Monday, April 18, 2011

Online Shopping

I've been crazy shopping lately. This time it is online shopping. Bought few of stuff online and still constantly browse for new buys. I love to shop online because since having kids i find it hard to take my own sweet time to shop leisurely without constant disruption from my kids. Lagi-lagi kalau nak masuk fitting room, memang agak susah la. Now since ada baby lagi la susah nak shop. Kekadang tu tengah try baju dalam fitting room sayup-sayup dengar Dania menangis or dengar my husband marah my boy for being naughty running around the shop. When a mother hears that, memang kelam kabut try baju pasal nak bagi sudah cepat.

That is why i opt for online shopping where i can take my own sweet time browsing and also no annoying shopgirl follows me around (benci kan? muka i ni macam shoplifter ke??). Online shopping is so convenient, all you have to do is:

1. Go to any review blog for list of blogshops, click the blogshop

2. Browse for any stuff you like.

3. Click on the item's pic few hundres times, zoom in, zoom out to see the details

4. Satisfied with the pic & price, email the seller to inquire

5. Receive reply, make payment via Maybank2u

6. Provide posting details

7. Wait for your stuff to arrive at your doorsteps (usually it takes only 2 days)

I've been shopping online for years and it get worse lately when i can't stop myself buying every single item that i like. But i only shop for cheap stuff, usually RM50 below. Wearing hijab just add to more stuff to shop. Did not keep track of how much i already spent, but here are some of the recent haul:

Honestly, today i just made payment to buy few pyjamas for my kids & niece. I also just placed an order to buy shawls and contemplating to buy another shawl and blouses. So please someone stop me from online shopping!! 

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