Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadhan coming!!

Puasa officially starts tomorrow...yayy! So excited because tonight i will be going to terawih prayers! After sooo long tak pegi (sejak kahwin y'know, and i been married for 6 yrs!) I forgot how to recite niat solat terawih and solat witir. Just googled it, nasib ringkas je niat die. Nasib berjemaah, so takdela rasa bodoh sangat. My husband jaga my kids, since dia malas nak pegi terawih. Waa..excited nya! The only regret is that i did not buy new telekung. Yang ada sekarang agak kusam. Takpe, will buy them soon. Eh do you know that terawih prayer actually good for your health as well? Yela..lepas you melantak dan minum air bergelen, performing terawih actually helps your body to digest them. I memang berjaya turun berat badan dengan jayanya dan perut takdela macam nak pecah sepanjang malam. Yes, i memang buruk lantak di kala bulan puasa! Or mungkin pasal surau kat rumah i dulu takde aircond so berpeluh basah satu baju bila solat..hehehe. But now they already installed air-cond..Alhamdulillah!

Most mak-mak dah plan dah kepala otak nak hidang ape untuk sahur esok. Me? No plan, tak dak idea pun nak masak apa. Fridge pun belum stock up barang nak masak. During fasting month memang nak beli sikit-sikit je kat bazaar and occasionally will cook, especially during weekend. Malas nak kalut-kalut balik keja masak semua and paling malas of all is to clean up after that which will include scrubbing the kuali, wipe the stove & cabinets, wash the dishes and probably mop the floor as well. Story about chores ni pun i dah rasa letih. Leceh la, then have to kalut solat maghrib and rush to surau for terawih. Not including in between anak kacau mintak itu ini..haissyy..letih la you olls!

Adam will also puasa. He been asking frequently when he can start puasa. Nape entah excited sangat. Won't force him to. If he is willing i'll just let him puasa, if not i also won't be mad. He actually started puasa last year. Proud of him. The only problem is how it is to wake him up for sahur..liat bangun for sure! And lagi haru kalau lepas sahur tu he don't wanna sleep, means he sure will be tired to school. Lagi la letih kalau tak cukup tido while fasting kan? Hmm...we'll see how it goes.

Another plan of mine is to recite Al-Quran after sahur while waiting for subuh prayers. Selalunya tengok tv je in between time tu. On normal days i recite Quran after isya' prayer, so since nak gi terawih mesti dah tak baca. I really..really hope i can do whatever i planned. To gain more pahala during this holy months!

So what is your plan? Apart from what to eat for iftar? Or what to wear for raya? Or what kuih raya to make/order? It is all about good deeds my darling, for a moment, take this 30 days chance to devote yourself on spiritual aspects and be a better muslim/muslimah. Together we make the most of our Ramadhan! InsyaAllah.

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