Monday, August 6, 2012

Dania's 2nd Birthday

My darling daughter hits 2 years old last Saturday, 4th August. On the same day we had small iftar gatherings at my sister's house in Puchong. So i ordered cake for a cake cutting session after that. Dania, being still young, was oblivious of her birthday. But when we brought out the Elmo cake and sang her birthday song she was so excited and happy. She jumps, dances and claps. It was so worth it when i saw her reactions.

Dania is a big girl already. She has different attitude than her brother. Unlike her brother she is more stubborn, more cunning and prefer to play alone. My curly haired girl enjoy Elmo & Upin Ipin. She still needs pacifier (only) during bedtime and obsess with my breast (maybe due to breastfeeding??). Very jealous of anyone that come close to me especially her father & brother. Pantang nampak bapak or abang dia bermanja duduk dekat i, mesti nangis tolak & cubit sampai bapa die dok jauh sket. Being a girl, as usual she is fast learner and mature earlier. Couldn't really talk properly yet, but sampai la hajat kalau nak sesuatu. She just mutters the word  and most of the time i will understand what she wants.

My doa for her is that she will be a happy kid and grow up to be a decent lady. Dania, mak loves you very much and even when you have grown up, you will still be my darling baby!

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