Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Thoughts In Bullet Points

When i am too lazy to blog but still bother to share, i will make a bullet point post. So here we go:

  • Currently layan Revenge (drama series). Good also la, quite interesting but kinda expected sometime. Belum sampai climax lagi so i guess worth my time to wait & layan. Oh and i also just finished layan Once Upon A Time (Season 1) on Astro. That one was good because i always love fairy tales. Rasanya budak sekarang ni layan fairy tales lagi tak? I do sometime reads story book to my kids but i don't think they really get it that it was a fairy tales..or do they? Hmmm...
  • Ramadhan a.k.a puasa month is coming. Somehow i get a bit excited. Tak tahu kenapa. Determined to go for terawih as often as i can. Since ada anak tak pernah pegi terawih dah..teruk kan? And kuih raya is everywhere now especially on FB. Kalau i beli pun mungkin makan time bulan puasa je kot!
  • Haihh..i stopped exercising for almost a month now. When you stop that long it is hard to start back right? Need more motivation! As if being fat is not enough motivation for me! Last time i cycled or trained with Nike+ (on ipad) thrice a week. Sweat like hell and felt good about it. But now....makan je lebih..perut macam santa clause dah! Haiiihhhh....
  • My daughter Dania very cheeky & naughty now. Tak macam perempuan! Like to menjawab bila kita tegur, cubit or gigit her brother kalau ada benda tak puas hati, suka buang barang, suka panjat and do what other boys usually do, means follow what her brother does. But ada jugakla girly traits yang lekat. Like she loves to wear my shoes and tuk..tak..tuk..tak around the house and very caring towards baby.
  • Are you happy? I am happy. Happy not having everything i want but feel 'cukup' with what i have right now. May it be material, relationship or spiritual. I am content. If i want to improve i only have to improve what within me not with what other's expectation of me. I think everyone should feel like this. Your endless desire & nafsu will only kill your spirit and make you sad. 

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