Monday, December 31, 2012

Have A Merry 2013!

2013 has come!
I hope 2012 was kind & store lots of memories for you.

My 2012 was fine. 
Nothing major but nothing bad happens.
Alhamdulillah for all that have been and may not have.
I wish for a better 2013.
I hope to be a better servant (to Allah), mother, wife and daughter.
 May Allah help & bless me!

Here are some thoughts in store for 2013:

  • I want to take better care of my face. I'm in my 30's now, skin not that great and supple. Especially on my eye area. Dahla memang 'panda bear', tambah pulak wrinkles..issy!! My eyes really add to my age. Also buy lots of mask and wear them as frequent as i can. Takleh nak kedekut dah dengan beauty product!
  •  Be a better muslim. Jaga solat & elakkan tangguh waktu solat. Beli tudung or scarf yang labuh sket, so that it covers my chest. Avoid wearing fitting clothes and try to wear more 'good muslimah ' clothes. Will also recites Qur'an more often, including the meaning for better understanding.
  • Read more! I looovee to read. I wish i have more time to read. With work, kids & house chores it's really hard to find decent time to read. 1 book took me almost a month to finish. Recently i went to the 'Big Bad Wolf' book sale and bought lots of book. Can't wait to read each of them. Baru habis satu buku, ada 6 buku lagi! And i already have several books on my list to buy & read!
  • To be a morning person. Honestly, i am not an early riser. Been like this since teenager. The earliest i wake up (on weekend) is 9am, and it is hardly. Usual wake up time is around 10am. And my kids are late riser as well. Bayangkan pukul 10-11am baru nak breakfast. I want to be a morning person so that i can go down to have alone time eating breakfast with coffee & read newspaper..alone from the noisy kids and demanding husband before they wake up and life goes on as usual. First, gotta sleeps earlier, not at 2 to 3a.m! 
  • Have a better money management. Gonna start saving seriously. Gonna control my spending. I am glad that i wasn't such shopaholic in 2012. Better la, kurang bershopping macam tahun-tahun sebelum ni. But 2013 i got a shopping trip to Bandung..and probably to Bangkok as well..macam mana ni? Nevermind, i will find a way to make more money.
  • Last but the hardest thing to avoid. Cakap kosong & bergossip! Haih, most ladies are guilty of this. I don't like myself when i gossips. Lepas dah habis bercakap mesti terpikir balik, berdosanya aku! Hard to avoid but i must try harder to stop talking about stuff that doesn't matters to me. Dosa dapat, and end up feel like a bitch! Ya Allah please help me!

Haaa...lots of bad habit to break. Boleh ka nak ubah semua tu? Kena determine la kan. All these are not only for 2013. It's a continuous process to improve myself. I really hope by each year pass, kalau umur panjang InsyaAllah i will be a better human. :)

Happy New Year!
Semoga 2013 member manfaat untuk anda semua!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Different Childood

Having kids do makes you feel older. Yela, they grow up so fast and each year they age you couldn't help but feel a lil bit older. Also make you reflect on your own childhood. How different from them and yet we are still the same. Same in natural behavior such as excited about stuff, eager to know, happy go lucky, clumsy, carefree and simplistic. Different in environment, life experience, learning and can i add technology?

On this post I want to share my childhood. I love my childhood. I want to share how different it was from my kids today. Let's do the bullet point thing again ya! :)
  • My bapak loves to read. He is the closest bookworm i know. He always nak galakkan kitorang membaca. Coincidentally when i was small he owned a bookshop. So memang banyak koleksi buku kat rumah. I couldn't remember when did i started to know how to read but i do remember having lots of books in my house and i read them or ask my parents to read them for me. So galakkan bapak i menjadi pasal i lekat jadi bookworm jugak (but not my elder sister though). During school holidays he would dump us in the public library sampai petang. I had fun, coz especially during school holiday there were lots of activities & games for us to do besides reading. At least better than hanging out in the malls like kids today right? Free of charge lagi, and also boleh pinjam 3 buku yang kita suka. My bapak never kedekut to buy us books. Like most kids (during my time), i started with Enid Blyton collection. The joy of reading is priceless! How i wish i have as much time to read now and start my own book collection or maybe own a huge bookshelf full of books! 
  • Since i was little, i love to travel. But my parents did not have money to spend on vacation. The furthest we went pun KL tu pun macam 3 tahun sekali ja kot. Paling kerap pergi is Penang (i lived in kedah), tu pun pasal my bapak every year join Penang Bridge Marathon (he loves to run). My bapak was aware that i like to travel because i am the only child adventurous like that. He will allow me to go any rombongan sekolah. Atleast rombongan sekolah bayar untuk i seorang je, jimat dari whole family trip kan? So memang pantang ada rombongan gi memana pun i memang eager nak join. Sampai Singapore pun penah. Ada lagi ke rombongan sekolah macam tu sekarang ni ye? One more thing to save money, bapak i akan bagi i tumpang sesiapa yang nak travel. So i ni selalu la dengan muka tak malu tumpang sekaki join my relative pegi holiday. Begitula adanya cara my bapak nak layan kerenah anak dara dia yang suka travel dan tak reti homesick ni. If now nak buat macam tu kat anak i, ikut rombangan berhari-hari ke sana sini time kecik (i started i ikut rombongan since 8yrs old), i rasa i tak allow kot, risau sangat! 
  • Sekrang kalau nak let go anak main mesti within eye distant je kan? Budak dulu round satu kampung nak Maghrib baru balik pun rilek je. Eventhough i tak tinggal kat kampung, i still round sana sini without fear. Dulu kalau tanya apa tu pedophile pun i tak tahu. Kalau jalan jauh-jauh pun benda yang paling takut adalah orang gila dan lembu sahaja. Istilah perogol, penculik dan perompak macam tak wujud dalam kamus. Pegi mengaji qur'an tiap-tiap hari jalan 3km pun rilek je walaupun baru tadika. Mak pun tenang kat rumah. Kalaula sekarang, our kids walk alone 500m from home pun rasa gundah gulana dah. Sigh, the freedom we had back than.
Hmm..i tak larat dah nak story banyak-banyak. Got something else to do. My point sharing this are, how i wish my kids life are more than just tv, games and entertainment. Like my first point, i hope my kids develop a reading habit and i wish i have a public library nearby to just dump them and they still enjoy themselves. My second point is travel. Do kids appreciate travelling nowadays? Nowadays it is easy & cheap to travel anywhere and easily take for granted. Do we even have rombongan sekolah now (apart from kidszania and zoo)? And finally the thirtd point. The freedom to let our kids have fun and create a little adventure for themselves. Memang tak la kan. Without parents worry sick and without third party waiting for the chance to attack our kids. Tu belum kira kena langgar kereta ke apa lagi due to lack of ample place to play & run about. 

So did you all get my points? Did you all have the same feeling? I have to accept the reality that my kids will have a different experience growing up. They will find joy in different thing. No matter what, i hope whatever their experience is, they will grow up fine and be a better human than me. Let's pray for that for every children ya! Aminnn....

Monday, December 3, 2012

Bullet point post

Wow..been a while since i blog ya! No time la to update, even though banyak story to share. Okla to simplify blogging and quick update, i shall put it on bullet points.

  • Went to Penang recently for a makan trip. Just 1 day trip with my whole family. Tak puas sangat makan but pekena seround nasi kandar, seround laksa penang, seround char koay teow, seround sup lidah, seround pasemboq and seround bubur cha-cha. Alhamdulillah cukuplah, walaupun banyak benda lagi tak makan.
  • Got 2 wedding affairs in Alor Star. 1 already attended last November, another 1 coming soon end of December. The kids syok la dapat balik kampung. Me also syok but the long drive and packing are quite tiring. 
  • I am still fat. Went back to kampung still receive the same comment of my weight. Haisy guys, don't you all get tired commenting the same thing about my body? I am fat since forever, just accept it and get over it k! Takdela, tak marah pun but sometime tired of responding to the same comments over and over again, tak larat nak jawab dah sebab apa gemok. I dah gemok takleh ke? Hahahahahaha...
  • Currently training my daughter to be diaper-less. So far ok la gak, kena sabar banyak. Terkucil merata tu biasalakan. Next is to rampas her pacifier and stop on bottle feeding. Slow-slow ok? She will hate me for all that. LOL
  • It is durian season now bebehh!! I love durian! I can eat durian for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper! But due to my ehemm mature age, i realized i can't eat as much. Angin satu badan! Yesterday i went to RM10 durian buffet nearby my house. Wah, puas hati makan. Ate 4 biji of durian all by myself! D24 durian tau, so sedap and isi tebal. I went with my hero because he was the only one sudi to layan my nafsu durian. He ate 3 ulas durian dah nak muntah..hampess!
  • Planning to buy a new laptop. Been eyeing a Sony Vaio pink laptop. Current laptop gives me stress! Been almost 3 yrs using this laptop, kalau guna kasar sikit dia akan hang and have to forcely restart. And also very lag, if you scroll a page it would take about 5sec to response..urrghhh so tense! Dahla i use this laptop as my source of passive income, a new faster laptop would save me lots of time. 
  • After i got my new laptop, I plan to create another blog on wedding affairs as another passive income. A reviews and directory website for anything related on wedding. Anything related to wedding is a very lucrative business you know, so i want to have a shot at it. Please pray for my success ya!

Oklah dear...ada baca sampai habis tak? My life not that interesting kan? For those who read, thank you & may god bless u! Wassalam! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Everybody's Fine

Are you all fine? I hope you do :) With the wet weather, i hope you all take better care of your health. Alhamdulillah so far me and the kids are doing good, no fever or flu. Tapi sejuknya especially malam.

On this post i wanna share with you a movie i just watched last weekend. Everybody's Fine. Such a heart warming and sad movie, it made me cried. I am glad that i accidentally switch to Sundance Channel. (coz i hardly watch that channel). Bila terbukak channel tu i checked the storyline and casts. They got Robert De Niro (great actor), Kate Beckinsale and Drew Barrymore (my favourite actress coz she is adorable). So oklah, thought i layan the story because nothing else interesting to watch on other channels. Memang best sungguh movie ni. A simple story about a father's love but so sad lah. What makes it so sad it because the father's character is familiar to me.

The movie has simple story line but touches us at the right place. Suka sangat movie macam ni, yang tak trying hard to proves a point with great cgi or action and still can tell a beautiful story. Okla i cerita sikit what this movie is about. It is about a father's love to his children and trying to get close to them. His wife had just passed away and suddenly all his children are distant from him. Because all these while his wife is the one yang communicate with their children. So the father decided to start a journey to visit all his 4 children which live at 4 different states. Each children he visited, revealed a hint of secret that they been hiding from him. Due to the secret, his children macam tak layan sangat bapak diorang. That time i was so sad and fikir jahatnya anak dia. And each of his children has their own problem as well. A problem that their late mother knows. One of the conversation in this movie, his daughter told him that they are more open to talk to their mother because she was calmer and supportive compare to him (her father) which worries to much and expect the best from them. In the movie, it shows that all his children love & care for their father. And despite the cold treatment by his children, the father still calm & understanding. No drama what so ever. Until towards the end of the movie, the secret revealed, at the hospital bed where their father admitted due some complication with his health (u got to watch to know what). Ha, part ni memang sedih sangat. To cut story short, in the end they are back together as a happy family and their father has accepts the fact that his children are all grown up with their own life and problems. Takde macam drama melayu yang in the end lawat kubur dan ada hadis or ayat al-quran di akhir cerita. Very simple and heart warming story and funny as well. Robert De Niro is superb, love him! I want to watch it again!

The reason why i love this movie so much is that, my parents are like that as well. My mother is the one we go to if we have any story, may it be good or bad. And she is always understanding, not judgmental and calm. Unlike our father which will be worried too much. As a children we always try to impress especially our father because he always very expressive of what he expect from us. So to tell him bad news or problem is a bit harder. Hence, the distant from his children. The recent tragedy of my brother's condition proves the point. My father was the one worries too much to the point macam a bit mental dah. Sampaikan any bad news on my brother's condition kitorang memang tak cerita terus terang kat dia. He would broke down and cry like a child. My mother was calmer and easier to handle. So this is why i am so sad when i watch this movie, because it is familiar.

Those yang tak tengok lagi but love this kind of movie please do search for it. Everybody's Fine. I include here the movie's trailer. Oh, and here are more details of the story if you are keen (from wikipedia).

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Where Are My Pics??

Haih...if you browse through my blog, almost all my pics are gone! 
I usually just copied picture link from my facebook and paste it here. 
I do not know what happened, now all of them are gone..empty!
Must be Facebook changed something and mess up the original codes! la to put back the link one by one, malas tau!
It will be time consuming to replace all the codes!
Now i was contemplating whether to replace the codes so that my posts won't be picture-less or just let it be??
Did you guys experience the same? What did you do?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Note to husband

Women who are married with kid(s) is a tough job. Tambahan pulak kalau bekerja. Having a supporting husband who are always willing & understand really helps alot! I got this from The Pink Stilettos blog. I agreed with all the 5 points women want to hear from their husband:

  • “You don’t need to cook tonight. I’ll make us dinner and do the dishes”.
  • “Here’s RM1,000. Go buy that Zara tops and shoes that you have been eyeing on”.
  • “Let me look after the kids. You go have some rest”.
  • “I love your ____ (insert whatever things you love about her. Eg: smile, hair, eyes, laugh, etc)“.
  • “You’re the best wife a man could ever have”.
It is true right? Lagi best if our husband do this without us demanding it. my case, my husband taklah loving sangat utters those words to me. Die pun ignorant gak macam (most) laki  lain. But can still tolerate lah on some issues. Let me evaluate him based on the 5 points:

  • He is not a cooker. Paling terer masak burger, so memang tak expect la dia offer to cook. And he usually tak demand i cook for him if i don't have the mood to. Kalau cook pun just a simple dish. Some points on that. But i really wish he would offer to clean the plates when i do the cooking :)
  • Unless there are special occasions (ie;birthday, anniversary, bonus), he won't offer me money to shop. Especially to shop at expensive shop like Zara and buy stuff i don't need but want. Memang kalau teringin beli apa, even baju raya sekali pun i guna duit sendiri je. But nama pun 'words we want to hear from husband' kan, so kalau sekali sekala husband cakap nak sponsor, Alhamdulillah kecik tapak tangan satu trolley saya tadahkan. Hahahaha!
  • Yang ni selalu my husband buat if i kena gi office kerja or i got some errands to do. But i don't think he minds to jaga our kids if i want to hang out with my friends or go to spa. Just that i jarang tinggal my kids to have my own personal time. Paling kurang pun mesti bawak hero sorang tu as body guard. And yes, he can and always willing to take care of the kids. Full points for that! 
  • Hmmm..ayat puji memuji wife ni memangla husband i takkan cakap punyalah, unless letak pistol kat kepala kot. Hahahaha. He is not the type of guy yang rendahkan ego tu puji perempuan. It was one of the reasons i attracted to him last time (because i hate lelaki jiwang yang suka puji perempuan). But now that i am his wife, nak jugak dengar ayat puji dari die. It means something if it comes from husband because only Allah knows how i'll do anything to please him. Kalau kutuk memang no.1 la. Nyampah i!
  • Macam point kat atas. He would never utters those word to me. Kalau dia cakap mungkin i akan cek dua tiga kali kot pasal takut dia demam ke apa ke. Mungkin one day i will hear this words from him because maybe now i may not be the best wife for him yet! But, i really hope i am! Am i?
Okla saja je buat points ni for fun. Nanti my husband keluarkan pulak point die, terkesima i! I am not a perfect wife to begin with but i am trying to be one, atleast an ideal one for my husband. Afterall he is my husband, i accept him for what he is. There is a quote i once read 'If you have 100 criteria for your partner, you can at least tick for yourself 99 of them". We are human with flaws. May we always improving for the better. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How To Be Likeable

Some people are simply not likeable kan? Something about them yang annoying and simply cannot tahan by others. Some do not even realized they are not likable or wondering what's wrong that others don't like them. For me, i think i am quite likeable. Not to brag but so far i don't have problem with others around me. Taktaula kot ada yang mengata belakang but i can safely say no, i don't have that problem. Those yang penah mengata belakang (which i knew about it eventually) are the one that do not know me well or tak penah pun rapat dengan i. Contohnya kalau i first masuk keja orang cakap i ni eksyen or something (due to my smugly face), tapi bila dah kenal kamceng pulak dah. If you know me, you'll eventually will like me..hahahaha. Perasan sungguh!

Through school, varsity and work life memang i am surrouded with friends yang awesome gila. No drama what so ever pasal i tak suka you tak suka i. We compramise & have tolerant with each other. I even won The Most Outgoing Senior at my school due to my versatility to mingle with everybody. I don't care about your race, religion, background, style or whatever, as long as you tak annoying dan poyo i akan friend-friend dengan you. Tak suka drama or like to create one, hate it! I ni kalau berkawan malas nak take personal on anything. Even if you might talk bad about that person, i won't take it hard and still be friend with that person without any prejudice unless i personally experience it from them.

I believe to be likeable is not a skill learned, you can't fake it. It is your personality and how you act or response to your surroundings. But how to be likebale? Here are some points that can help you:

1) Don't be negative. Nothing puts me off than a negative person. Apa kita cakap or suggestions yang diberi ada ja ayat potong yang dikeluarkan. Lama-lama sure orang dah nyampah. A negative person effects the mood of people around you tau. So macam mana lah orang nak suka you kan?

2) Be attentive to others. Friendship is not only about you, mostly about others. Kalau kawan you tu bercerita avoid la divert conversations tu to be about you instead. I ada kenal sorang ni, kalau orang bercerita especially about something great about herself this person mesti ada tunjuk one kind of mimik muka mcm tak suka. Entahla kenapa dia perlu macam tu. Then she will either give no response to the good story, or just give a short emotionless comment or even worse change the topic to be about her. Haih..susah orang yang ada penyakit hati macam ni. Be happy for others and they will do the same for you too. Tak rugi pun kan?

3) No expectations. Kalau berkawan, when you do any favour, may it be involving money or kind gestures, please dont expect any in return or give high expectation that the other person will do the same to you one day. Buatlah dengan ikhlas kerana Allah, pasti Allah akan balas dengan cara lain. For example if you help A, but one day when you got problems don't expect A to do the same, but insyaAllah B or C or D will help you. Have faith in Allah, for He will send help to you in any way or form He desires, just be sincere. I selalu amalkan ni, and Alhamdulillah tak pernah ada problem yang takde siapa sudi tolong or susah nak settle. People will be comfortable to be with you if you just be neutral and expects nothing from them.

4) Moody. Kalau ada masalah kat rumah or takde duit or runsing jangan terbawak-bawak sangat. Sampai effect mood orang lain. Geram dengan laki kat umah, datang keja muka masam hempas-hempas barang tunjuk perasaan. Orang yang tak bersalah langsung terus efek dengan mood bangang you tu. Please don't do that, kesian your friends. Or you buat muka masam bad mood, diam sepanjang hari macam satu dunia dah buat salah dengan you. Your problem is yours, you want to let it out, share with your friends. Kalau taknak share jangan hukum diorang terpaksa tahan dengan your immature attitude. Like me, i jenis yang boleh 'On' & 'Off' my feelings so that i tak effect orang lain dan orang tak tanya kenapa. For me, thinking and dragging about one problem doesn't solve anything. Either you do something about it or let it slip away. Orang memang benci nak tengok muka bad mood you tu because most probably orang tak kisah pun apa masalah you, all they want is for you to just get out from their face.

5) Kecik hati or sensitive. Haih..orang macam ni memang susah.How la to expect people to like you if you take personal of anything people might say to you. Kita berkawan dengan ramai, different background & personality. Janganla expect semua ni jenis nak jaga hati you because sometime diorang tak tahu pun you sensitif. I grow up with family that make fun and throw harsh comments on each other. Dah numb dah nak amik hati or being sensitive. I only sensitive with my husband which is totally fine because he suppose to adore and love me (hahaha). So my advise is, tolong jangan terasa sangat dan faham. Kalau benda remeh temeh pun nak terasa tak tentu pasal, chances is even your love ones pun akan bosan eventually, lets avoid that ya!

I bagi 5 points je la. Actually banyak lagi, but those are the utmost important keys on being likable by others. Ha one more thing, don't try too hard to please others so that you are more likable. Like i told you, you can't fake it, sampai bila you nak fake to please others if you tak sincere kan? Change attitude, nilai diri sendiri, kalau ada seorang lagi tak suka mesti ada beberapa orang lagi yang tak suka cuma diorang tak kejam nak tunjuk. My principle is, kalau hidup nak senang jangan amik kisah hal remeh temeh yang menyusahkan diri and be positive.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Racun & Madu

Been a while since i membebel pasal anak-anak i kan? Banyak nak cerita sebenarnya tapi tak pandai nak story to make it interesting. More over, now my daughter dah 2 years old. Ever heard of the 'Terrible 2'? It is a term yang pakar kanak-kanak labelkan pada budak yang over 2 years old. When your kids reached 2 years old, the hell begins! Diorang dah banyak akal, kekadang lebih pantas dari kita yang adult ni. And my daughter is even worse behavior than her brother (last time). Kalau outing especially, panjat meja, lari sana sini, jerit tak tentu pasal adalah senario biasa. Sampai senget tudung nak sabarkan dia. Dia pulak jenis tak takut orang, kalau ugut to leave her dia lagi lari jauh-jauh dari kita. One time, sorang-sorang naik escalator pastu turun balik. She did that all by herself..nak pensan kitorang cari dia! Nakal dia nauzubillah..ikutkan hati i macam nak guling-guling atas lantai pasal geram sangat. Siapa yang feel the same way about their kids? Do your kids behave like a monkey and impossible to control? Well, kita geng!

Now is my 5 years old son. Haih banyak betul cakap sekarang. Especially since he went to school. Semua benda nak persoalkan. He asks about every single little things! Lepas tu suka bercakap. He is a story teller. Kuat bercerita macam mak dia jugak. Tapi selalunya memang tak faham sangat dia cerita apa. Yang paling i tak suka is, he start to talk back now. Bila marah ada je yang kuar dari mulut dia nak jawab balik. Kreatif sungguh menjawab segala yang kita bebel. Satu hari nak kena cili jugak mulut tu.Tapi yang positifnya my boy ni dia ringan tulang. Rajin kalau suruh nak tolong pape. And he is loving too, always attentive when he saw me tired or sick. He will offer to massage me or simply ask about my conditions. Harap-harap berkekalan sampai besar..amiinnnnn..

Yeah..that are about all that i can sums up about my two kids. Racun & madu dalam hidup. Allah kurniakan anak yang sihat cukup sifat, macam ragam pulak nak tahan ye. Syukur jela, daripada Allah kurniakan anak yang tak sihat, cacat yang tak berlari sana sini dan tak boleh bercakap, lain pulak la dugaannya. Be thankful & grateful. Afterall, my kids are my life. I would sell my soul for them if i have to, as long as they are safe & sound. :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Fatty Baju Kurung

Yes, i have gained weight. I look like a whale, i have quarter pounder double chin and my flabby tummy look like i am 7 months pregnant! When i went back to Alor Star, i received lots of comments on my weight gains. Yes, it is that obvious! They find it hard to believe that even after 1 month of fasting i did not shed any weight. I felt numb and insensitive. Because i already realized of my body condition and i guess already expected those feedback. Biasala, kalau pompuan jumpa dia akan comment things that obvious. "Eh dah gemok la" "Makin berseri mukak ko" "Nape makin kurus ni?" "Apsal muka ko berjerawat sekarang?" Betol tak korang pernah cakap semua ni bila jumpa your girlfriends?

Like i said, it did not hurt me at all. I sedar memang dah naik...banyak...rapidly since i stop breasfeeding my daughter...5kgs to be exact. So i memang dah agak orang akan tegur dan i pun redha jela, pasal benda dah obvious kan. Ofcourse i am worried. Currently i am working on it. Hope my diet regime works. I plan to cut-off whatever i usually eat (esp during lunch), no heavy dinner and substitute it with clean meal that consist of fruits, oats, yogurt, wholemeal bread or cereals. And also add some exercise every other day or at least twice a week. Gonna work on the bike and Nike Training apps i downloaded from ipad (this makes me sweat like hell & sore my muscles!). Oh and i also gonna cleanse and detox my body by drinking Juvanex. Nothing drastic like my last diet (which i lost 12kgs withing 6 months). We see how it goes. CONSISTENCY & DISCIPLINE is the key!

Ok back to the post topic, 'My Fatty Baju Kurung'. Well, you all seen my raya pic right? Saw my flower prints baju kurung? Besar kaann bunga dia, kaler-kaler lagi! I didn't know why i suka sangat dengan prints tu even though i knew the fact that i would look very fatty in it. When i brought the baju kurung out for ironing my sisters and mak were laughing and make jokes about my choice. I pun gelak sekali pasal i dah expect reaction tu. To make thing worse, i bought one size bigger and it is a baju kurung pahang. Dahla besar, kembang macam payung pulak..sure fatty boom boom punya lah! Well i didn't care i still proud of it, pakai jugak time raya and get ready for kutukan from relatives. I also memang got ready to brace the ugly raya pictures of me looking fat and makcik.

Buuuttttt...suprisingly most of the pictures of me tak nampak gemuk pun (well..gemuk jugak, cuma tak segemuk realiti). Yayy! Memang i pegi cuci gambar dan framekan terus. Hahahahaha! Maybe because i elak amik gambar solo, maybe also because i duduk tengah bila amik group pic and also maybe because i hide half of my body behind my husband (hahahaha!). It was my first time wearing tudung bawal, i rasa cara pemakaian tudung tu pun helps to slim down my chubby face. Oih..perasan sungguh kan? Takpela...i nak syok sendiri kerana berjaya buat ilusi optik. Here i show you some pic yang buat i nampak kecik sket dari realiti.

Exhibit 1: Sembunyi di belakang suami ku. So nampak setengah sahaja dari badan asal! Kalau mampu terus dok belakang dia just sua muka sahaja. Hahaha.
Exhibit 2: Kalau husband i yang sembunyi belakang i, ini la rupanya. Gambar gemoks & lebar. Cuba elakkan  dok depan, cover sket blakang husband, diorang bukan kisah pun gambar nampak kurus ke gemok ke comel ke.

Exhibit 3: Kalau amik group shot, chop berdiri tengah-tengah. Kakak i yang kecik slim melim tu pun nampak lebar dok tepi sekali, bayangkan kalau i yang dok tepi..tak sesuaiii you! 

Exhibit 4: Elakkan duduk posing macam ni. Menonggek akan menampakkan bumper yang extrvaganza. Dalam pic ni both of us tayang bumper pasal posing macam ni. Hanya kalau badan rupa bentuk Rozita Che Wan ja elok posing macam ni dan nampak vogue. Sungguh makcik gambar i yang ni -___-

Kalau sesiapa nak amik gambar tapi tak confident dengan badan sendiri boleh amik tips ni. Kalau i yang fatty boom boom pakai baju besar & kembang dengan print bunga besar warna-warni boleh buat slimming effect, sesungguhnya sesiapa pun boleh! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Late Hari Raya Wish

Is it too late to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya? Tapi raya seminggu kan? So here i wish you all Selamat Hari Raya dan mintak maaf jika ada salah & silap sepanjang coretan i di blog yang entah pape ni. How was your raya? Still enjoying your holidays? I dah keja, 2 orang je staf malay yang keja kat ofis ni, yang lain semua still cuti till Monday. Lunch pun solo je tadi. Maklumla cuti dah kurang, banyak sangat kenduri kawin family terdekat tahun ni.

My raya was full of food fest! From the last 2 days fasting till the third day raya makan je kejanya. Dapat family yang semuanya kaki makan. Jangan tanya la berat naik ke tak, sensitif question! I didn't snap much picture of the food. Ramai sangat orang serbu makanan bila dah hidang, so memang tak teringat nak snap gambar because kalau i tak serbu sekali memang habis la makanan semua tu. Here are some food that i managed to steal from my cousins.

Roti jala & kuah masak manis. This kuah has sweet sour taste and has a similar ingredients with rendang, yang lain ialah dia berkuah & add air asam jawa for the masam taste. Oh, and we only use chicken wing. Dah jadi tradisi my father's family side to have this kuah with roti jala or ketupat palas. Sedap baq hang! Gambar ketupat palas tu i stole from google image, just to show you how sedap they are..nyam..nyam!

Inspired by A&W coney dog. Made by aunt. Also yummy. We had this during dinner on 1st day raya. There was also fried macaroni, no pic.  

Nasi minyak & kambing. This i ate during raya visits at one of the relative house. Got grilled lamb, lamb curry and ayam kicap. Semuanya sedap! Other food we ate during the raya visits is mihun sup daging, memang kaw sup daging dia tu..slurrp!

The best part of my raya feast is this! Kambing golek!! With garden salads & garlic bread..perfecto! I couldn't control myself and had 3 rounds if this. Mind you, before that we already been served with ketupat nasi & sambal udang bilis, megi goreng and nasi goreng cili api. Kambing sampai lambat sangat, makan itu dulu. Kambing sampai makan kambing pulak. Over tak?? Hehehe

On our last night at Alor Star, we went to eat nasi royale. One of the best nasi in town. See the que, it was so long it forms an L shape. Wajib pekena nasi ni every time balik kampung. Got udang besar, itik, limpa dan kuah campuq dia perrghhh..the best! Next time any of you go to Alor Star, search for nasi royale k!

Haa...terliur tak tengok gambar? I pun terliur..hahaha. Ada lagi banyak yang di makan tapi no pics to share. Ok enough or food pictures. Tak best la kalau tak selit gambar raya kan? I end my post with my family raya pics. My raya in Alor Star was a blast, i hope yours too! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Raya Countdown

Ramadhan almost comes to end! Hope you all gain as much pahala as you can during this holy month. Alhamdulillah i able to perform my terawikh this year even though not everyday. And i also manage to recite Quran as often as i possibly can. Ramadhan is also the best month for you to do charity, apart from paying the compulsory zakat fitrah. I hope you share some of your money to less fortunate as well. Jangan sibuk set duit untuk shopping raya je ye. Kita semua pun aim dalam hidup nak masuk syurga kan? So together we help each other towards it. InsyaAllah.

I am so excited because this year we are going back to Alor Star *Yayy!!* Mak called yesterday told me about the food festivities lined up along the raya days. All weight lost (eleh, macam turun banyak pun!) during puasa sure gonna gained up double this raya! Since my younger sis already married, we got to prepare extra room for them. Usually my sis sleeps in my parents' bedroom because the house only have 3 bedrooms. Sekarang dah kahwin takkan nak dok bilik parents lagi kan. So 3 family balik kampung, my parents dah amik satu bilik, left 2. So how? We make some sleeping arrangement. My sister, me & the kids will squeeze into my parents' room. Our husbands in 1 room and the newlyweds in 1 room. Apakan daya, rumah kecik! We'll see how it become, selesa ke tak. Hehehehe...

This year's color scheme is dark purple. Husband recycle baju melayu 3 tahun lepas. I already bought my baju kurung pahang with big multicolored flower prints. Takla purple sangat but some of the flowers are purple, background putih. Lari tema sikit..hehehehe. I am gonna look bigger donning the baju due to the prints, but biarla, semua pun dah tau i ni fatty boom boom! Hahaha! Just bought purple baju kurung for Dania and for Adam, will buy them at Alor Star. Mak suruh belikan kuih because she won't buy any this year. Dah order choc chip cookies and tart nenas. Later gonna buy semperit & popiah ikat. Beli yang suka makan & favourite je. Duit raya pun dah tukar pada yang baru & crispy. Berapakah RM duit raya yang anda sekalian bagi tahun ini? Me..rahsia..hahahaha!

Will going back to Alor Star on 16th, Thursday. Harap-haraplah tak jem. Letih la kalau jem dengan ragam anak-anak dalam kereta. Akan bertolak sesudah subuh. Wish us safe journey ya! Will snap lots of pictures and blog about them later. Really looking forward for raya this year!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dania's 2nd Birthday

My darling daughter hits 2 years old last Saturday, 4th August. On the same day we had small iftar gatherings at my sister's house in Puchong. So i ordered cake for a cake cutting session after that. Dania, being still young, was oblivious of her birthday. But when we brought out the Elmo cake and sang her birthday song she was so excited and happy. She jumps, dances and claps. It was so worth it when i saw her reactions.

Dania is a big girl already. She has different attitude than her brother. Unlike her brother she is more stubborn, more cunning and prefer to play alone. My curly haired girl enjoy Elmo & Upin Ipin. She still needs pacifier (only) during bedtime and obsess with my breast (maybe due to breastfeeding??). Very jealous of anyone that come close to me especially her father & brother. Pantang nampak bapak or abang dia bermanja duduk dekat i, mesti nangis tolak & cubit sampai bapa die dok jauh sket. Being a girl, as usual she is fast learner and mature earlier. Couldn't really talk properly yet, but sampai la hajat kalau nak sesuatu. She just mutters the word  and most of the time i will understand what she wants.

My doa for her is that she will be a happy kid and grow up to be a decent lady. Dania, mak loves you very much and even when you have grown up, you will still be my darling baby!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadhan coming!!

Puasa officially starts tomorrow...yayy! So excited because tonight i will be going to terawih prayers! After sooo long tak pegi (sejak kahwin y'know, and i been married for 6 yrs!) I forgot how to recite niat solat terawih and solat witir. Just googled it, nasib ringkas je niat die. Nasib berjemaah, so takdela rasa bodoh sangat. My husband jaga my kids, since dia malas nak pegi terawih. Waa..excited nya! The only regret is that i did not buy new telekung. Yang ada sekarang agak kusam. Takpe, will buy them soon. Eh do you know that terawih prayer actually good for your health as well? Yela..lepas you melantak dan minum air bergelen, performing terawih actually helps your body to digest them. I memang berjaya turun berat badan dengan jayanya dan perut takdela macam nak pecah sepanjang malam. Yes, i memang buruk lantak di kala bulan puasa! Or mungkin pasal surau kat rumah i dulu takde aircond so berpeluh basah satu baju bila solat..hehehe. But now they already installed air-cond..Alhamdulillah!

Most mak-mak dah plan dah kepala otak nak hidang ape untuk sahur esok. Me? No plan, tak dak idea pun nak masak apa. Fridge pun belum stock up barang nak masak. During fasting month memang nak beli sikit-sikit je kat bazaar and occasionally will cook, especially during weekend. Malas nak kalut-kalut balik keja masak semua and paling malas of all is to clean up after that which will include scrubbing the kuali, wipe the stove & cabinets, wash the dishes and probably mop the floor as well. Story about chores ni pun i dah rasa letih. Leceh la, then have to kalut solat maghrib and rush to surau for terawih. Not including in between anak kacau mintak itu ini..haissyy..letih la you olls!

Adam will also puasa. He been asking frequently when he can start puasa. Nape entah excited sangat. Won't force him to. If he is willing i'll just let him puasa, if not i also won't be mad. He actually started puasa last year. Proud of him. The only problem is how it is to wake him up for sahur..liat bangun for sure! And lagi haru kalau lepas sahur tu he don't wanna sleep, means he sure will be tired to school. Lagi la letih kalau tak cukup tido while fasting kan? Hmm...we'll see how it goes.

Another plan of mine is to recite Al-Quran after sahur while waiting for subuh prayers. Selalunya tengok tv je in between time tu. On normal days i recite Quran after isya' prayer, so since nak gi terawih mesti dah tak baca. I really..really hope i can do whatever i planned. To gain more pahala during this holy months!

So what is your plan? Apart from what to eat for iftar? Or what to wear for raya? Or what kuih raya to make/order? It is all about good deeds my darling, for a moment, take this 30 days chance to devote yourself on spiritual aspects and be a better muslim/muslimah. Together we make the most of our Ramadhan! InsyaAllah.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fantasy Baju Raya

I can't afford all these baju raya. But i still can admire them right? Lots of raya collection has been launched by Malaysian designer. Here are some of my favourites.

In love with all these lovely designs from Nurita Harith. Soft & flowy, peplum designs (d'you know peplum style is so in right now?), drapes & pleats and the most wonderful thing is the pastel color scheme. Ahh..everything i wish my baju raya will be (having a great model-like body would be perfect!)

Adore the right side heavy printed jubah! From cosry purple label.

Color block style in mint with side slit. So demure & elegant, i like! This is from Alia Bastamam.

Summer Raya collection by Rico Rinaldi. Suka semuanya. Very unique design. Combination of prints, lace and exquisite beading! Ethnic style baju raya design, for sure you are the only one wear this one of a kind design! My favourite is the colorful print long dress with white lapel. Anyway, most of them are sold out already!

Ok dahla tu berangan. I don't have budget of RM500 to RM2000 to buy those beautiful collections. But i heard Rizalman has designed a cheaper collection for Tesco as well as Jovian Mandagie, he did a collaboration with First Lady. Seen the Tesco's, cantik jugak tapi malas nak beli pasal takut nanti ramai plak pakai baju yang sama eventhough it is a limited but still! I haven't bought my baju raya yet. This year theme is purple. Tengok la nanti mana design yang berkenan di hati. Hopefully can find an awesome one!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cry Movie

Remember the Movie Ombak rindu? Was a hit last time. I seldom layan malay movie but i couldn't resist not watching Ombak Rindu. Orang rata-rata cakap best so i yang perasan hipster ni ofcourse curious nak tengok jugak kan. So i did watched them. Not in cinema but i downloaded them from youtube. usual, malay movie ni memang indah khabar dari rupa. Tak best langsung and very slow & mellow, not my cup of tea. Most people said sedih la, menangis la but i tak dapat part mana perlu nangis. Bila sampai part mellow or sedih i macam tak sabar for it to be over because too dragging, and not supposedly sad plus the background music is so annoying (macam suara hantu pun ada). Maybe sensitive spot orang lain-lain kot. I don't get it some of you got it.

Okla, i actually want to share some movie that made me cry. What scene that touches my heart and keluarkan air mata jantan i (ada ke air mata jantan??) The reason i make this post is because yesterday i watched Desperate Housewives on TV. It was an episode where Mike (Susan's husband) been shot and died. They were reminiscing good moments with Mike and it made them sad. Me, with my experience losing my dear brother, i cried. Maybe because what they said about someone dying and not being able to see him again in their life got me because it was what i really felt when i lost my brother. So here are some movie that i cried to. Yang i still ingat la.

A Walk To Remember

Love story. Adapted from a book. Kisah pasal young love. If i tell you that it is about a girl with cancer, be friended with the most popular guy in school and soon the guy fell for her, mesti you ingat ala cerita biasa la tu, so cliche. Well, you have to watch that movie first. It is a beautiful love story. So beautiful that, i cried when they finally got married. Sedih tau! hehehehe..i watch this movie so many times and it still gets me.

P.S I Love You

Again, love story adapted from story book. Ni cerita dia lagi best. Not so cliche la. A woman, grieving on her husband's death due to cancer. All these while she did not realized that she relied on her husband on most things and when he is gone she was helpless and devastated. Her husband knew better, before he died he left several letters for her wife to read. Each letter is a guidance to her wife to move on. So loving i tell you! I cried when she reminisce the good moments of how her husband took care of her and love her. Haih, memang meleleh la air mata.


You all mesti tau movie ni kan. Memangla movie ni action movie. But part yang Bruce Willis sacrificed to switch place with Ben Affleck memang moment yang sangat syahdu bagi i, especially went his daughter Liv Tyler flashback good moments with her father in few seconds. Air mataku bejujuran mengalir tiap kali tiba part tu!

Forrest Gump

I first watched this movie when i was very young. Watched in cinema with my dad. Ada few moments dalam movie tu yang menyayat hati. I ni memang ada soft spot dgn watak orang bendul or autism. Kalau you bagi i tengok cite pasal austism or terencat akal, bila sampai part sedih most of the time i akan nangis. Maybe watak orang macam tu macam suci je, so i got sensitive when they are sad. Anyway, this movie particularly is one of the best movie i ever watched.

The Lovers

This is a chinese movie. Cinta antara dua darjat. Set in the ancient times, ala time zaman dulu-dulu where chinese men simpan rambut panjang, pandai kung fu terbang-terbang semua. The love story is so sad. About  this poor guy, met this girl in an all boys school. That girl is from rich family (keluarga bangsawan), was sent to study at all boys school (because that time women not suppose to go to school) and disguise as a boy. So jumpa la mamat miskin ni, become friends and soon the girl fell in love with him and revealed herself. So this young love finished study and hoping to marry each other. Well, dah nama pun antara dua darjat kan, ofcourse la family girl tu tak bagi. To add more drama this guy mati (lepas kena belasah). To cut story short, this girl in the end mati jugak on the day she was suppose to marry a man her family chose for her. Haih memang syahdu gila la jalan cite dia. Early part of the story quite funny, cute and syok je tengok the couple. Maybe also because these two couple have chemistry. Half towards the end memang berendam air mata la. Even when i sleep i teringat balik cerita ni i nangis lagi. Over kan? Well, that was when i was still in high school...jiwa belum kental lagi. Hahahaha!

Those are all the movie i can remember crying over. Most are love story. I enjoy good love story that touches my heart. Like i said, different people have different sensitivity. Ada yang tengok Ombak Rindu nangis, ada tengok katun pun nangis.  Now tell me, what movie made you cry?