Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sesame Street

Remember Sesame Street? Last time (when i was a kid) it was so famous, everyday pun boleh tengok kat TV. Love to watch it, and try to learn all the stuff they teach. It was where i first knew that in America, they pronounce Z as 'Zi'. Now no more Sesame Street show on TV (atleast on Malaysian TV). What left is only The Elmo Show, which is fun as well. Was Adam's favourite, one day layan sampai 10x pun takpe. girl Dania love to layan all Sesame Street's songs. It started when i want to entertain her using my Ipad by loading youtube videos. Since then, everyday mesti wajib bagi tengok Sesame Street's song. Counting 1,2,3..singing A,B, song..disco song. Elmo this Elmo that. My husband has uploaded some of the songs from youtube and plug in the file onto our TV. Pantang pegang remote je mesti Dania's face will lighten up and humming sambil goyang badan (signaling that she wants to watch her Sesame Street song). Nasib tak pandai nak nyanyi lagi, if not mesti asyik melalak je menyanyi dalam rumah tu.

Here is one of her favourite song, 'What I Am' by Will.i.a.m. Nice song though, you pun mesti enjoy!

Before i end this post, wanna share you one funny conversation i had with my boy Adam that related to Elmo.

Me:  Nanti Adam kena pegi sekolah dah tau, dah besar.
Adam: Taknak..
Me: Kena pegi, kat sekolah nanti boleh blajar 1,2,3, blajar A,B,C
Adam: Mak ingat Adam ni Elmo ke!
Me: Errkkk....(sambil tahan gelak)

*Whoever yang blur, Elmo always sing numbers & alphabets so my 'clever' Adam thought only Elmo does that! *

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