Thursday, February 10, 2011

About Polka Dots & Chubby

Someday..someday la kan, when i have some blog readers that want to know me better...sure someone will ask me why did i chose Chubby Polka Dots as my blog name. But obviously la kan...due to my obsession to the polka dots motif and also due to my chubbiness.
Talk about polka dot first. I think polka dot is fun. When you add polka dot print at any object it gives the object instant fun & quirkiness. Just look at these stuff, you sure agree with me after this.

May i have all of these???
Hmm..should i put polka dot wallpaper at my house too??

Right?? right?? Looks good when there are polka dots print right?????

Ok..enough about polka dots now why chubby??? yang sensitif ni..hahahaha! Ok, i admit i am chubby or malay says gemuk or orang utara says topuii. I always been this way..i was fat since i can remember even though not obese fat, i always have this extra flesh with me thus makes me chubby (chubby sounds more cute). Been on diet before..successfully shed of some weights but i still end up being fat again. But nevermind, i already come to age that i can accept my body as long as i am healthy and the heaviness won't effect my life (like walking, driving, running, doing heavy duty chores). Anyway my body is with curve so i am still somewhat sexy in my own way and my husband love it (tapi i tau die mesti suka punya kalau i kurus, selim melim kan, btoi tak??) I am too lazy to put my picture will see it later la in other post. Coz right now nobody read this anyway. Syok sendiri saja! hahaahaha!!!


  1. i have always been chabeee too. but that does not stop us from having fun and enjoying life right? ;)

  2. firstly, thanks so much pasal sudi jadi my 1st follower.I've been reading your blog for so long already. Suka bila you story pasal family esp about your children and food. Something that i can relate to. Anyway, chubby or not you are still beautiful. 1 more thing kita sama is that your husband and mine are the same, slim melim..hahaha!