Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Food

The month of March is my birthday month, to be precise it is on 9th March (means next week). I will be 30 this year, finally i become the 'thirties lady' instead of my 'twenties lady'. The big 3 makes me somehow sound older and i can't be that childish if being mother of 2 child doesn't stop me being childish.

Well, as usual on my birthday my husband will treat me at any restaurant that i want. Now instead of searching what i want for my birthday, i search for what i want to eat. Lately i've been craving dessert. Maybe due to the hot weather or maybe i've been infected with a sweet tooth syndrome. How la to diet and shed off 5kg (one of my 2011 resolution is to lose 5kg!)

So my hunt for a good place to eat that serve good dessert begins. Below are some of my preference. Maybe you can help me to choose, or recommend me another good place.

No.1 : Delicious Cafe.
I've eaten there once but i did not order their best dessert as i heard their desserts are one of the best in town. Last time i ordered this cake that has a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it (couldn't remember the name) and it was just ok. It was my first time there and i actually did not know what to order (clueless of the picture-less menu) and the waiter was not helpful either. So now, if i choose to go there i better be prepared what i want to eat. Look at the strawberry pavlova picture below? Yessss...i want that in my mouth! 

No.2: Wondermilk Cafe.
I don't know whether they serve good food but i know they have plenty choice of cute & delicious cupcakes. I guess their food are sort of simple food like Coffee Bean serves. The reason i want to eat there are due to its popularity and i am curious! Another reason is, from the picture i saw, their shop's ambiance & interior are somewhat interesting..and i love that kind of eateries. Any recommendation of what to eat there besides their cupcakes?

spoilt for choice of cupcakes!
Very artistic indeed!

No.3: Garden Cafe.
Everytime i pass this cafe when i walk along the street bazaar, i always set in mind that i will someday eat there. The cafe look so beautiful like its name, you do feel like you dine in gardens. No idea if the food is good, that is for you all to tell me if you have eaten there before. I bet their dessert is good as well. 

Too cute to drink

No.4: The Loaf Bakery
I heard good reviews on their bread which is said to be extraordinary soft & delicious, hence their pricey price tag. I think the rest of their menu are simple food but exquisite. I would like to taste their bread badly. On normal day i am reluctant to spend that much money to buy a bread but since its my birthday and someone willing to pay for it..why not?
Quality & expensive bread
Dessert platter

Those are list of restaurants/cafes that i would like to dine on my birthday. Maybe any of you have other good place to dine. As long as they serve good dessert i am okay! Will make a post on where i binge on my birthday. 

Talking about desserts. I found this on Diana Rikasari's blog on new Magnum (ice cream) cafe that just opened in Indonesia. I don't know if you are familiar with Magnum ice cream but it used to be the 'it' ice cream during my teenage era due to its popular commercials and its price (quite pricey for an ice cream last time). Like Diana, i love the ice cream too. Just look at these to resist right? Hope they open one here in Malaysia soon!

This is what Magnum ice cream looks like. My favourite is the nutty ones.
OMG, i am confident it tastes heavenly!
May i order all of it?
So cute & yummy
Magnum ice cream bench..nice!

Okay i am done talking about sweet food. It makes me hungry and i feel fat already just by looking at the pictures *lol*!

*All pictures on this post are not mine..they are taken from various blog through google image*

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