Monday, August 13, 2012

Raya Countdown

Ramadhan almost comes to end! Hope you all gain as much pahala as you can during this holy month. Alhamdulillah i able to perform my terawikh this year even though not everyday. And i also manage to recite Quran as often as i possibly can. Ramadhan is also the best month for you to do charity, apart from paying the compulsory zakat fitrah. I hope you share some of your money to less fortunate as well. Jangan sibuk set duit untuk shopping raya je ye. Kita semua pun aim dalam hidup nak masuk syurga kan? So together we help each other towards it. InsyaAllah.

I am so excited because this year we are going back to Alor Star *Yayy!!* Mak called yesterday told me about the food festivities lined up along the raya days. All weight lost (eleh, macam turun banyak pun!) during puasa sure gonna gained up double this raya! Since my younger sis already married, we got to prepare extra room for them. Usually my sis sleeps in my parents' bedroom because the house only have 3 bedrooms. Sekarang dah kahwin takkan nak dok bilik parents lagi kan. So 3 family balik kampung, my parents dah amik satu bilik, left 2. So how? We make some sleeping arrangement. My sister, me & the kids will squeeze into my parents' room. Our husbands in 1 room and the newlyweds in 1 room. Apakan daya, rumah kecik! We'll see how it become, selesa ke tak. Hehehehe...

This year's color scheme is dark purple. Husband recycle baju melayu 3 tahun lepas. I already bought my baju kurung pahang with big multicolored flower prints. Takla purple sangat but some of the flowers are purple, background putih. Lari tema sikit..hehehehe. I am gonna look bigger donning the baju due to the prints, but biarla, semua pun dah tau i ni fatty boom boom! Hahaha! Just bought purple baju kurung for Dania and for Adam, will buy them at Alor Star. Mak suruh belikan kuih because she won't buy any this year. Dah order choc chip cookies and tart nenas. Later gonna buy semperit & popiah ikat. Beli yang suka makan & favourite je. Duit raya pun dah tukar pada yang baru & crispy. Berapakah RM duit raya yang anda sekalian bagi tahun ini? Me..rahsia..hahahaha!

Will going back to Alor Star on 16th, Thursday. Harap-haraplah tak jem. Letih la kalau jem dengan ragam anak-anak dalam kereta. Akan bertolak sesudah subuh. Wish us safe journey ya! Will snap lots of pictures and blog about them later. Really looking forward for raya this year!!

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