Friday, April 22, 2011

Serai @ Empire Mall

Have you been to Serai restaurant at Empire Mall, Subang? If you haven't, i recommend you to dine there in the future. Been reading about it on blogs of how good their food is. I was there recently with my parents and sister. The food is as good it looks. I did not order their dishes, but i believe they are sure to be delicious as well.

Serai platter. Combination of their best dishes (i think). Which are lamb, honey squids, ayam goreng rempah and acar. This is mine, love it! My sis and her boyfriend were having this as well.

Beriani rice with lamb shank. My father's. He said it was good and the lamb was very tender.

Best of all..Berry Pavlova. Was my first time tasted pavlova and i was in dream! Read it somewhere that Serai serve the best pavlova in town. 

The pasta was good as well. I ordered it for my son and he adores it, did not take any picture because he was seated quite far from 'photographer'. My son ate their macrons as well, compare to Harrod's, Serai's macrons are better, not too sweet. 

Not forgetting, a picture of us..hahaha..*gedik*

My baby Dania only had her baby biscuit. Pity her!

One more thing to compliment was their service. I was impressed with the waiter who served us. I think he is of mid-east descendant and he was sweet enough to entertain Dania, or maybe he just love babies because everytime he passes Dania he would steal a pinch on her cheek. The food was served fast plus the waiters are all very attentive. I don't mind paying them 5% service charge. Anyway, the food there are not cheap as well but i think it was all worth it. Do try to dine there if you are anywhere near Subang.

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