Thursday, March 10, 2011

Macarons & Red Velvet Cakes

Macarons & red velvet cake been the craze lately among pastries right after cupcakes ( i know cupcakes still a hit). By its name i already imagine they must be very delicious. Then i saw their pictures on the net, it made me salivates and i confirmed to myself it must very very good to eat and since then i was craving to eat them. Not until recently, i manage to taste them. This is my personal takes.

When i saw macarons' pic on this particular blog (it was mid last year), i thought it was very cute and colorful. Very queer looking, like those pastry you see in a cartoon because of its color and size. I was tempted to eat one but couldn't find it at any conventional pastry shop. Till recently i came to know that Harrods KLCC sell macarons. 6 pieces at RM15. Quite pricey, but tak apalah, nak rasa punya pasal, forked out money sket. Quickly YM my sister who work at KLCC tower to buy them on her way back home.

Colorful macarons on my boy's superheroes plate

It was very very sweet. It was too sweet, i couldn't focus on its taste. The orange color has orange flavor, yellow is lemon, blue and red i am not sure (taste bud wasn't that good due to flu). All i can taste is sweetness. The color was nice to look at but it leave stain on my teeth that made my boy laughed, imagine looking at my blue colored teeth! My husband and sister dislike it because too sweet. Me too..not my liking la..nice to look at but to eat tak la kot, some more mahal pulak tu. But atleast i have tasted it.

Same with red velvet cake, i first knew about it on the net too, i think someone was selling it at her blog. Also look very tasteful on the pic. The rich red color and the cream cheese toppings, very interesting looking! I wasn't keen searching for the cake but i always would like to taste it someday. So happened, on my birthday my husband asked me "You nak cake tak on your birthday, i boleh belikan..since kita postpone birthday dinner till weekend". So i requested for red velvet cake, try to find it if he can. The day before my birthday he YM me, said that he managed to find red velvet cake at Coffee Bean but must buy whole cake and order 2 days in advance. I pikir macam mana la nak habiskan 1 whole cake, beli 1 or 2 slices pun ok kotttt, since mahal plak kan. Then i remembered i once read Delicious cafe sells red velvet cupcake at only RM6.90 each. Since my husband works at Jalan Ampang, he can walks over to the nearest Delicious cafe there to buy for me (lt is actually a 2km walk from his office, poor husband, raining some more!)

I was so delighted when i saw these 3 fat red velvet cupcakes. Looks yummy right? The taste was heavenly! I love it! Cream cheese was perfect and the cake was very moist. Even my 7 months girl love to lick the cream cheese. Sampai comot muka dia tonyoh cream cheese tu. The only thing i dislike is the colorings, eventhough it did not leave stain on my teeth, i end up having red fingers. I guess the colorings make them look more interesting, that's why la kan. Unlike macarons, this did not disappoints me because it tastes as good as it looks. I am officially a fan of red velvet cakes!

Ok, the truth is..with half dozens macarons and 3 red velvet cupcakes in 1 month..i guess i already gained 1 kg or maybe more..dayymmm!!!!

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