Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Testing 1..2..3

Cak...hello! Assalamualaikum! Finally after long procrastination i finally started my own blog!! Well, no big deal la kan since now a lot of people all over the world have their own blog to merepek. Well, pedulikan mereka-mereka semua, this blog is mine so now i can merepek anything i like. Like i said at above header, i like to talk and merepek so i think this blog is a good platform for me to do that without tormenting people to hear my story..instead, whoever want to know my story read at this blog..who don't, just get out from here..fair right?
Ok..before i start my post with a story here are list of what you will or will not expect me to blog about:

  • I will blog basically about my experiences (past & present), my passion (food & fashion), discuss about certain issue worth of blogging and will try to avoid any sensitive issue or topics.
  • I will blog mostly in English but ofcourse i will add some Bahasa Malaysia words (as penyedap ayat coz rasa puas sket kalau selit bahasa sendiri). This is not because i perasan English i bagus but this is the only way i can improve my English. Of course you will expect some broken English and wrong grammar here and there, but please don't kutuk me ok? Sama-sama kita belajar. Oh ya and when i blog in Bahasa Malaysia i will use mostly my 'Utara' slang, coz i like it that way.
  • I will also blog about my life but not to the extend that you can make a reality show out of it. FYI, i am a married woman and a mother of 2 child. 

Ok that's all i got to say on my first ever post. Macam la ada orang baca pun kan..but it's okay, Hanis Zalikha dulu pun macam ni jugak..ahakkss!!!! Till next post..take care!

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