Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Woman's Assets

Woman, created by Allah in such way that every curve and surface are so beautiful, that when a man look upon them too long will resulted in sins/haram or even fitnah. That is why Allah forbid woman to reveal our given beauty. However, oftenly being a woman we are proud of what we have and we want to show it, so that we receive compliments from it. But, when the opposite happens, when you received harsh critiques or sexual remarks you can't accept it and blame the other side for being 'gatal' or 'mulut jahat'. 

But why such response? Why you are shocked or offended when any guy look at you lustfully? Can we catogarized that guy a sex maniac just because he look at your intentionally exposed cleavage or your curvy body beneath your skin tight clothes? It is you the one who invite them to look at you that way. Everyone know men love looking at woman's body especially their boobs. So by all means, just cover it properly if you don't like them to see it. 

Please don't misunderstood, I do not blame women for man's 'gatalness'. Yes, there are man who are naturally gatal no matter how covered up the woman is. I speak generally, normal man you see everyday. Even me as a woman also love to see boobs or any sexy woman coz like i mentioned earlier, woman created by Allah is naturally beautiful. 

Why such serious post? Because whenever i visit a gossip blog, local or hollywood, they never fails to post a woman celebrity that posed sexually or wear skimpy clothes eventhough tak ada kaitan with the contents. This is because such pic creates controversy and inviting to viewers to click more. It despised me that whatever the story about the celebrity was, doesn't matters anymore because commentators just focus on the pic, resulted in sexual comments and some talk bad about her being cheap. When this happened, who to blame? It is always easy to blame the celebrity right?

Woman, please take care of your assets. Try to wear appropriately that won't invite those mata gatal to look at you and focus on one thing, which you don't like.Personally, I know how it feels because i have a curvy body and whenever i wear something that enhanced my curves, men tend to look and i know they did not look at my face or my clothes. I am more protected now, since i wear hijab. I feel more secure when my hijab covers my chest coz i know, now when a man look at me they only focus on me not my womanly body. If they still gatal, that is their problem and not because of me. So girls, make sure your cleavage, your long legs or even your fair & supple body are covered up properly. I strongly believe, your charming personality & smile are enough to attract a decent guys.

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