Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday Wish

Happy 30th birthday to me. Awesome huh? Blessed with 30 years of life, still healthy & happy. Already hit the 'three'. I guess after 30 you are somewhat expected to be more mature and stable. I don't know if i am that but i do know that after 30 years living in this body i can say that i've been blessed with a happy life and people around me have been kind to me...Alhamdulillah. I may not have much compare to others but i am grateful with what i have, with a lovely husband and wonderful son & daughter, plus a very supportive parents and sisters..i can't complain much. As long as my love ones are around me..everything will eventually become fine.

Ok enough about that..since its my birthday today, not wrong for me to fantasize what i wish for my birthday present right? Not to pressure or give hint to anyone to buy me anything..this is just purely for fun & gedikness!

H&M Polka Dot mini tote
H&M wild print blazer

Dorothy Perkins scallop dress with sequin trimmings

Ipad 2

Follie Follie gold bracelets 
Givenchy leopard bag
 TODS hot pink suede loafers
Yeah, i know some of you lucky ones can afford buy all those things. But for me, even on my birthday i can only dream of these things. Maybe i can buy one or two of the stuff mentioned when i have extra cash. But even if i have extra cash, i still have other priorities that i have to spend on or pay off. Haihh..bila duit nak berkepuk nih!!!

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