Monday, December 3, 2012

Bullet point post

Wow..been a while since i blog ya! No time la to update, even though banyak story to share. Okla to simplify blogging and quick update, i shall put it on bullet points.

  • Went to Penang recently for a makan trip. Just 1 day trip with my whole family. Tak puas sangat makan but pekena seround nasi kandar, seround laksa penang, seround char koay teow, seround sup lidah, seround pasemboq and seround bubur cha-cha. Alhamdulillah cukuplah, walaupun banyak benda lagi tak makan.
  • Got 2 wedding affairs in Alor Star. 1 already attended last November, another 1 coming soon end of December. The kids syok la dapat balik kampung. Me also syok but the long drive and packing are quite tiring. 
  • I am still fat. Went back to kampung still receive the same comment of my weight. Haisy guys, don't you all get tired commenting the same thing about my body? I am fat since forever, just accept it and get over it k! Takdela, tak marah pun but sometime tired of responding to the same comments over and over again, tak larat nak jawab dah sebab apa gemok. I dah gemok takleh ke? Hahahahahaha...
  • Currently training my daughter to be diaper-less. So far ok la gak, kena sabar banyak. Terkucil merata tu biasalakan. Next is to rampas her pacifier and stop on bottle feeding. Slow-slow ok? She will hate me for all that. LOL
  • It is durian season now bebehh!! I love durian! I can eat durian for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper! But due to my ehemm mature age, i realized i can't eat as much. Angin satu badan! Yesterday i went to RM10 durian buffet nearby my house. Wah, puas hati makan. Ate 4 biji of durian all by myself! D24 durian tau, so sedap and isi tebal. I went with my hero because he was the only one sudi to layan my nafsu durian. He ate 3 ulas durian dah nak muntah..hampess!
  • Planning to buy a new laptop. Been eyeing a Sony Vaio pink laptop. Current laptop gives me stress! Been almost 3 yrs using this laptop, kalau guna kasar sikit dia akan hang and have to forcely restart. And also very lag, if you scroll a page it would take about 5sec to response..urrghhh so tense! Dahla i use this laptop as my source of passive income, a new faster laptop would save me lots of time. 
  • After i got my new laptop, I plan to create another blog on wedding affairs as another passive income. A reviews and directory website for anything related on wedding. Anything related to wedding is a very lucrative business you know, so i want to have a shot at it. Please pray for my success ya!

Oklah dear...ada baca sampai habis tak? My life not that interesting kan? For those who read, thank you & may god bless u! Wassalam! :)

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