Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY Ikea

Do you remember i told that we bought new Ikea's sofa for our house? And you know how most of Ikea's products need to self-ensemble. So upon arranging for home delivery, their staff asked me "Kak nak pasang sendiri or kita tolong pasang?". Confidently i answered "Tak payah kot, takkan sofa pun nak kena pasang kan" I was sure Ikea would deliver my sofa in 1 piece..mana ada orang pasang sofa sendiri. I also know that Ikea charge additional (on top of RM60 delivery charge) RM47 if they ensemble it for i was being thrifty as well.

Well, what do you know. When Ikea said "we pack everything flat for your convenience", they do mean it. This what my sofa looks like when delivered.

Tak nampak rupa sofa langsung. Terkejut & unexpected! Where is the fluffy cushion? Mana rangka sofa? Instantly i snapped picture and send to my husband, asking him whether he knows how to make this thing transform to the sofa i saw at Ikea. He said no problem.

This was how it looks like inside the box. Still no sign of becoming a sofa.

Tadaa...the frame is ready. Dania being kay-po as always, bertungkus-sibuk tolong bapaknya.

Finally my sofa completed. Amazingly it took less than 30mins to ensemble it. Luckily also my husband is a handy man. If it was me, 3 hours pun belum tentu siap, entah jadi katil terus. Haahahaha..

The lesson is, if you buy furniture from Ikea and you are not handy please do prepare to pay RM47 for them to do it for you!

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