Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday & Plankton

I wanted to do a post for my Penang trip, but quite busy lately so i will do it later when i have the time & mood to. I hope i can post every event & exciting moment on my blog as a recorded memories, so that one day, some day in the future i can read back and smile. This is the actual reason i started this blog. Not really for people to read but for me to read in the future, in case i might forget or want to revive those happy or sad moments in my life.

Talking about event, here what coming next on my diary:

This boy, my son Adam 4th birthday party which falls on 2nd April, Saturday. The theme will be Spongebob Squarepants. He loves to watch Spongebob cartoon and guess what his favourite character? 

Yes baby, Mr. Plankton. His favourite is that little evil Plankton. Haihh, among all the cute characters, he choses this. Well, my son is unique in his own way, biaq pi kat dia la. Oh, sometime he call Plankton as 'Mata satu'. If we would ask him what he wants for birthday, he will says Plankton. Mana la nak cari mainan Plankton sayang oiii...pelik sungguh! He even request for Plankton picture on his birthday cake. That i objected, because i rasa macam geli tengok plankton hijau tu atas cake that will be eaten by all my guests. So we decided to put all of Spongebob cartoon characters' pic including the notorious Plankton on the cake.

Will try to capture as many photo as possible. Lots of yummy food will be served, since my mother, the greatest cook is here to help. So just wait for the birthday post soon..or as soon as possible.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Gonna head over to Penang for a family vacation tomorrow. Can't wait to stuff my face with lots of delicious food. As people says, Penang is a food is 100% true if you love hawker food and nasi kandar.

I used to live in Penang close to 10 years and spent my teenage years there (from 13 to early 20s). If i would have to live in other state, my personality would not be the same now because i believe most of your personality and attitude were build during your teenage years, and Penang has made me into happy & easy going person and less narrow minded. Maybe it is also due to that i was schooled at one of popular school in Penang, which is Convent Green Lane and mix with lots of interesting multi-cultural people there.

I love Penang and i believe no other place in Malaysia is as good and interesting to live in as Penang. Why? Beside their wonderful food, Penang is so modern and developed and yet it still not that congested (compare to KL). Rich of culture and full of fun people due to lots of foreigners and expatriates living there. Some people think if you don't live in KL you will miss out the happening scene and development KL-ians experience. But not in Penang, you will not feel left out. Then there are beaches..Penang may not have the best beach or beautiful beaches compare to other island, but still it is a beach where you can enjoy the scene and act tourisy sun bathing along the beach.

So that is why i simply can't wait to go to Penang. But this time my motive is to binge. Tak sedar fat rolls dah di tahap membimbangkan! Nevermind, we can always diet later right?? 3 days eat, unlimited days to diet! Laksa, bubur cha cha, fried carrot cake, char koay teow, ma-zhi, nasi kandar, mi udang, hawker style seafood, pasembor, the best mamak food *salivates*

I'm gonna snap lots of picture as i can on my trip there, especially the food. Unless i am too hungry and caught up with the eating and forgets to take picture. I believe it'll happen!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Post Birthday Lunch

Almost 2 weeks past my birthday, finally i got my (post) birthday treat from my husband. I chose Delicious cafe at One Utama. When we arrived, the place was almost full with people. I straight away went to the dessert display so that i know which to order later. To my disappointment, my Berry Pavlova not available. So sad! So i ordered Banoffee Pie instead. Banoffee Pie is a pie with rich cream toppings and banana & toffee filling inside. It was sweet but still tolerable. Quite tasty but if i am given a choice to order desserts, i won't order it again. For main dish, i ordered Spicy Seafood Spaghetti which is really good. It was served, drenched with olive oil and sprinkled with some spicy herbs that give a light spicy taste which i think, perfected the taste. Too bad the seafood was so little, only 2 prawns & about 5 slices of squids. My husband ordered Hainanese Chicken Chop (he is a fan of chicken) which is quite good as well. 2 chunks of fried fillet with sweet sour sauce, nothing to shout about. I ordered 4 Cheese Macaroni for my son, since he love macaroni so much. With only cheese and macaroni, it is soooo memualkan when you eat it. He only managed to eat half of it. Now, just enjoy the pictures that i took effort to take but excuse my lack of photography skill. *LOL*

Let us camwhore in the car first, before you pull my scarve.

Waiting for my food, really hungry.

Hainanese Chicken Chop

Spice Seafood Spaghetti, love it!

Banoffee pie, look so yummy right?

Banana & toffee fillings

My 2 sweethearts. Mak only have RM1, so both of you have to share the rides! *lol*

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Darling Turtle

Recently i posted my daughter, Dania's picture wearing 3D specs on FB. Then one of my colleague told me that she looks like a turtle cartoon she saw once. After she send me the poster picture of that cartoon, i gelak sakan because memang sama laaaa. Sama kan? kan? kan? *LOL*

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Want to be wanted

Do you ever feel useless, unwanted & unloved? Where you feel like your life has no meaning and everybody busy with their life, they don't even care if you are around or not. If yes, then i have a solution for you..have kids! Note: Only those who are already married ya!

Yes, quickly get pregnant and produce your own children. When you have kids of your own, especially baby, you no longer feels unwanted because they constantly need your attention and love. Your children will give you plenty of unconditionally & pure love. They want you, need you, love you like no is such a great feeling!

I have 2 kids. One is a 4 year-old boy name Adam which always try to get my attention with his antics. Every now and then, for no reason he will gives me a hug and says "Adam saaayaannggg mak". He may be naughty most of the time and get scolded from me constantly but he is such a loving brother, won't go anywhere without her baby sister unless he knows she is well taken care of.

Thinks he is a Jedi

 2009 Raya at my in-laws @ Swak

Mogok taknak posing amik gambar

1 yr plus Adam with swollen eye due to ant bites

Obsess with Ultraman (Chubby Ultraman)

Can't help to put this pic coz he look like a doll!

Another one is my daughter Dania, only 7 months old. She is my inspirations for this post. Simply because she won't let me wander far away from her. She always makes me feel wanted and i never feels wanted ever in my life. Ofcourse kekadang rimas kan, semua kerja tak jadi pasal nak layan die ajeee. Whenever i am sitting or lying down to watch TV, she will quickly crawl on top of my body and won't let me get up. If i do get up she will cry as if she is in great pain. Even when i am eating she would come to me, and try to pull out whatever on my mouth so that she can have a share on whatever i eats. Rimas kan? But sometime i love it..because i want to be wanted, to be loved and as a mother i feel good when my kid needs me. Here are pictures of my baby girl.

2011 CNY at my parents @ Alor Star

Close up at her chubby face

About 4 months old

Peacefully sleeping

If you don't believe me, try have your own kids. If you can handle it, as many as possible. I am certain you will always be wanted and loved. Being a mother is such a wonderful feeling. No matter how tired or hectic your life is, knowing that your love child is being taken care of and loves you back unconditionally, makes it all better.  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chic to Work

As usual, every morning i will go through my blogroll and read all my favourite blogs. One of the blog i love is Face Hunter. If you love fashion this blog is no foreign. Here i want to share some pictures from the blog. Why? Because i think it would be nice if i am chic enough to wear like that to work. It is also a hijab friendly outfit!

All pictures above credited to Face Hunter

Awesome right? of the outfit. Simple ensemble but very chic looking! If only i have the skill to mix & match my clothes and look as effortless as them. Such an inspiration!

I mentioned before that i adore prints. I was in awe when i saw these at Glamorai (envy this lady, so beautiful & talented). If you love prints like me, i just let these pics do the i am charmed!

All pictures above credited to Glamorai

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Macarons & Red Velvet Cakes

Macarons & red velvet cake been the craze lately among pastries right after cupcakes ( i know cupcakes still a hit). By its name i already imagine they must be very delicious. Then i saw their pictures on the net, it made me salivates and i confirmed to myself it must very very good to eat and since then i was craving to eat them. Not until recently, i manage to taste them. This is my personal takes.

When i saw macarons' pic on this particular blog (it was mid last year), i thought it was very cute and colorful. Very queer looking, like those pastry you see in a cartoon because of its color and size. I was tempted to eat one but couldn't find it at any conventional pastry shop. Till recently i came to know that Harrods KLCC sell macarons. 6 pieces at RM15. Quite pricey, but tak apalah, nak rasa punya pasal, forked out money sket. Quickly YM my sister who work at KLCC tower to buy them on her way back home.

Colorful macarons on my boy's superheroes plate

It was very very sweet. It was too sweet, i couldn't focus on its taste. The orange color has orange flavor, yellow is lemon, blue and red i am not sure (taste bud wasn't that good due to flu). All i can taste is sweetness. The color was nice to look at but it leave stain on my teeth that made my boy laughed, imagine looking at my blue colored teeth! My husband and sister dislike it because too sweet. Me too..not my liking la..nice to look at but to eat tak la kot, some more mahal pulak tu. But atleast i have tasted it.

Same with red velvet cake, i first knew about it on the net too, i think someone was selling it at her blog. Also look very tasteful on the pic. The rich red color and the cream cheese toppings, very interesting looking! I wasn't keen searching for the cake but i always would like to taste it someday. So happened, on my birthday my husband asked me "You nak cake tak on your birthday, i boleh belikan..since kita postpone birthday dinner till weekend". So i requested for red velvet cake, try to find it if he can. The day before my birthday he YM me, said that he managed to find red velvet cake at Coffee Bean but must buy whole cake and order 2 days in advance. I pikir macam mana la nak habiskan 1 whole cake, beli 1 or 2 slices pun ok kotttt, since mahal plak kan. Then i remembered i once read Delicious cafe sells red velvet cupcake at only RM6.90 each. Since my husband works at Jalan Ampang, he can walks over to the nearest Delicious cafe there to buy for me (lt is actually a 2km walk from his office, poor husband, raining some more!)

I was so delighted when i saw these 3 fat red velvet cupcakes. Looks yummy right? The taste was heavenly! I love it! Cream cheese was perfect and the cake was very moist. Even my 7 months girl love to lick the cream cheese. Sampai comot muka dia tonyoh cream cheese tu. The only thing i dislike is the colorings, eventhough it did not leave stain on my teeth, i end up having red fingers. I guess the colorings make them look more interesting, that's why la kan. Unlike macarons, this did not disappoints me because it tastes as good as it looks. I am officially a fan of red velvet cakes!

Ok, the truth is..with half dozens macarons and 3 red velvet cupcakes in 1 month..i guess i already gained 1 kg or maybe more..dayymmm!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday Wish

Happy 30th birthday to me. Awesome huh? Blessed with 30 years of life, still healthy & happy. Already hit the 'three'. I guess after 30 you are somewhat expected to be more mature and stable. I don't know if i am that but i do know that after 30 years living in this body i can say that i've been blessed with a happy life and people around me have been kind to me...Alhamdulillah. I may not have much compare to others but i am grateful with what i have, with a lovely husband and wonderful son & daughter, plus a very supportive parents and sisters..i can't complain much. As long as my love ones are around me..everything will eventually become fine.

Ok enough about that..since its my birthday today, not wrong for me to fantasize what i wish for my birthday present right? Not to pressure or give hint to anyone to buy me anything..this is just purely for fun & gedikness!

H&M Polka Dot mini tote
H&M wild print blazer

Dorothy Perkins scallop dress with sequin trimmings

Ipad 2

Follie Follie gold bracelets 
Givenchy leopard bag
 TODS hot pink suede loafers
Yeah, i know some of you lucky ones can afford buy all those things. But for me, even on my birthday i can only dream of these things. Maybe i can buy one or two of the stuff mentioned when i have extra cash. But even if i have extra cash, i still have other priorities that i have to spend on or pay off. Haihh..bila duit nak berkepuk nih!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun prints

Apart from polka dots, i love prints. May it be floral, animal or geometrical prints, especially if they are in bright or candy colored. Maybe because it reflect my fun & jovial personality. Well, just look at the colors of my blog template!

On my coming birthday my husband asked me what i want. I immediately said i want bag, eventhough my husband pointed out my drawer that been cramped with my bags. You know what i said, "Well, i takde pun bag yang special..semua bag i boring & plain. More like mommy's bag, it doesn't reflect my personality" Its true you see, when you have a kid & baby you will own a big oversized bag that you can put in everything ( to avoid carrying 2 bags).

Actually in the beginning i want ipad or iphone or gold necklace for my birthday but kesian at my husband have to fork out thousands, so i just settle for a bag..reasonable priced bag, not the designer brands.

So while browsing on the net i found this bag at H&M:

Immediately i terpesona at the dove print and the shape of the bag. Perfect! Well, it looks like a bag for youngsters not for a 30 year-old mom of 2 children. Ahh..pedulikan, janji i suka! For some reason i am not easily attracted at designer bags, especially those that have their logo plastered all over the bag. I prefer a bag that reflect my personality. I did found few designer bag that i love like Chloe and Marc Jacob but the price is too expensive. So i am really glad that i found this bag!! I placed my order, and i will get it on end of March! Yayyy!!!!