Thursday, October 20, 2011


I love shopping..most women do right? But i hate it when there are things that i love and interested in are expensive. Not only expensive but out of my budget. I don't know la about you all since nowadays there are woman my age have big salary or rich husband that can afford luxurious lifestyle...if you are that type, lucky main jauh-jauh, toksah buat i jealous ok! ;P

For instance, i went to KLCC recently. So bajet bagusla, i checked out Zara. It was my second time in Zara because sebelum ni tak berminat pun nak masuk sana pasal confident memang takde baju size i.  First time was just passing by to check on their sales. What lured me in was the polka dot blouse displayed on front rack. After browsing from rack to rack i was mesmerized by their collection. Lots of polka dot prints, animal prints, quirky prints and most come in bright colors..oh how i love colors! Their blouse's cutting also cantik, memang marvelous lah! Their latest collection has lots of long sleeve shirt/blouse due to the androgynous concept that they are going for. The set back was that not all the blouses have my size which is shamelessly to say i am XL. Even size XL pun i tengok macam still small on the bust. I have hefty bust you see, so it is a problem everytime. Okla kalau i found blouse that fits me also i really can't afford it. The cheapest is RM199 for 1 blouse. Tak pernah i beli blouse mahal macam tu. Worth it ke? Memangla good quality, design and all but money not grow from my backyard tau...backyard pun takdak..hahahahha!

See, this polka dot shirt was what lured me in ZARA!
Second shop i entered was Mark & Spencer. Again, banyak baju yang cantik, they have wide size range so sizing not a problem but the price tag was. I walked out with a heavy heart. Sampai berangan, one day.. maybe one special day when i have lots of money for shopping i will spend RM1000 just to shop at Zara and another RM1000 to shop at Mark & Spencer. Berangan jela ye! Untungla siapa yang banyak duit selalu boleh shop at Zara and such...i benci you all!

 I even find Dorothy Perkins and Forever21 are ridiculiously priced. Banyak kali dah masuk dalam tu, adore sesangat baju die..but in the end walked out empty handed because i lebih sayangkan duit...and also their quality are not that good especially F21. But sometime i ada jugak beli bila perasan fashionista & stylo sket nak invest kat baju cantik...but beli yang murahan dan yang agak berbaloi la..nothing over RM100.

Haih...apa la nak jadi ni. People out there have bigger problem to make living, here i am complaining and self-pity myself for not having enough money to shop. Should not complain! Having expensive clothes does and will not depicts who i am! Must remind myself that i am soooo damn lucky to even have decent clothes to wear everyday. Now mode insaf! Ya Allah please don't let me become Kim in superficial & materialistic life and humbled me with having little to spend on unnecessary stuff to satisfy my nafsu!! Syukur Alahamdulillah saya takde duit banyak untuk dibazirkan pada baju mahal dan kayakan billionaire retailer & designer! :P K thnx bye!

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