Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fun prints

Apart from polka dots, i love prints. May it be floral, animal or geometrical prints, especially if they are in bright or candy colored. Maybe because it reflect my fun & jovial personality. Well, just look at the colors of my blog template!

On my coming birthday my husband asked me what i want. I immediately said i want bag, eventhough my husband pointed out my drawer that been cramped with my bags. You know what i said, "Well, i takde pun bag yang special..semua bag i boring & plain. More like mommy's bag, it doesn't reflect my personality" Its true you see, when you have a kid & baby you will own a big oversized bag that you can put in everything ( to avoid carrying 2 bags).

Actually in the beginning i want ipad or iphone or gold necklace for my birthday but kesian at my husband have to fork out thousands, so i just settle for a bag..reasonable priced bag, not the designer brands.

So while browsing on the net i found this bag at H&M:

Immediately i terpesona at the dove print and the shape of the bag. Perfect! Well, it looks like a bag for youngsters not for a 30 year-old mom of 2 children. Ahh..pedulikan, janji i suka! For some reason i am not easily attracted at designer bags, especially those that have their logo plastered all over the bag. I prefer a bag that reflect my personality. I did found few designer bag that i love like Chloe and Marc Jacob but the price is too expensive. So i am really glad that i found this bag!! I placed my order, and i will get it on end of March! Yayyy!!!!

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