Thursday, March 31, 2011

Birthday & Plankton

I wanted to do a post for my Penang trip, but quite busy lately so i will do it later when i have the time & mood to. I hope i can post every event & exciting moment on my blog as a recorded memories, so that one day, some day in the future i can read back and smile. This is the actual reason i started this blog. Not really for people to read but for me to read in the future, in case i might forget or want to revive those happy or sad moments in my life.

Talking about event, here what coming next on my diary:

This boy, my son Adam 4th birthday party which falls on 2nd April, Saturday. The theme will be Spongebob Squarepants. He loves to watch Spongebob cartoon and guess what his favourite character? 

Yes baby, Mr. Plankton. His favourite is that little evil Plankton. Haihh, among all the cute characters, he choses this. Well, my son is unique in his own way, biaq pi kat dia la. Oh, sometime he call Plankton as 'Mata satu'. If we would ask him what he wants for birthday, he will says Plankton. Mana la nak cari mainan Plankton sayang oiii...pelik sungguh! He even request for Plankton picture on his birthday cake. That i objected, because i rasa macam geli tengok plankton hijau tu atas cake that will be eaten by all my guests. So we decided to put all of Spongebob cartoon characters' pic including the notorious Plankton on the cake.

Will try to capture as many photo as possible. Lots of yummy food will be served, since my mother, the greatest cook is here to help. So just wait for the birthday post soon..or as soon as possible.

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