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Shallow minded means the person values are not too deep. They are superficial, such as looks, money, fashion, etc. They do not function on principles such as honesty, pride, courage etc. (definations taken from here).  For me, a shallow minded person is when a person only look at surface to judge any beings. Oftenly, the women are the victim. Pity us women right?
I can confidently says that 99% people in this world are guilty of being shallow minded. Living in a world where exploitation of a woman & beauty is essential, as if we human can't think anything past that anymore.Don't agree with me? Ok just answer these simple quiz:

  • When you read a blog, you will quickly scroll down searching for any pictures of the blogger or picture of anything that depicts the blogger or even google image it.
  • When you see an ad commercial or any tv shows that shows unattractive person you will comments about her/his beauty first, regardless how talented he/she or how good the show is.
  • Any picture that you post on your blog/social networks, you will select the best picture that shows your good side or if you can and know how to, you will photoshopped it first.
  • You define someone success or happiness from their wealth & beauty.
  • When you do something (ei.doing parties,meeting someone, weddings) you will think other people perception of you first.
  • You use this phrase "Eiii, dah la muka hodoh, buat perangai macam tu pulak". As if when a person looks good, he/she can do anything and still ok. Is it??
If you are guilty at any of those points, then you are shallow minded. I am too, i care too much about what others think about me and i admit i do judge people like that too. I can't help is just like an auto-mode where my mind will immediately look at those traits first. 

We are human, we love beautiful things, it make us happy. That is why there are so many tv commercials, tv shows and worse of all reality shows (this is why crap show like The Kardashians is a hit) that use beautiful people and luxurious, fairy tale-like life are so popular even though they contribute to zero knowledge and information.

You can be shallow minded, but please don't let that be the only value you look in life. It is superficial, it only brings you short-term happiness. Especially youngsters nowadays that are so obsess and insecure about how they look just because there are shallow minded people waiting to judge them and some of them are cruel. Like celebrity, even popular bloggers are now choose plastic surgery to look better just because there are constantly being criticized by public. That is why super-famous blog are mostly of someone who is beautiful (with tons of camwhore pictures) or someone who live a luxurious life with perfect job, perfect family. I don't blame you, i love those kind of blogs too! hahaha..

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Don't ever think that if you don't look like this or live like that you are not happy. No one is perfect. If there are someone that you think is perfect, be happy for her/him, insyaAllah you will be perfect & happy in your own way too. I personally think that if you can look at someone pass the outer-beauty, you will appreciate that person more coz every human being has its own beauty. Come on, try to find good qualities in everything you see, it is not that hard right?

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