Friday, July 13, 2012

Fantasy Baju Raya

I can't afford all these baju raya. But i still can admire them right? Lots of raya collection has been launched by Malaysian designer. Here are some of my favourites.

In love with all these lovely designs from Nurita Harith. Soft & flowy, peplum designs (d'you know peplum style is so in right now?), drapes & pleats and the most wonderful thing is the pastel color scheme. Ahh..everything i wish my baju raya will be (having a great model-like body would be perfect!)

Adore the right side heavy printed jubah! From cosry purple label.

Color block style in mint with side slit. So demure & elegant, i like! This is from Alia Bastamam.

Summer Raya collection by Rico Rinaldi. Suka semuanya. Very unique design. Combination of prints, lace and exquisite beading! Ethnic style baju raya design, for sure you are the only one wear this one of a kind design! My favourite is the colorful print long dress with white lapel. Anyway, most of them are sold out already!

Ok dahla tu berangan. I don't have budget of RM500 to RM2000 to buy those beautiful collections. But i heard Rizalman has designed a cheaper collection for Tesco as well as Jovian Mandagie, he did a collaboration with First Lady. Seen the Tesco's, cantik jugak tapi malas nak beli pasal takut nanti ramai plak pakai baju yang sama eventhough it is a limited but still! I haven't bought my baju raya yet. This year theme is purple. Tengok la nanti mana design yang berkenan di hati. Hopefully can find an awesome one!


  1. Hi there!
    Come and have a look at our collection of baju kurung for raya! More designs will added every day. Please have a look yea? Thanks!

  2. as salam

    i'm looking for dinner dress for this weekend. Last minute preparation. Theme Red & Black.