Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Want to be wanted

Do you ever feel useless, unwanted & unloved? Where you feel like your life has no meaning and everybody busy with their life, they don't even care if you are around or not. If yes, then i have a solution for you..have kids! Note: Only those who are already married ya!

Yes, quickly get pregnant and produce your own children. When you have kids of your own, especially baby, you no longer feels unwanted because they constantly need your attention and love. Your children will give you plenty of unconditionally & pure love. They want you, need you, love you like no is such a great feeling!

I have 2 kids. One is a 4 year-old boy name Adam which always try to get my attention with his antics. Every now and then, for no reason he will gives me a hug and says "Adam saaayaannggg mak". He may be naughty most of the time and get scolded from me constantly but he is such a loving brother, won't go anywhere without her baby sister unless he knows she is well taken care of.

Thinks he is a Jedi

 2009 Raya at my in-laws @ Swak

Mogok taknak posing amik gambar

1 yr plus Adam with swollen eye due to ant bites

Obsess with Ultraman (Chubby Ultraman)

Can't help to put this pic coz he look like a doll!

Another one is my daughter Dania, only 7 months old. She is my inspirations for this post. Simply because she won't let me wander far away from her. She always makes me feel wanted and i never feels wanted ever in my life. Ofcourse kekadang rimas kan, semua kerja tak jadi pasal nak layan die ajeee. Whenever i am sitting or lying down to watch TV, she will quickly crawl on top of my body and won't let me get up. If i do get up she will cry as if she is in great pain. Even when i am eating she would come to me, and try to pull out whatever on my mouth so that she can have a share on whatever i eats. Rimas kan? But sometime i love it..because i want to be wanted, to be loved and as a mother i feel good when my kid needs me. Here are pictures of my baby girl.

2011 CNY at my parents @ Alor Star

Close up at her chubby face

About 4 months old

Peacefully sleeping

If you don't believe me, try have your own kids. If you can handle it, as many as possible. I am certain you will always be wanted and loved. Being a mother is such a wonderful feeling. No matter how tired or hectic your life is, knowing that your love child is being taken care of and loves you back unconditionally, makes it all better.  

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