Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Honestly, i don't really adore Crocs shoes when they became popular . Personally i think their designs are hideous! Some claimed them to be durable & comfy to wear. Most fashion critics despise Crocs and it is a fashion no-no. Until later on Crocs has revolutionize, they came out with more of chic & attractive design. But still, i did not buy it because i think they are overpriced for a pair of plastic slippers.

Well, that was last time. Recently they came out with even new design. Crocs Carlie Mary Jane.

It caught my eyes first, due to its candy colored translucent plastic. Tried on, very comfortable, very cute on my feet. Check the price tag, telan air liur pasal mahal, terus 'turned-off' and walked out of from the shop.

But..but..i keep thinking about it till now. Nak beli sayang duit! The reason i wanna buy is also because i been searching for comfortable shoes for everyday wear. Currently only own several high platforms, high heels and aged flip flops. Since i have to carry my baby when i am out, a pair of comfortable shoes really helps! So.....nak beli ke tak?? Hmmm...........

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