Friday, April 29, 2011

Most Beautiful Wedding Portrait

 Love this picture soooo much!!!
Isn't it the most beautiful wedding portrait?
Everything about this picture is beautiful & perfect!
Congratulation Prince William & Princess Kate!
May both of you remain beautiful & happy ever after!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding


The wedding between Prince William & Kate is tomorrow, 29th April 2011 at 6p.m Msian time. I will be on leave from work tomorrow for other reason but being at home to watch it live on TV is good as well. Wish i can witness this beautiful ceremony in person. It must be fairy tale wedding & beautiful beyond words.

Whoever read this, and you are from London, if you are kind enough please send me a postcard. Please...pretty..pretty please?? *puppy eyes*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cola Glasses

I am not a fan of fancy dishware or anything of that sort. Unlike some others, who love collecting them and placed them in a special cupboard either for display or to protect them. In fact, now i still using melamine plates that i bought before i married and some random plates that i got for free from buying toothpaste or detergents. Having said that, i love getting free glasses, plates or mug my with purchases. Especially if they are cute or one of a kind design. But i am not that fanatic, to the point of waiting in que to get them.

For example this new offer from McDonald's. A unique Cola glasses (shape of coca cola can) that you get free with any purchase of McValue Meal + ice cream sundae. I managed to collect some of their previous edition of Cola glasses even though not all colors and i think they are the most beautiful glasses that i owned so far (i know, it sound rather pathetic!). This limited edition Cola glasses are available from 28 April. I want them in Purple, Pink and Blue please!!!

Ooowwhh...awesome glasses right?right? 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diaper-less & Bottle-less

This boy is a full grown 4 years old. Still thinks he has super power and imaginary superheroes friends. Loves to jump around & make senseless noise (yes, it is very annoying and tormenting indeed). His favourite activities are playing computer games, psp/ds lite, acting as restauranteur and watches morbid cartoons on TV.

This boy, Adam Amir is now no longer wearing diapers at night (he stop wearing them from 2yrs old but still wears whenever he sleeps) and has given up bottle feeding. I am so proud of him. You are very annoying and hard to live with (in the same room) but mak still loves you regardless!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Weekend in Photographs


Thanks hubby, for Tony Roma's.
Congratulations to my colleague Yang Katira for your beautiful wedding.
Syukur Alhamdulillah for the fun filled weekends.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Serai @ Empire Mall

Have you been to Serai restaurant at Empire Mall, Subang? If you haven't, i recommend you to dine there in the future. Been reading about it on blogs of how good their food is. I was there recently with my parents and sister. The food is as good it looks. I did not order their dishes, but i believe they are sure to be delicious as well.

Serai platter. Combination of their best dishes (i think). Which are lamb, honey squids, ayam goreng rempah and acar. This is mine, love it! My sis and her boyfriend were having this as well.

Beriani rice with lamb shank. My father's. He said it was good and the lamb was very tender.

Best of all..Berry Pavlova. Was my first time tasted pavlova and i was in dream! Read it somewhere that Serai serve the best pavlova in town. 

The pasta was good as well. I ordered it for my son and he adores it, did not take any picture because he was seated quite far from 'photographer'. My son ate their macrons as well, compare to Harrod's, Serai's macrons are better, not too sweet. 

Not forgetting, a picture of us..hahaha..*gedik*

My baby Dania only had her baby biscuit. Pity her!

One more thing to compliment was their service. I was impressed with the waiter who served us. I think he is of mid-east descendant and he was sweet enough to entertain Dania, or maybe he just love babies because everytime he passes Dania he would steal a pinch on her cheek. The food was served fast plus the waiters are all very attentive. I don't mind paying them 5% service charge. Anyway, the food there are not cheap as well but i think it was all worth it. Do try to dine there if you are anywhere near Subang.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am not sure about you, but for me i've known Marmite since i was small when my mother always put it inside my congee or as i would call it 'moi'. Marmite is a yeast extract, paste-like food spread. It has a unique strong taste, so you only need a few to add taste to your cooking.

Since my baby Dania can eat solid food, i always cook congee for her. Usually i just throw in carrot, spinach, pumpkin or blended anchovies to it. Then i remember that i use to love it so much whenever my mother adds marmite into my congee. So i bought 1 recently, for my baby to try it. It was quite expensive, the smallest bottle cost me almost RM10. Excitedly putting too much of it and spoil the whole congee, ended up too salty. Hahahaha..

Later on, I did a google about Marmite coz i was afraid if it is bad for baby. I was surprised to know that Marmite is a popular in UK. It was originate there and the Brits love to eat it with their toast and crackers. It was claimed to be addictive as well, due to its unique taste. In fact, Marmite also is high in folic acid and contains alot of essential vitamins. To know more, check here.

Marmite on toast. Tried it, not bad.

Now i have whole bottle of Marmite, takkan la makan dengan congee je kan? So i google some more on Marmite related recipe. The the whole list of recipes came out and some are interesting and yummylicious to eat. Check here and here .

Marmite honey chicken wings. Gonna try this..looks yummy right?
Marmite corn fitters. Interesting indeed!
 Marmite is such a craze, there is FB page created for Marmite lovers, Official Marmite FB. And if you have any doubts about Marmite there is also FAQ page created for you. Gila kan? This is the most interesting page on Marmite, check out here.

Never expected there are so much craze about Marmite! Just like durian, Marmite has a strong taste, either you love it or hate it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Online Shopping

I've been crazy shopping lately. This time it is online shopping. Bought few of stuff online and still constantly browse for new buys. I love to shop online because since having kids i find it hard to take my own sweet time to shop leisurely without constant disruption from my kids. Lagi-lagi kalau nak masuk fitting room, memang agak susah la. Now since ada baby lagi la susah nak shop. Kekadang tu tengah try baju dalam fitting room sayup-sayup dengar Dania menangis or dengar my husband marah my boy for being naughty running around the shop. When a mother hears that, memang kelam kabut try baju pasal nak bagi sudah cepat.

That is why i opt for online shopping where i can take my own sweet time browsing and also no annoying shopgirl follows me around (benci kan? muka i ni macam shoplifter ke??). Online shopping is so convenient, all you have to do is:

1. Go to any review blog for list of blogshops, click the blogshop

2. Browse for any stuff you like.

3. Click on the item's pic few hundres times, zoom in, zoom out to see the details

4. Satisfied with the pic & price, email the seller to inquire

5. Receive reply, make payment via Maybank2u

6. Provide posting details

7. Wait for your stuff to arrive at your doorsteps (usually it takes only 2 days)

I've been shopping online for years and it get worse lately when i can't stop myself buying every single item that i like. But i only shop for cheap stuff, usually RM50 below. Wearing hijab just add to more stuff to shop. Did not keep track of how much i already spent, but here are some of the recent haul:

Honestly, today i just made payment to buy few pyjamas for my kids & niece. I also just placed an order to buy shawls and contemplating to buy another shawl and blouses. So please someone stop me from online shopping!! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Woman's Assets

Woman, created by Allah in such way that every curve and surface are so beautiful, that when a man look upon them too long will resulted in sins/haram or even fitnah. That is why Allah forbid woman to reveal our given beauty. However, oftenly being a woman we are proud of what we have and we want to show it, so that we receive compliments from it. But, when the opposite happens, when you received harsh critiques or sexual remarks you can't accept it and blame the other side for being 'gatal' or 'mulut jahat'. 

But why such response? Why you are shocked or offended when any guy look at you lustfully? Can we catogarized that guy a sex maniac just because he look at your intentionally exposed cleavage or your curvy body beneath your skin tight clothes? It is you the one who invite them to look at you that way. Everyone know men love looking at woman's body especially their boobs. So by all means, just cover it properly if you don't like them to see it. 

Please don't misunderstood, I do not blame women for man's 'gatalness'. Yes, there are man who are naturally gatal no matter how covered up the woman is. I speak generally, normal man you see everyday. Even me as a woman also love to see boobs or any sexy woman coz like i mentioned earlier, woman created by Allah is naturally beautiful. 

Why such serious post? Because whenever i visit a gossip blog, local or hollywood, they never fails to post a woman celebrity that posed sexually or wear skimpy clothes eventhough tak ada kaitan with the contents. This is because such pic creates controversy and inviting to viewers to click more. It despised me that whatever the story about the celebrity was, doesn't matters anymore because commentators just focus on the pic, resulted in sexual comments and some talk bad about her being cheap. When this happened, who to blame? It is always easy to blame the celebrity right?

Woman, please take care of your assets. Try to wear appropriately that won't invite those mata gatal to look at you and focus on one thing, which you don't like.Personally, I know how it feels because i have a curvy body and whenever i wear something that enhanced my curves, men tend to look and i know they did not look at my face or my clothes. I am more protected now, since i wear hijab. I feel more secure when my hijab covers my chest coz i know, now when a man look at me they only focus on me not my womanly body. If they still gatal, that is their problem and not because of me. So girls, make sure your cleavage, your long legs or even your fair & supple body are covered up properly. I strongly believe, your charming personality & smile are enough to attract a decent guys.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adam & Flapjack

Remember i told you before that my son love watching Spongebob Squarepants and his favourite character is Plankton? As if that isn't queer enough, i just realized that lately he also love to watch Flapjack on Cartoon Network. Well, i guess most of you never heard of Flapjack cartoon. Me either, never heard of it till i saw this weird & ugly cartoon my son watched.

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Flapjack is the boy's name. Which mysteriously raised by a whale and even live inside her. Has a pirate-sy theme. All his friends are bunch of weird looking creatures. I am not sure whether it is funny or not, because it doesn't have any slapstick jokes. I think this cartoon are more serious and not for my 4 year-old son to understand its jokes. 

Captain K'nuckles, one of the lead characters

Bubbie the whale, Flapjack lives insides her

Peppermint Larry, owned a candy shop and has a wife made of candy, named Candy Wife *weird*

Dr. Julius Barber, Doctor cum barber and also a certified candyologist. Also has a personality conflicst a-la Ted Barker from Psycho.

Lolly Poopdeck, one of Flapjack companion.

Haih...just look at all the ugly & scary looking, even has weird personalities. Pelik kan?? Macam mana la anak jantan i boleh suka, tengok pun boleh bagi nightmare. 

Here i quoted from Wikipedia  "The show is often noted for its surreal, often disquieting humor and bizzarre plot twist". Also in Wikipedia i come to know that this cartoon has been nominated several Awards and even received an Emmy Award on 2009. To know more about the cartoon, just refer here.

 Not sure why my son love it so much. Strange right? Hhmmm...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jom makan kat Penang!

Agenda of recent Penang trip was all about food..makan..makan..makan! I think i have gained 3kg *gasps* I am bad at elaborating about what we ate, i just let the pictures do the talking ya!

We arrived Penang at 3pm, straight to Line Clear Nasi Kandar for our late lunch. Perut masing-masing dah mengaum kelaparan!

Tudiaaaa!!!! This is my sister's plate. Fat squid eggs & fried chicken. I was too hungry to snap mine. To my disappointment, my plate was a bit watery, and spoil my nasi kandar taste..damn you mamak!

Later, we walked to the famous Penang Road cendol for dessert. 

Sorry babe, nak habis baru tringat nak amik gambar. It was delicious & refreshing to eat on hot & stuffy day!

After checked-in our rented serviced apartment at Golden View (superb apt,recommended for big family vacation), we went out for dinner at Tari Cafe. Initially Tari Cafe was famous for their burger because mamat burger tu menari sambil flipping the burgers, but now no more dancing mamat burger. We went there to eat their mi udang, also a famous dish there. 

The prawn might not be that big, but the taste are marvelous! RM16 per plate, quite pricey for me.

Right after mi udang, we head over to Gurney Drive for hawker food *salivates*
This is the eating team that joined the food marathon in Penang.

Laksa & rojak
This is not an ordinary char koay teow ya! It is fried with duck's egg, yummy i tell you!! The taste still haunted me till today!

Bubur cha-cha..yummeeehhh!!!

End of day 1, come day 2 we had lunch at our favourite food stall located beside Cold Storage. When i live in Penang, me and family frequently visit this place to eat noodles at one of the stall mend by mamak. Sorry, no picture this time. I had mi goreng and also nasi campur because i tak tahan looking at the sambal tumis udang (besar). 

After lunch we agreed to stop eating and go to Queensbay Mall to shop or window shopping were more like it. Well, you think i stop eating? No baby, after window shopping me, sis and hubby lepak at Coffee Bean and we had these.

While my husband ordering drinks, he saw this Red Velvet cake and instantly thought of me (who loves eating them) and bought 2 slices. I ofcourse la bersinar-sinar mata tengok cake tu!

Blueberry cheesecake for my sister

Husband & sis busy om nom nom

Look at my fat face, so proud to have eaten so much!

Later that night..we head over to makan sup at Sup Hameed. They serve varieties of soups, from sup ayam to sup torpedo (cow's testicles)

I had sup lidah (cow's tongue). Verry good! Those who doesn't eats this, your loss baby! They provides you bread to eat with the soup.

Day 3, is checked-out day. We decided to had lunch outside of Penang Island. We went to Din Ikan Bakar at Kepala Batas for their famous seafood bakar. The place was full of people.Wide range of food, rambang mata nak pilih.

*All of the pictures above not mine, coz we did not take any pictures of dishes, too caught up! Pictures belong here*

These 2 are the only pictures taken. Actually we ordered lot more than this. 100% satifaction! Recommended  place to eat if you adore this kind of food. Cheap as well, total bill was RM250+ for 12 people..not bad right?

On the way back home, half of the group went to Swensen for dessert. Me and family were full so we just went straight home for 5 hrs drive to Selangor. 

What a gastronomical vacation! I am fasting now, while posting you can imagine how many time i salivates whenever i look at the pictures.