Thursday, December 1, 2011

Double Birthday

It is December already! How time flies! Recollecting what i have done and been throughout 2011..well not much really..very mundane..boring kan? Oh i started wearing hijab this year..that is the most significant thing worth remembering! Hah!

I'll story about 2011 later in another post. Right now i want to share an event that happened on recent long weekend, 26th November. Been a week but sekarang baru ada masa nak blog about it because i want to share it here as a future reference of how happy & joy it was.

My niece & cousin's son birthday bash. Both decided to do a combined party, lagi jimat, kurang kerja. So they did it at my cousin's house at Damansara. Only family attended. I've been given task to organize game for the kids. Well, thanks to me (ehemm..ehemm..) game time was the highlight of the event. I set up 3 games. First is the famous usual Musical Chair, second is Pin The Donkey and last one is Shopping Bags. Here i share some pictures for reference:

The birthday boy & girl

Goodie bags & prizes

Dania being kay-po as always
Musical chair game
Pin the donkey game
End result. Comel tak donkey tu? My husband drew it.
Shopping Bag game
When music stops, whoever hold the bag has to wear funny  stuff  pulled out from the bag
This was the aftermath of Shopping Bag game. Funny!

Cutting cake 
As usual, group picture of us. This is all cousins in KL who came.

The kids & even grown ups had fun during the game. They already plan out to play similar games on next family gatherings but this time the grown up would be joining. Amboii..tringin ke makcik?? Hahahaha...

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