Thursday, February 17, 2011


I love to read or i try to read nowadays (coz since i have children, hard to have a decent time to read) anything from books, magazines, newspaper and now blogs. Because blogs are easier to read now, i read it more than others. I always love to read other people's story or get to know of someone's life other than mine..i find it amusing to know there are such beautiful, smart, creative or fun people live their life out there. It's like an escaptism for me to read about them.
Even if i read newspaper, i will go the the section where people tell stories of their life, their travelling experiences, or of other country that unfamiliar to me so that i know there are people who live their life totally different from me and it doesn't fail to amuse me. Their way of life inspired me in so many ways and i believe has broaden my perspective in life. Maybe because my life is so normal and mundane, so to escape myself from being so boring i read someone else musings.
Blogs i love to read are mixture of bloggers who are brilliantly smart, fashionable, live a fun & luxurious life (minus the bragging) and some are normal people like me who are simply fun to read about. If you realized, most of my favourite bloggers (refer to blogroll) are younger than me, which in their early twenties. This is simply because young people are more interesting to read because they are so creative and have their own personality. I try to avoid bloggers who are overly dramatic, shallow minded, complains about everything in their life or those immature bloggers that you immediately click the close button right after you read their first line.
This post is simply because i want to express my gratitude to all creative, brilliant & interesting bloggers out there who keep inspiring me and never fails to amuse me. Respect & love to all of you..please keep on blogging.

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