Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jom makan kat Penang!

Agenda of recent Penang trip was all about food..makan..makan..makan! I think i have gained 3kg *gasps* I am bad at elaborating about what we ate, i just let the pictures do the talking ya!

We arrived Penang at 3pm, straight to Line Clear Nasi Kandar for our late lunch. Perut masing-masing dah mengaum kelaparan!

Tudiaaaa!!!! This is my sister's plate. Fat squid eggs & fried chicken. I was too hungry to snap mine. To my disappointment, my plate was a bit watery, and spoil my nasi kandar taste..damn you mamak!

Later, we walked to the famous Penang Road cendol for dessert. 

Sorry babe, nak habis baru tringat nak amik gambar. It was delicious & refreshing to eat on hot & stuffy day!

After checked-in our rented serviced apartment at Golden View (superb apt,recommended for big family vacation), we went out for dinner at Tari Cafe. Initially Tari Cafe was famous for their burger because mamat burger tu menari sambil flipping the burgers, but now no more dancing mamat burger. We went there to eat their mi udang, also a famous dish there. 

The prawn might not be that big, but the taste are marvelous! RM16 per plate, quite pricey for me.

Right after mi udang, we head over to Gurney Drive for hawker food *salivates*
This is the eating team that joined the food marathon in Penang.

Laksa & rojak
This is not an ordinary char koay teow ya! It is fried with duck's egg, yummy i tell you!! The taste still haunted me till today!

Bubur cha-cha..yummeeehhh!!!

End of day 1, come day 2 we had lunch at our favourite food stall located beside Cold Storage. When i live in Penang, me and family frequently visit this place to eat noodles at one of the stall mend by mamak. Sorry, no picture this time. I had mi goreng and also nasi campur because i tak tahan looking at the sambal tumis udang (besar). 

After lunch we agreed to stop eating and go to Queensbay Mall to shop or window shopping were more like it. Well, you think i stop eating? No baby, after window shopping me, sis and hubby lepak at Coffee Bean and we had these.

While my husband ordering drinks, he saw this Red Velvet cake and instantly thought of me (who loves eating them) and bought 2 slices. I ofcourse la bersinar-sinar mata tengok cake tu!

Blueberry cheesecake for my sister

Husband & sis busy om nom nom

Look at my fat face, so proud to have eaten so much!

Later that night..we head over to makan sup at Sup Hameed. They serve varieties of soups, from sup ayam to sup torpedo (cow's testicles)

I had sup lidah (cow's tongue). Verry good! Those who doesn't eats this, your loss baby! They provides you bread to eat with the soup.

Day 3, is checked-out day. We decided to had lunch outside of Penang Island. We went to Din Ikan Bakar at Kepala Batas for their famous seafood bakar. The place was full of people.Wide range of food, rambang mata nak pilih.

*All of the pictures above not mine, coz we did not take any pictures of dishes, too caught up! Pictures belong here*

These 2 are the only pictures taken. Actually we ordered lot more than this. 100% satifaction! Recommended  place to eat if you adore this kind of food. Cheap as well, total bill was RM250+ for 12 people..not bad right?

On the way back home, half of the group went to Swensen for dessert. Me and family were full so we just went straight home for 5 hrs drive to Selangor. 

What a gastronomical vacation! I am fasting now, while posting you can imagine how many time i salivates whenever i look at the pictures.

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