunday morning, January 6th, 2008 I was attending religious services when my cell phone vibrated. As discreetly as possible, I checked the phone and noticed that my phone said "Caller ID unknown". I choose to ignore.

After services, as I was walking to my car with my family, I checked my cell phone messages. The message left was from Steve Jobs. "Vic, can you call me at home? I have something urgent to discuss" it said.

Before I even reached my car, I called Steve Jobs back. I was responsible for all mobile applications at Google, and in that role, had regular dealings with Steve. It was one of the perks of the job.

"Hey Steve - this is Vic", I said. "I'm sorry I didn't answer your call earlier. I was in religious services, and the caller ID said unknown, so I didn't pick up".

Steve laughed. He said, "Vic, unless the Caller ID said 'GOD', you should never pick up during services".

I laughed nervously. After all, while it was customary for Steve to call during the week upset about something, it was unusual for him to call me on Sunday and ask me to call his home. I wondered what was so important?

"So Vic, we have an urgent issue, one that I need addressed right away. I've already assigned someone from my team to help you, and I hope you can fix this tomorrow" said Steve.

"I've been looking at the Google logo on the iPhone and I'm not happy with the icon. The second O in Google doesn't have the right yellow gradient. It's just wrong and I'm going to have Greg fix it tomorrow. Is that okay with you?"

Of course this was okay with me. A few minutes later on that Sunday I received an email from Steve with the subject "Icon Ambulance". The email directed me to work with Greg Christie to fix the icon.

Since I was 11 years old and fell in love with an Apple II, I have dozens of stories to tell about Apple products. They have been a part of my life for decades. Even when I worked for 15 years for Bill Gates at Microsoft, I had a huge admiration for Steve and what Apple had produced.

But in the end, when I think about leadership, passion and attention to detail, I think back to the call I received from Steve Jobs on a Sunday morning in January. It was a lesson I'll never forget. CEOs should care about details. Even shades of yellow. On a Sunday.

To one of the greatest leaders I've ever met, my prayers and hopes are with you Steve. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Thoughts In Bullet Points

Some thoughts off my mind that i wanna blog about but uninspired to do a long one. So for the sake of updating this blog, i just put it in bullet points. No one bother to read them anyway...just for personal reference that at this point & time in my life..these are what's on going on in my life.

  • Need to shed off some fat. Yeah, i know i been complaining about this all the time tapi makin tebal je lemak especially di perut berlipat ku ini. Resulted from binging like a pig at Raya open houses. Dahla kegemaran makanan di open house adalah lemang & rendang, each & every open houses attended pun mesti amik 3-4 potong lemang! Even my husband pun dah perli double chin i ni dah jadi quarter pounder. Ya Allah.. jauhkan la aku daripada obesiti!
  • Wait, cannot start dieting till my parents balik kampung. FYI, my parents are here with me. Means that makanan yang dihidangkan or dimasak teramatlah sedap dan wajib tambah nasi. If masak sambal tumis udang petai, 3 pinggan pun boleh tau! la to diet like this! Ok takpe, when my parents far away from me, i'll start a strict diet! Ok! Ok! (dgn muka serius yakinkan diri sendiri)
  • Been watching lots of movie trailers on Youtube. Trailers are always more interesting than the movie itself right? Also influenced by it. Keep pestering my husband to download this & that movie which he as usual reluctant to do it. Kalau download pun macam la ada masa nak tengok. Tengok kat TV bising sangan dengan suara anak terjerit sana sini. Tengok kat iPad pun tak tenang jugak pasal my girl akan kacau, grab my ipad or as usual sit on my face..teruk kan perangai?
  • Addicted to Adele's song. Just watched her new relesead Someone Like You VC. Love it so much, tak jemu tengok hari-hari. She has a beautiful voice! Beautiful lady as well. Don't give a crap comment 'she will be prettier if she slim down'. Rubbish la semua tu. Kalau cantik tu cantik la gak, nape nak kurus baru lagi cantik kan? Eh, sensitip plak, macam penah jadi kt diri sendiri plak ye...hahahaha!
  • Sebenarnya i teringin sangat nak buat style post. Yeah i know that i am not stylish or close to being one. Just for fun to blog about what i wear once in awhile. Coz sometime i did ensemble some outfits that i think quite stylish and wanna blog about it. Due to lack of style blog dedicated to plus size girl especially a hijab ones, i was itched to start one. Tak kisah la cantik atau tak, all that are very subjective and i accept both negative & positive comments. The problem is, always no one would take my photo, my husband always take bad photo of me. Most of it makes me look shorter or fatter. Tak pandai nak cover flaw wife die..bak kata die "You dah gemuk macam mana nak cover" (isskk..kejamnya ayat!). Memangla i ni gemuk kan..akan tetapi pandai la amik gambar perempuan gemuk yang cantik..bukan perempuan gemuk bertambah gemuk yang hodoh & pendek. How to make sense to our husband about this huh? Don't try to, they forever don't get it. 
  • Today, my friend had won some campaign organized by our company and she won RM10,000 prize money. I was happy for her, really syok la wei! Can't help but imagine what if it was me who won. Berangan to re-furnished my home with new furniture especially the worn out sofa yang bila duduk, i yang gemuk ni terkapai-kapai nak bangun pasal tenggelam. Also settle off all my credit card bills. Balance duit tu bawak whole family pegi holiday! Aaahh..bestnya duit free! It would never happen to me or my husband..guess we are not that lucky! But still, Alhamdulillah for whatever we already got.
  • My poor girl, Dania had developed some skin rashes. Gatal sana sini..garu sana sini. Really heart breaking to see her skin condition resulted from the garu. Macam-macam ubat dah sapu, even change her body wash. Hope she recovers from it soon..Amiinn
Ok that are all. My ramblings stop here. Bye & TQ :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Then & Now

Recently, #SayaGenerasi was trending on Twitter. Lots of people, most of them are from my era shared about what hot in the past, while growing up. It was entertaining to read all the tweets because it brings back good old memories, where handphones & internet are still rare and iphone/BB, digital camera, Astro or even our blogspot are non-existence. Life was sooo simple back then. So now i just want to share what i thought was 'in-trend' or maybe funny back then. Maybe some of you can relate and laugh about it. :D

I love listen to music.Tiap kali sebelum tido akan cucuk earphone dekat telinga dan dengar radio (that time was Radio4, the only english station) sampai la terlelap. That was before radio gone 24hrs, so on midnight lepas 'Negaraku' song, dah ended. So i will switch to cassete player. Dulu nak beli album mana la ada duit sangat, so the only way nak kumpul lagu2 yang best dalam cassete was to standby at the radio, lagu favourite on air je trs tekan button 'record & play' serentak to record it. Funny thing was, kekadang tu DJ dah inform in advance my favourite song gonna played soon, tapi iklan dulu pulak dah..and that time i really-really tak tahan nak pegi toilet so i just record the whole thing including those iklan dan DJ blabbering. Sekarang senang je, download je lagu kat internet, walaupun it is illegal & unethical to do that.

I got my own handphone when i was 18. Even on that time handphone was very exclusive, not all can afford it ok! Tambahan dulu handphone call charges amatla mahal kalau dibanding dengan fixed line. I bukan anak orang kaya, my father bought me secondhand handphone so that i can easily be contacted because that time baru masuk Matrikulasi. My handphone was Erricsson T10 warna kuning (sekarang Sony Erricson), time tu hot kot handphone tu! The smallest & colored handphone that time. SMS 30sen satu ok...mahai nak mampus! Ada skali tu sampai RM300 bil, memang kena bebel dengan my father la time tu. Funny thing was, if you want a funky ringtones instead of the boring ringing sound, you can compose your own song. Time tu sibuk la cari tone notes tu dalam majalah or internet. Tone notes tu lebih kurang rupa macam ni "2a11a 3cd8ee", means that we have to type that in our handphone to create one song or string of tones. Some of the famous one was Mission Impossible, Doraemon, Pink Panther, Looney Tunes. Those with rare ringing tones are considered cool! Konon!

When i was in me teen, baggy & tomboyish clothes are sooo in. So brands like Body Glove, Quicksilver, Ocean Pacific, Vans was famous. They are expensive as well. But gagah jugak nak beli. I am in all girls school you showing off what you got is norm, especially those branded ones. We were trying to imitates those southern American teen, a cool carefree look. Selekeh but bergaya. Baggy oversized tee or flannel shirts, pair up with Doc Marten boots or Vans sneakers...we are sooo bergaya ok! For those who are more into lady like look, will opt for Guess. Wearing baby tee and fitted body hugging tee with jeans or mini skirt (think Clueless).

When i was a kid, adventure & fantasy movies like Never Ending Story, Back To The Future, The Goonies, Indiana Jones, Wizard of Oz and Disney cartoons (Cinderella, Pinochio, Little Mermaid) was the highlight. And also those funny P.Ramlee movies.I love those movies and watch it over and over again. When in my teen i am more into teen flicks. Cerita tentang riang ria remaja yang carefree and very trendy. Some of the movies i adore are Clueless, Empire Records, Hackers, Reality Bites, Grease and so much more i couldn't remember. Dulu cuma boleh sewa or beli tape. Sebelum tengok kena rewind tape dulu yang sungguh membazirkan masa! Every weekend will frequent the video shop and rent some good & latest movie tape kat kedai Cina. Jalan kakai jauh-jauh pun sanggup.Funny thing was, sometime accidentally rented those 18sx movie because attracted to the title without knowing what movie it is...terkejut mak tetiba terkeluar scene yang tak sepatutnya. Hahahahaha.

When internet was introduced in Malaysia, it was still a luxury thing to have in household, due to the high charges. Before i have internet at home, i frequent cyber cafe but only for chatting. Dulu mana ada blog lagi, kalau nak create blog or websites you got to master lots of those complicated html codes and download some softwares, memang susah dan leceh for orang buta IT macam i ni. Dulu cuma ada Yahoo!, so i just browse through yahoo to read latest news. After ada internet at home (18yrs old that time), makin ligat la chatting through MIRC. Berkenalan dengan strangers, bersembang dengan kawan dan juga menipu orang. Rindu nak dengar bunyi bingit everytime want to connect to internet (Jaring 1515), bazir masa tunggu! Funny thing was, i like to chat in Yahoo Chat as well because there i could chat with foreigners and polish my English. So they were very advanced at chatting already, one time i was invited to 'sex chat'. Oblivious of what coming i was trapped in a sexual conversation where he actually expressing every sexual gestures with me. Awkward!!! I just laugh and log off. Hahahaha!

Most of people in my era did or may be gone through this. So i just list out what was trending back then. Boyband (backstreet boys, 911, boyzone, 4U2C), Japan drama, Rakan Muda, Iklan murahan tapi epic seperti Dendang, Tora, Adabi, Follow Me, Axion etc, Tamagochi, Brick games, bawak 50sen ke sekolah masih boleh makan nasi lemak, minum air dan beli keropok, Book strap untuk ikat buku teks sekolah (wajib ada), Drama cina pukul 6 ptg, gone to Public Library to borrow books, roller blades, friendship bands, pencil box with many compartment, paper dolls, watch Friends to learn English and also other sit-coms such as Blossoms, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and also some good series such as X-Files & ER...and sooo much more!

If you are still smiling remembering those sweet memories, read here Sure you will laugh how silly we were back than. But still, life was soooo simple & easily satisfied! Miss that!