Thursday, March 24, 2011


Gonna head over to Penang for a family vacation tomorrow. Can't wait to stuff my face with lots of delicious food. As people says, Penang is a food is 100% true if you love hawker food and nasi kandar.

I used to live in Penang close to 10 years and spent my teenage years there (from 13 to early 20s). If i would have to live in other state, my personality would not be the same now because i believe most of your personality and attitude were build during your teenage years, and Penang has made me into happy & easy going person and less narrow minded. Maybe it is also due to that i was schooled at one of popular school in Penang, which is Convent Green Lane and mix with lots of interesting multi-cultural people there.

I love Penang and i believe no other place in Malaysia is as good and interesting to live in as Penang. Why? Beside their wonderful food, Penang is so modern and developed and yet it still not that congested (compare to KL). Rich of culture and full of fun people due to lots of foreigners and expatriates living there. Some people think if you don't live in KL you will miss out the happening scene and development KL-ians experience. But not in Penang, you will not feel left out. Then there are beaches..Penang may not have the best beach or beautiful beaches compare to other island, but still it is a beach where you can enjoy the scene and act tourisy sun bathing along the beach.

So that is why i simply can't wait to go to Penang. But this time my motive is to binge. Tak sedar fat rolls dah di tahap membimbangkan! Nevermind, we can always diet later right?? 3 days eat, unlimited days to diet! Laksa, bubur cha cha, fried carrot cake, char koay teow, ma-zhi, nasi kandar, mi udang, hawker style seafood, pasembor, the best mamak food *salivates*

I'm gonna snap lots of picture as i can on my trip there, especially the food. Unless i am too hungry and caught up with the eating and forgets to take picture. I believe it'll happen!

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