Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Thoughts In Bullet Points

Some thoughts off my mind that i wanna blog about but uninspired to do a long one. So for the sake of updating this blog, i just put it in bullet points. No one bother to read them anyway...just for personal reference that at this point & time in my life..these are what's on going on in my life.

  • Need to shed off some fat. Yeah, i know i been complaining about this all the time tapi makin tebal je lemak especially di perut berlipat ku ini. Resulted from binging like a pig at Raya open houses. Dahla kegemaran makanan di open house adalah lemang & rendang, each & every open houses attended pun mesti amik 3-4 potong lemang! Even my husband pun dah perli double chin i ni dah jadi quarter pounder. Ya Allah.. jauhkan la aku daripada obesiti!
  • Wait, cannot start dieting till my parents balik kampung. FYI, my parents are here with me. Means that makanan yang dihidangkan or dimasak teramatlah sedap dan wajib tambah nasi. If masak sambal tumis udang petai, 3 pinggan pun boleh tau! la to diet like this! Ok takpe, when my parents far away from me, i'll start a strict diet! Ok! Ok! (dgn muka serius yakinkan diri sendiri)
  • Been watching lots of movie trailers on Youtube. Trailers are always more interesting than the movie itself right? Also influenced by it. Keep pestering my husband to download this & that movie which he as usual reluctant to do it. Kalau download pun macam la ada masa nak tengok. Tengok kat TV bising sangan dengan suara anak terjerit sana sini. Tengok kat iPad pun tak tenang jugak pasal my girl akan kacau, grab my ipad or as usual sit on my face..teruk kan perangai?
  • Addicted to Adele's song. Just watched her new relesead Someone Like You VC. Love it so much, tak jemu tengok hari-hari. She has a beautiful voice! Beautiful lady as well. Don't give a crap comment 'she will be prettier if she slim down'. Rubbish la semua tu. Kalau cantik tu cantik la gak, nape nak kurus baru lagi cantik kan? Eh, sensitip plak, macam penah jadi kt diri sendiri plak ye...hahahaha!
  • Sebenarnya i teringin sangat nak buat style post. Yeah i know that i am not stylish or close to being one. Just for fun to blog about what i wear once in awhile. Coz sometime i did ensemble some outfits that i think quite stylish and wanna blog about it. Due to lack of style blog dedicated to plus size girl especially a hijab ones, i was itched to start one. Tak kisah la cantik atau tak, all that are very subjective and i accept both negative & positive comments. The problem is, always no one would take my photo, my husband always take bad photo of me. Most of it makes me look shorter or fatter. Tak pandai nak cover flaw wife die..bak kata die "You dah gemuk macam mana nak cover" (isskk..kejamnya ayat!). Memangla i ni gemuk kan..akan tetapi pandai la amik gambar perempuan gemuk yang cantik..bukan perempuan gemuk bertambah gemuk yang hodoh & pendek. How to make sense to our husband about this huh? Don't try to, they forever don't get it. 
  • Today, my friend had won some campaign organized by our company and she won RM10,000 prize money. I was happy for her, really syok la wei! Can't help but imagine what if it was me who won. Berangan to re-furnished my home with new furniture especially the worn out sofa yang bila duduk, i yang gemuk ni terkapai-kapai nak bangun pasal tenggelam. Also settle off all my credit card bills. Balance duit tu bawak whole family pegi holiday! Aaahh..bestnya duit free! It would never happen to me or my husband..guess we are not that lucky! But still, Alhamdulillah for whatever we already got.
  • My poor girl, Dania had developed some skin rashes. Gatal sana sini..garu sana sini. Really heart breaking to see her skin condition resulted from the garu. Macam-macam ubat dah sapu, even change her body wash. Hope she recovers from it soon..Amiinn
Ok that are all. My ramblings stop here. Bye & TQ :)

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