Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why Women Hate Smokers

Just thought of doing this post as an info-service (is that what this is called??). Firstly just to make things clear, my husband is not a smoker, most of my friends not a smoker, the closest to me who smokes is my father. So smokers do not bothers me much on daily basis, but when they do i wish i can slap them hard. Reason for this post is so that smokers realized how annoying they are to me or any other non-smokers woman (woman smokers would be double annoying)

Always, it is the same reason woman complains when their partner/friends/relative smokes. Forget the obvious reason of how smoking bad for you..dah basi dan selalu dengar. What i want to tell are how & why smokers annoy us woman the most. We, like you (smokers), do not really care about the health risks because berapa orang sangatla betul-betul mati pasal rokok, tak hisap rokok pun mati awal jugak kan. That is why any no smoking campaigns focusing on health are ineffective enough. Here i list out why women hate smokers, as been told & heard by me so many times:

  • When you smoke, everything smells of cigarettes. Your clothes, your car, you stuff and worse of all is your breath! Imagine if you got to kiss a man with that cigarette's breath. Early morning breath right after you wake up & before you eat anything is the worse! I know because my course mate (during my varsity years) who sat beside me on morning class always had that breath..eewwww!! Woman whose husband are smokers, how is it like to kiss those cigarette's breath, really?
  • Smokers always will excuse themselves for a cigarette break. Imagine when we are shopping, eating or attending a function, a smoker will disappear in the middle of it for some puff. It will take longer kalau ada geng. It won't annoy woman that much before marriage. But after married, you will hate it whenever he does it. Just imagine, you are having lunch at indoor restaurant. Your kid are having tantrums so you will not eat yet to layan your kids hoping that when husband finishes his lunch he will take over. But what happen is, right after meal he will rush out for a puff leaving you alone with kids, still not eating. Sakit hati kan? Or when you are in a mall with your kids, you know la how kids are in shopping mall. In the middle of it he disappears, out for some puff leaving you like mad woman chasing your kids. Sakit hati tak? My mother always tells me she does not like eating out alone with my dad just because she always would be left alone on the table. Not to talk bad about my dad but smokers are like that and it got worse after married.
  • As a parent or mother, ofcourse we won't let our kids smoke and couldn't imagine how heart wrenching it is when one day our precious kid decide to huff the puff and destroy his lungs. So if it is so scary who to blame when your husband is a smoker. What reasoning would you give to your kids to stop them from smoking? You kids are not stupid, your husband are because he failed to give a good example. 
  • Waste of money. Like gold, cigarettes are expensive and won't get cheaper in time. You jimat macam mana pun kalau bazir on box of cigarettes everyday, you memang bodoh. When i see those TV shows that focus on low income family who are suffering to make a living  ('Bersamamu' like)  i do feels sad  & pity but as soon as i saw any of their family smokes i terus jadi menyampah. Come on la, everyday punya makan pun tak cukup, why want to waste money on cigarettes? That money can put to better use. If you complain of not having enough to feed your family while you puffing cigarettes everyday, i would say you are selfish & stupid!
That are all i can think of now. Memang ada banyak lagi but i think those are the most annoying and obvious. When you live with smokers, your life will revolves on their habits. You may not realized it but when you really come to think of it, your life would be much better if they stop smoking. Sorry if i offended any smokers or wife of smokers that disagree with me. I stand strong on my reasons and i hate smokers. I think all smokers should live on a different planet and kill each other with their smokes. Please la, for the sake of others & also yourself, please consider to quit smoking. And woman who smokes, shame on you! I hate you even more! 

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