Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am not sure about you, but for me i've known Marmite since i was small when my mother always put it inside my congee or as i would call it 'moi'. Marmite is a yeast extract, paste-like food spread. It has a unique strong taste, so you only need a few to add taste to your cooking.

Since my baby Dania can eat solid food, i always cook congee for her. Usually i just throw in carrot, spinach, pumpkin or blended anchovies to it. Then i remember that i use to love it so much whenever my mother adds marmite into my congee. So i bought 1 recently, for my baby to try it. It was quite expensive, the smallest bottle cost me almost RM10. Excitedly putting too much of it and spoil the whole congee, ended up too salty. Hahahaha..

Later on, I did a google about Marmite coz i was afraid if it is bad for baby. I was surprised to know that Marmite is a popular in UK. It was originate there and the Brits love to eat it with their toast and crackers. It was claimed to be addictive as well, due to its unique taste. In fact, Marmite also is high in folic acid and contains alot of essential vitamins. To know more, check here.

Marmite on toast. Tried it, not bad.

Now i have whole bottle of Marmite, takkan la makan dengan congee je kan? So i google some more on Marmite related recipe. The the whole list of recipes came out and some are interesting and yummylicious to eat. Check here and here .

Marmite honey chicken wings. Gonna try this..looks yummy right?
Marmite corn fitters. Interesting indeed!
 Marmite is such a craze, there is FB page created for Marmite lovers, Official Marmite FB. And if you have any doubts about Marmite there is also FAQ page created for you. Gila kan? This is the most interesting page on Marmite, check out here.

Never expected there are so much craze about Marmite! Just like durian, Marmite has a strong taste, either you love it or hate it!

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  1. YES, Marmite is great. You can try to make Marmite soup by just adding little Marmite into hot water. Give it a try!