Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cola Glasses

I am not a fan of fancy dishware or anything of that sort. Unlike some others, who love collecting them and placed them in a special cupboard either for display or to protect them. In fact, now i still using melamine plates that i bought before i married and some random plates that i got for free from buying toothpaste or detergents. Having said that, i love getting free glasses, plates or mug my with purchases. Especially if they are cute or one of a kind design. But i am not that fanatic, to the point of waiting in que to get them.

For example this new offer from McDonald's. A unique Cola glasses (shape of coca cola can) that you get free with any purchase of McValue Meal + ice cream sundae. I managed to collect some of their previous edition of Cola glasses even though not all colors and i think they are the most beautiful glasses that i owned so far (i know, it sound rather pathetic!). This limited edition Cola glasses are available from 28 April. I want them in Purple, Pink and Blue please!!!

Ooowwhh...awesome glasses right?right? 

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