Monday, December 31, 2012

Have A Merry 2013!

2013 has come!
I hope 2012 was kind & store lots of memories for you.

My 2012 was fine. 
Nothing major but nothing bad happens.
Alhamdulillah for all that have been and may not have.
I wish for a better 2013.
I hope to be a better servant (to Allah), mother, wife and daughter.
 May Allah help & bless me!

Here are some thoughts in store for 2013:

  • I want to take better care of my face. I'm in my 30's now, skin not that great and supple. Especially on my eye area. Dahla memang 'panda bear', tambah pulak wrinkles..issy!! My eyes really add to my age. Also buy lots of mask and wear them as frequent as i can. Takleh nak kedekut dah dengan beauty product!
  •  Be a better muslim. Jaga solat & elakkan tangguh waktu solat. Beli tudung or scarf yang labuh sket, so that it covers my chest. Avoid wearing fitting clothes and try to wear more 'good muslimah ' clothes. Will also recites Qur'an more often, including the meaning for better understanding.
  • Read more! I looovee to read. I wish i have more time to read. With work, kids & house chores it's really hard to find decent time to read. 1 book took me almost a month to finish. Recently i went to the 'Big Bad Wolf' book sale and bought lots of book. Can't wait to read each of them. Baru habis satu buku, ada 6 buku lagi! And i already have several books on my list to buy & read!
  • To be a morning person. Honestly, i am not an early riser. Been like this since teenager. The earliest i wake up (on weekend) is 9am, and it is hardly. Usual wake up time is around 10am. And my kids are late riser as well. Bayangkan pukul 10-11am baru nak breakfast. I want to be a morning person so that i can go down to have alone time eating breakfast with coffee & read newspaper..alone from the noisy kids and demanding husband before they wake up and life goes on as usual. First, gotta sleeps earlier, not at 2 to 3a.m! 
  • Have a better money management. Gonna start saving seriously. Gonna control my spending. I am glad that i wasn't such shopaholic in 2012. Better la, kurang bershopping macam tahun-tahun sebelum ni. But 2013 i got a shopping trip to Bandung..and probably to Bangkok as well..macam mana ni? Nevermind, i will find a way to make more money.
  • Last but the hardest thing to avoid. Cakap kosong & bergossip! Haih, most ladies are guilty of this. I don't like myself when i gossips. Lepas dah habis bercakap mesti terpikir balik, berdosanya aku! Hard to avoid but i must try harder to stop talking about stuff that doesn't matters to me. Dosa dapat, and end up feel like a bitch! Ya Allah please help me!

Haaa...lots of bad habit to break. Boleh ka nak ubah semua tu? Kena determine la kan. All these are not only for 2013. It's a continuous process to improve myself. I really hope by each year pass, kalau umur panjang InsyaAllah i will be a better human. :)

Happy New Year!
Semoga 2013 member manfaat untuk anda semua!

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