Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Everybody's Fine

Are you all fine? I hope you do :) With the wet weather, i hope you all take better care of your health. Alhamdulillah so far me and the kids are doing good, no fever or flu. Tapi sejuknya especially malam.

On this post i wanna share with you a movie i just watched last weekend. Everybody's Fine. Such a heart warming and sad movie, it made me cried. I am glad that i accidentally switch to Sundance Channel. (coz i hardly watch that channel). Bila terbukak channel tu i checked the storyline and casts. They got Robert De Niro (great actor), Kate Beckinsale and Drew Barrymore (my favourite actress coz she is adorable). So oklah, thought i layan the story because nothing else interesting to watch on other channels. Memang best sungguh movie ni. A simple story about a father's love but so sad lah. What makes it so sad it because the father's character is familiar to me.

The movie has simple story line but touches us at the right place. Suka sangat movie macam ni, yang tak trying hard to proves a point with great cgi or action and still can tell a beautiful story. Okla i cerita sikit what this movie is about. It is about a father's love to his children and trying to get close to them. His wife had just passed away and suddenly all his children are distant from him. Because all these while his wife is the one yang communicate with their children. So the father decided to start a journey to visit all his 4 children which live at 4 different states. Each children he visited, revealed a hint of secret that they been hiding from him. Due to the secret, his children macam tak layan sangat bapak diorang. That time i was so sad and fikir jahatnya anak dia. And each of his children has their own problem as well. A problem that their late mother knows. One of the conversation in this movie, his daughter told him that they are more open to talk to their mother because she was calmer and supportive compare to him (her father) which worries to much and expect the best from them. In the movie, it shows that all his children love & care for their father. And despite the cold treatment by his children, the father still calm & understanding. No drama what so ever. Until towards the end of the movie, the secret revealed, at the hospital bed where their father admitted due some complication with his health (u got to watch to know what). Ha, part ni memang sedih sangat. To cut story short, in the end they are back together as a happy family and their father has accepts the fact that his children are all grown up with their own life and problems. Takde macam drama melayu yang in the end lawat kubur dan ada hadis or ayat al-quran di akhir cerita. Very simple and heart warming story and funny as well. Robert De Niro is superb, love him! I want to watch it again!

The reason why i love this movie so much is that, my parents are like that as well. My mother is the one we go to if we have any story, may it be good or bad. And she is always understanding, not judgmental and calm. Unlike our father which will be worried too much. As a children we always try to impress especially our father because he always very expressive of what he expect from us. So to tell him bad news or problem is a bit harder. Hence, the distant from his children. The recent tragedy of my brother's condition proves the point. My father was the one worries too much to the point macam a bit mental dah. Sampaikan any bad news on my brother's condition kitorang memang tak cerita terus terang kat dia. He would broke down and cry like a child. My mother was calmer and easier to handle. So this is why i am so sad when i watch this movie, because it is familiar.

Those yang tak tengok lagi but love this kind of movie please do search for it. Everybody's Fine. I include here the movie's trailer. Oh, and here are more details of the story if you are keen (from wikipedia).

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