Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Weekend @ IKEA

Last weekend, on Saturday i was craving for IKEA meatballs & Tutti Frutti. So we headed to IKEA and got what i wanted..nyumm!! Actually on that day my 6 months baby Dania was having mild fever, thus she was quite cranky and not in the mood. Keciann die, demam pun kena keluar gak layan mak die yang mengidam!

Dania's 'not-in-the-mood' face

These were what we ate..Yummeehhh!
Chicken wings
Meatballs & fries 
I just love love the gravy + lingon berry jams 

Unfortunately, Daim cakes were not available on that day. As usual there were lots of people at the food courts. But i think on that day the crowd werelesser and not super-packed as usual, maybe due to some Chinese still celebrating 'Chap Goh Meh' . Parking spaces also not so hard to find, unlike other days where it usually takes about 30mins just to get a decent parking space. 

After that we headed to Toys R Us coz husband & son want to have a look at toys. 
Adam met his hero Ben10 but also not in the mood taking pictures coz he was having mouth ulcers. We paksa him to pose..he was reluctant at first but after we pujuk him he agreed and said to us 'Adam taknak buat pape,taknak senyum taknak buat 'peace'..Adam nak dok diam je'. Hence, the grumpy face on the picture.

Lastly before we went home, my husband wanted to buy IKEA curry puffs while i crossed the road to theCurve to buy my Tutti  Frutti.

Mixture of Strawberry+Banana & Red Velvet Cake flavours with strawberry & kiwi, topped with chocolate fudge..Nyumm!!

So my Saturday was great & exhausted as well coz both my son & daughter were having tantrums and seek attention from me instead of their father. How about your weekend?

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