Monday, March 21, 2011

Post Birthday Lunch

Almost 2 weeks past my birthday, finally i got my (post) birthday treat from my husband. I chose Delicious cafe at One Utama. When we arrived, the place was almost full with people. I straight away went to the dessert display so that i know which to order later. To my disappointment, my Berry Pavlova not available. So sad! So i ordered Banoffee Pie instead. Banoffee Pie is a pie with rich cream toppings and banana & toffee filling inside. It was sweet but still tolerable. Quite tasty but if i am given a choice to order desserts, i won't order it again. For main dish, i ordered Spicy Seafood Spaghetti which is really good. It was served, drenched with olive oil and sprinkled with some spicy herbs that give a light spicy taste which i think, perfected the taste. Too bad the seafood was so little, only 2 prawns & about 5 slices of squids. My husband ordered Hainanese Chicken Chop (he is a fan of chicken) which is quite good as well. 2 chunks of fried fillet with sweet sour sauce, nothing to shout about. I ordered 4 Cheese Macaroni for my son, since he love macaroni so much. With only cheese and macaroni, it is soooo memualkan when you eat it. He only managed to eat half of it. Now, just enjoy the pictures that i took effort to take but excuse my lack of photography skill. *LOL*

Let us camwhore in the car first, before you pull my scarve.

Waiting for my food, really hungry.

Hainanese Chicken Chop

Spice Seafood Spaghetti, love it!

Banoffee pie, look so yummy right?

Banana & toffee fillings

My 2 sweethearts. Mak only have RM1, so both of you have to share the rides! *lol*

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