Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ultimate Random Facts

Since i got about half an hour free time at work before going out for lunch, thought i compose some random stuff.

In real life, if you are my family or friends, i love to throw some random general knowledge or fact (that i know from reading & watching TV). Yes, i am annoying like that. Not to brag but to share, because i rasa macam rugi kalau i tahu seorang. I need to share so that they know this thing exist, happens or real. I know la some are not interested to hear them pun, but i still nonchalantly throw one or two facts that i know, especially when we were talking on a related topics. Especially when i am watching Discovery channel or anything informative on TV, i will yell to my husband while he was playing games about any interesting discovery i came to know..just in case he want to know about it. Most of the time i think he don't even pay attention pun. Wait till my children grow up a little bit, i will bombarded them with all my facts & general knowledge. Hahahahaha...

Well...since i have a blog now i want to share with you all as well. Maybe you already know it. Or maybe you know only half of them. Never mind i still want to share. Please note that this knowledge are those i already knew & on my mind, not something i just googled to make this post. For those interested, here we goes!

  • You must think your toilet bowl is the dirtiest & have the most germs in your bathroom. But no, the most infested germs not on your toilet is on the door knob of your toilet door. Yeap, you hold it every time and i even hangs my towel on it! >_<
  • Do you know that every time you pee, you will be swallowing your urine as well?  Because small amount of your urine will enters through your salivary glands. Next time, whenever you pee do pay attention & focus on the taste in your mouth. Hahaha..yuckie!
  • When you talking on the phone while driving, it is almost equivalent to you being drunk (with alcohol) & drive. This is because your mind can't give 100% focus on the road and if something immediate as someone cross the road or the in front car instantly breaks, chances of you not aware about it are there. So people, it is dangerous tau, your call can wait!! 
  • Envy those people with charming dimples? Well, now you can tell to their face that they are actually kind of cacat. Hahaha...This is because dimple forms when muscle on your cheek paralyzed, or macam tak function la. That is why when you smile or smirk or anything that effect your cheek, the muscle that dimp are not working well, hence dimple created. Anyway, i still love to see people with significant dimples when they brightens & sweetens their face!
  • I think most people know this. Your urine is sterile. Means no germs or bacterias in them. Means that if you drink them you will not get food poisoning or get sick. The reason you don't drink them are that they are waste from your body and they taste & smell horrible! But interesting part is, your saliva is full of bacteria and you can't drink them. The only reason it survives in you mouth and you don't get sick when swallowing your own saliva is that there are special acid in your mouth that can kill them. 
  • Have you read those post in FB about if you are being rob on ATM press 1234 or 4321 (not sure which one) to activate the alarm system at the ATM machine? Those are hoax. Don't believe them and no such technologies! If they are such alarm system don't you think the bank or police will inform us? It was widely circulated in India and people actually believe in them even though the police & bank already said it is not true. Baca pun susah nak percaya..apa lagi nak share kat FB. 
  • This is something i heard on a show about our prophet Muhammad S.A.W. We know that our great prophet have lots of good & noble doings or sunnah rasul or sifat rasul that we can make them as a guide in our life. If i would to tell every sifat rasul here it would be a never ending post. But this particular one really ticked me. It is about our prophet being so hungry and get home to have his meal, expecting it is already prepared by his beloved wife. But his wife did not cook any meal on that day (don't know why). If you are the husband sure panasss je hati kan? Sure merajuk tarik muka gi cari makan kat luar kan? But do you know what our prophet did? He decided to fast on that day. Teramatlah mulia sifat. Who can really do that? After i heard the story i was so highly amazed, i decided to selawat to my beloved prophet everytime after my prayers.
  • When you snap you finger, most of you think the sound of 'snap' comes from you fingers right? Well, it is actually come from you finger hitting your palm. Try snap it now and focus when the sound made, is it when your finger met or when your finger & palm met?? 
  • When you see in cartoons or children book based on the Arctics, you will see polar bear & penguins together right? It is impossible because both animals live on opposite side of each other. Polar bear only lives in North Pole while penguin only lives in South Pole. How can they even meet. Even at zoo they are separated right? So next time you see polar bear & penguins hang out like best friend in cartoon, better brief your children about the facts!
Okla..that are all i can remember. Kalau ingat lagi i will tell. Now back to work. If any of you have any other interesting facts, share it with me. I love knowing about it!

DIY Ikea

Do you remember i told that we bought new Ikea's sofa for our house? And you know how most of Ikea's products need to self-ensemble. So upon arranging for home delivery, their staff asked me "Kak nak pasang sendiri or kita tolong pasang?". Confidently i answered "Tak payah kot, takkan sofa pun nak kena pasang kan" I was sure Ikea would deliver my sofa in 1 piece..mana ada orang pasang sofa sendiri. I also know that Ikea charge additional (on top of RM60 delivery charge) RM47 if they ensemble it for i was being thrifty as well.

Well, what do you know. When Ikea said "we pack everything flat for your convenience", they do mean it. This what my sofa looks like when delivered.

Tak nampak rupa sofa langsung. Terkejut & unexpected! Where is the fluffy cushion? Mana rangka sofa? Instantly i snapped picture and send to my husband, asking him whether he knows how to make this thing transform to the sofa i saw at Ikea. He said no problem.

This was how it looks like inside the box. Still no sign of becoming a sofa.

Tadaa...the frame is ready. Dania being kay-po as always, bertungkus-sibuk tolong bapaknya.

Finally my sofa completed. Amazingly it took less than 30mins to ensemble it. Luckily also my husband is a handy man. If it was me, 3 hours pun belum tentu siap, entah jadi katil terus. Haahahaha..

The lesson is, if you buy furniture from Ikea and you are not handy please do prepare to pay RM47 for them to do it for you!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Major Fatness & Long Weekend

How was your long weekend? Makin banyak cuti makin malas nak start working again kan? Makin banyak cuti makin banyak duit habis kan? Makin banyak cuti makin banyak makan kan? Haisy..yes it will be another post about me complaining on my fatness just because i was flabbergasted when i weighted myself recently. Up 3kgs??

All the festivities & holidays have contributed to my weight gains. I admit i ate plenty of bad food. And also drank lots of sweet & un-healthy drinks. I envy those people with high metabolism rate. They won't easily get fat when binge. Like my husband. Sometime he ate as much or more than me but it doesn't effect his weight at all, in fact he is underweight! Benci kan? I secretly wish that once a month, there will be 1 particular day that you can eat as much as you can without adding to your daily calories intake.

I wish i would start dieting again..strict diet like what i did years back. But it was so hard & tormenting, i feel like i wasn't being totally myself when i was on diet. But that is the only way to get rid of my fat rolls. Thought of signing up to gym. If i can't restrain myself to eat at least i do something to burn them right? But if i would have to commit to gym, lots of my quality time with my children will be gone. I will be late picking them up from their nanny's house which is so kesian because they usually anticipate for my arrival. Whenever i enters their nanny's home they jumped with joy because they can go back home..memang kesian! Yeah, I know it is only another excuse. I really need to do something about this, or there will come a day that i can't fit in any of my clothes anymore! If that happens, i would be totally mental!

Okla..enough of my venting about my never ending enemy. Here comes my long weekend story. I'll tell you in photographs.


My family & my sister's family went to Red Box Ria, Sogo for karaoke session. We had fun perasan bagus nyanyi lagu yang diri sendiri pun tak tahu macam mana nak ikut rentak. We ruined alot of good songs on that day...shame on us. The food were good as well. We could choose meal set from fried koayteow, chicken chop, spaghetti, grilled fish and nasi lemak. All of them were very sedap! We only need to pay for the food which cost us about RM20. But this is only available from 11a.m to 2p.m karaoke session.

After our singing session we head over to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Dah lama gila tak pegi sana, since kahwin tak pernah pegi dah kot. Now with 2 children i finally jejak kaki kat sana. Teringat zaman varsity dulu dapat duit je terus naik bas pegi Jln TAR, sehari suntuk berpeluh ketiak round dari Central Market, Kotaraya. Jln TAR sampai la SOGO. was not a long stroll, my daughter buat perangai. I even bought her Upin balloon (RM5 tau..very mahal!) to calm her down. Jalan half way terus balik. But i managed to buy a polka dot print baju kurung for only RM39. Did not manage to buy any scarves even though there are lots of pretty designs.


We went to IKEA for sofa hunting. Decided to replace our worn & torn sofa. No eyes to see my old sofa anymore, i'd rather don't have sofa and sit on the floor. I dah serik beli sofa kat kedai perabot biasa. Usually tak boleh pakai lama dan tak sedap duduk after only 2 years. Nak beli yang berjenama like Fella and Lorenzo too expensive pulak. So we opt fr IKEA's because they have 10years warranty on their sofa. Confident la sket nak beli kan, atleast can sit for 5 years. So off we go to IKEA and bought Ektrop 3-seater sofa. What i like is that the cover is washable. Exactly like this:
Some photos taken at IKEA


No more going out, we had spring cleaning at home. My husband yang rajin sangat haritu vacuumed the whole house. From ceiling and every nooks & corner. FYI, my house is a dust magnets. Kalau lap habuk, after 2 days akan tebal balik..memang tension! Dahla me & husband and maybe Dania also have sinus. Memang tak tahan kalau habuk banyak. We also carried down our old sofa. Imagine, carry with our hands (me & husband) the heavy sofa from 4th floor using stairs. Very challenging, i almost thought i heard my wrist bone breaks! The house are very specious without the old sofa and clean as comfy!


Whole day stayed at home. Waiting for my parents arrival from Alor Star. They'll be staying with me for 2 weeks..yayyyy for mother's cooking! As usual both my kids were so elated to spend time with their wan & tok.

Did any of you read till the end? Or just scrolled trhough the pics? I don't blame you, my rant is so boring!